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Monday, December 21, 2015

WHEN THE DEVIL SPOKE(a poem by Babatunde)

When the devil spoke
The minions and legions scuffles as smoke
Whispering in the guts of hellish folk
Wide gates of brass for a madding flock.

The new rage is new age splutter
From the pirates' qay to the soul's anchor
Theories of imperialism spasming order
Yaking to the ebbing horror....

When the devil spoke
It was like having a cigar to the transversing smoke
Young and old warped in garbs of impunity
A cold morning with brute affinity

Then races created spaces and void; a rift for derision and apathy
Apartheid spread and wars spurns the thorns of woes
The enigma of a fiend shakens verily
For the sword of discord marries at throes.....
Then the devil spoke
More angrily seeing that his time is short
And machinery of guiles paltry
How art the mighty fallen
And age will come to naught. ..vanity is all vanity

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