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Monday, August 1, 2016

APPLE OF LOVE(a duet by Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER ‪# and Silva Epitome Mhiz Word)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
i have found an Apple that suits my sample.. i don't wanna make mistake of a lost take.. That's why I decided to let this Apple know in time
Silva Epitome (Mhiz Word)
This Apple that suits your sample
Is one Apple that's got dimples
Spreading fast like wrinkles
Its so weak and feeble
Only an understanding heart that's not feeble can attempt to smile at this dimpled apple
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
I saw all it Creamy, loving angelic, soft, positive dimple. but i saw no wrinkle. Because it's dimple sooth my simple heart
I wish this apple decide to live in my abode
I would have made it feel the side of my love side
That comes with full side of good sides
Silva Epitome (Mhiz Word)
This Apple lies where ancients sing the hymns
The worries that gave this Apple that dimple
Is one none can fanthom
Cause in just one night it came like a phantom
And took away this Apple's don tom
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
how i wish.. i can have a taste of this sweet Apple that shines like Silva and an Epitome of good fragrance.. i cant wait to have a feel of this Apple round my lips
And my teeth are jittery for one bite from this Apple
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
This Apple's got a sweet sexy inviting taste
Will you relish this Apple's taste?
Kola last long only in the mouth of those who value it
She's got worth she's got prestige she's got value
And she's got a heart to love
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
if she's got a heart to love
why would this Apple feel weak towards love why is this Apple not strong in facing nature at where it has placed it
why would such Apple feel confused on who its heart choose
allow this chosen man eat a bite
I wish this apple remain in my mouth for eternity
And make me eat the virginity of it purity
That will lead to my unity
With it's simplicity
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
This bite that bite one bite can make or mar the difference
This bite could draw you close
This bite could push you far
One bite could be all
One bite could be nothing
But her bite has got a worth
Cause a heart indeed she's got
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
Oh! This Apple's got my tear
See how it makes me fear
What to do if this Apple gets hurt
Can I die if this little Apple loses her hut?
You make me shed tears
Alas my tears for love
And if indeed this Apple's got a heart then grant me this one wish
I wish my wish becomes your wish
To grant me this very wish of which I wish to have this Apple in my heart
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
Do not doubt her existence treasure it
Do not weep for her wrinkled dimples understand it
Do not stand clasped hand at her misfortune praise her for it for indeed she's got a heart to love and love forever she will at this man who's made her first on his wish list
Duet not Duel
#Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
#Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)

MARIAN SHRINE ‪(a duet by Sunsampaul‬ d Philosopher and Adams)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Neck cracking, throat choking,

rendering renditions to the lady unseen

Lady stunning in her garment

Caressing my skin with her nails.

Mouth murmuring , teeth gnashing

All in ecstasy of her assumption.


Her very day of glory

Which will mark our story

It started before she assumed

When she went to Cana and the wine was consumed

The couples came to Marian shine

And receive abundance of wine.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

I long for her, more than my mum

Her Supremacy transformed my emergency

Blowing my thought of fallacies

To that of ecstasies

Prophecies in magnanimity

Swallowing d semen of divinity.


I will continue to speak of her

She has gone but remains not too far

In all my pains and distress

When i seek for success

I still sneak into her shrine

Reminding her of that precious time

When it was not his time

Yet she made him pay the fine.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

I will lift my sound city voice to render a magnified praises to her

Her simplicity brought us humility

Her virginity brought us purity

Her sincerity brought us honesty

Her divinity brought us loyalty.


I stand dumb to render her virtues.

Her candor and simple reticence

Her simplicity is an experience

Her nobility affable

Her generosity laudable

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

This is what I know

Her meekness is sweeter than milk

Licking my lips as I sip

From the fountain of life in her shrine,

The wine of twelve apostles with which I dined

Knowing her loving lip has caress my lip

Her majesty in my loyalty

I honour her in sovereignty

Ave Maria!


Gratia plena i sing

Ora pro nobis peccatoribus.. we ring

Running to Marian shrine everyday

So we invite all good friends in their needs

To join us in this race today

To the Marian shrine of hope.

Courtesy: Sunsampaul La Philosophos et Adams

Duet not Duel by

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher



FR33ZINPAUL(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Alone in the citadel of life

I sat in loneliness of poetry

Then freezing came

Caressing my soft growing bard on my chin

I freezes and groan in Ecstasy

That when I know I found a lovable friend

Freezing my hands to my bic

Freezing my book to my desk

Freezing my feet in Arthub

I encounter a real FREEZER. FR33ZINGPAUL

They call him 33

I call him Freezing

A handsome negro

Whom girls long for

As Cleo patra long for immortality.

Just to get to the height of his majesty

To praise the almighty Trinity in the holy city

A bard of lovable rhymes

A lad of muse that fuss and amuse

A gem of strong background

Whose back has never touch the ground

A pal to my philosophical mentality

A genius to my catholiticum, cathedraticum and evangelicum

Freezing you added smiles to my life

As I celebrate with you today

Billi and Willi my dogs freeze in cold

Judges in TPC write with joy

Ambassadors of GCP cast a muse to your day

I, Sunsampaul d Philosopher dedicate this to you.

Freezing who loves open mic

Opening the mic in his mind

Mike call on him for fight

But freezing turn it down at night

A humble knight with numerous light

He fight not with any being

A dude of many muse

Lover of children

Friend maker

Trouble shooter

Goal getter

Aid giver

News watcher

Love player

Muse maker

You have the characteristics of mine

That why you are FreezingPaul and am Sunsampaul

You being my namesake is not a mistake

The trumpet of your birthday I take will never be a fake

You hardly make a fake of your freezing lake

I sat on my dog's cage to jot your cake

My muse, I give you to take

In spite of the make

I know we won't break

In poetry we shall wake

Basking in the order of mass

I book mass for your day

Just as today is good day

All your days shall be better days.

But today I will make your best day

Just as Deus has made it your birthday

This day I write you

I will published the muse of your own days

As I wrote, my eyes full of sleep.

I vowed to celebrate with you

In the anthology of my next Publish poems the next day

My humility in ecstasy

My Ecstasy in loyalty

My sincererity in majesty

I will keep our bond of dignity

In the divinity of the almighty

So the trinity will make it last even in his holy city

I love you Freezing Paul my namesake

All right reserved.

©Sunsampaul d Philosopher



MY COUNTRY, MY EVERYTHING(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Tears of joy drop in droplet from my swollen eyes

My voice gone from the shout I have made

I cant sleep due to unending melancholic news

That still didnt kept me from moving forward

Emancipates us all

So we cherish the goodies of this blessed nation

I never go hungry even in the space of scarcity

I have never been poor

Even though I live where pauper lives

I mourn for the aborted foetus in this nation

Who could have become

A stronghold to our direction

Taken us out of seduction, reduction and evil elections

I mourn for the adopted girls, adopted in chibok

Whom could have been

Great Solutionists to our solutions

To render renditions to todays independence celebration .

The beauty of them all

Make lads long for their friendship

I miss the chibok girls

Am happy because

am here to save the slum

I can count babies giving birth to babies

Due to no knowledge of keeping their virginity

Rape raped the lasses

Raping my muse with fuss

I refuse to lodge in their apartment of nemesis

Nor to listen to their bogus prophecies

All in the forlorn fallacies of negative ecstasies

My country, my everything

I lived and eat in this nation

I will be a dominator to a better population

Creating solutions

And making promotions

To our those under demotion

I love this nation of

Oil wealth

The giant of Africa

The pillar of less sepulcher.

The aroma of hope

Lies between the thighs of this nation

Am proud to be a patriot of this nation

This is the day,

That Our nation sings

This is the day

That the liberty bell starts to ring

This is the day

We all start to remember

What We stand for

and to celebrate our Independence

We stand up high, as We

All start to cry

As we think about,

All that died

For you, for me, for our whole country

Risking there life

Each and everyday here is a salute

To all that lay ...


®Reserved for Independence

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher


NB: At early crack of the dawn wrote this poem in sleepy eyes and cold palm


ENJAMBMENT(an online lecture by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Enjambment is an important aspect majorly in poetry
We av three major genre of literature, they are drama, prose and poetry.
But enjambment in poetry is a sensible case.
Enjambment is the continuation of a sentence or
clause over a line-break. If a poet allows all the
sentences of a poem to end in the same place
as regular line-breaks, a kind of deadening can
happen in the ear, and in the brain too, as all the
thoughts can end up being the same length.
Enjambment is one way of creating audible
interest; others include caesurae, or having
variable line-lengths.
Enjambment is one way poets can manipulate
the rhythm of their poems.
The rhythm in poetry is often created by
meter , which is the specific pattern of
stressed syllables in a poem. Remember a
stressed syllable is simply the one you
emphasize when you say the word. For
instance, the word poetry has three syllables;
the first syllable, 'po' contains the emphasis
and so is the stressed syllable. The other two
syllables are unstressed. Poets use the
stresses on words to create the meter or beat
of a poem. So what does this have to do with
Well enjambment occurs when a syntactic unit
does not end within the metrical pattern. Let's
break that definition down to simpler terms. In
prose you write in sentences, there is no
specific beat and you end your thought with a
period or another end mark. In poetry, you
write in lines, each with a specific pattern of
beats. Each line in a poem does not have to
be a full sentence. Thus, the thought or
syntactic unit does not have to be all in one
line. Enjambment occurs when a poet breaks
the normal beat and continues the meaning to
another line.
The true use of enjambment is best seen
through examples, so lets analyze some
Look at this poem
"My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety."
Let's first look at the punctuation, which can
hint at enjambment. Which lines do not end
with some sort of punctuation? You can see
that lines one and eight have no end
punctuation. Reread line one:
My heart leaps up when I behold
What did he behold? Is the whole thought
there? In this poem, we do not see what the
narrator is beholding until we continue on to
the next line. Line two shows that he is
beholding a rainbow. This is enjambment.
If you stopped at the end of line one, you
would not get the whole picture. The same
goes for line eight:
And I could wish my days to be
What does he want his days to be? You don't
learn that until you move on to the next line.
Thus, lines one and eight portray enjambment.
The other lines are all end-stopped lines , each
one has a pause at the end marked by
punctuation. The punctuation easily helps a
reader realize a pause is needed.
However, it is important to note that not all
poets use punctuation to indicate enjambment.
Always check the meaning of the lines to
ensure it is a true enjambment.
This poem also has
What happens to a
dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore-
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over-
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load?
Or does it explode?
Look closely at line two:
"Does it dry up"
This line is another example of enjambment;
this simile  a dropped dream
to a raisin drying in the sun, starts in line two
and continues into line three.
Look over the
rest of the poem. Can you spot any more
examples of enjambment? This poem is a
good example of how enjambment does not
always have to lack ending punctuation. Lines
four and seven both end with a dash but each
shows enjambment by continuing its meaning
onto the next line.
This is why you always
need to check the meaning of the lines to tell
whether enjambment has been used.
Thank you for your time.