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Saturday, December 24, 2016

SAVE THE SLUM(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Words give me wings
Wings to fly so high
Wings to fly more than the birds of the air
Wings to fly than aeroplane
Wings to be creative and not to create thieves

My words come with punchlines
To punch your mind
So you can focus on those in the slum
That need your help

Our children are suffering
They cry everyday even night
They couldn't sleep after telling them tales by moonlight
We light up the candle in the night
Yet they cry because they're hungry.

We are tired of waiting For the melancholic news
Our tears and blood have failed to break
Our truncated imaginations failed to trace their agonies that
split as dust.

But turns our soft swollen eyes to ocean of sorrow.
 Our home a graveyard to mourn our daughters.
As scattering of stars all over nation watch night race.
Our closed-open eyes habourd the sorrowful
stories of sambisa gods.

Let placards embelish streets and shrines to
bombard square.
Let the echeos of our voice not be withhold by hiccup.
Let our drop-down tears don't fall on deaf ears,
So they wont say they
didn't hear all because of fear.

I, Sunsampaul am optimistic
That I'll fight those who steal sleep out of our eyes.
And even if our dreaming sleepless night
Refuse to achieve its aim
I will sail through the moon of our ancestors to appease
The gods of the land.

The slum is where you find dirty lads,
Eating dirty food with dirty hands
Living in dirty places
Playing with dirty things and dying of dirtiness.

The Slum is where you see
Babies breastfeeding babies
And protegees with no mentors.
So let's join hands to save the slum

COLD SITUATION (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Night turns into black blood of evil
Humans running in mistiness.
Dying on the damp earth lie a laddie,
who for comfort could
not care less.

Warm, caressing weather freezes quickly
On a lonely path and lifeless way…
The gloomy stars of present year,
Fade from the eye that will forever sleep.
He will yet, let out a whisper,
and groan faintly.

The defender of the resolution,
They will bury in grassy hill,
So that comrades of our time
Can no longer count on him for help…
So that in the tales of apple blossom, it’s young.
By land light our girls write letters to their
to marry them in time.

They are tired of the life in their parents house
The urge to be a mother is in most of them
Which makes them get deflowered.

Thinking of their own life,
Learning no trace from their predecessors,
The birds no make mockery of their
cold situation,
Just as the chameleon refuse to show its true

Thursday, December 22, 2016

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Every heart has got a separate problem,
Why must Ejike kill himself
Because his mansion
was set ablaze.

If darkness refused to over power light,
Why must humans still commit evil in the dark,
Why are they afraid of the light.

Every body has right to live,
Why treating
Obinna like a slave Just because he's not from your clan,
Yet your wife called him a clown.

If mallam Saidu refused to remove his cap
During prayer, when he was in church with a

Then why force mazi Obiora to remove
his sandal when entering the mosque.
When you know he don't remove sandals in his church.

Every mallam has got his own kettle.
Why must Usman complete his ablution With Sani's own, by washing his legs that has trekked
From Abattoir to Bolafadi.

Every woman is unique
Whether poor or made  with a Godly ink.
Why must Baba labelled his wife as someone
Who belongs to the sitting room, kitchen and other room.
Wasn't she supposed to be in the bulk room too.

Can someone tell me why

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

GIFTED HAND(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I've seen a hand so wide,
It contains peace both outside and inside.
Gifting blessings from above,
Sprinkling graces like a dove.

I've seen its nails so white,
Sparkling and dazzling bright.
Blessed is the hand that giveth,
Than the hand that taketh.

I've seen a hand widely stretched,
Trying to pick up favour  farfetched.
A hand that took nails for our nails,
A hand that is ready to send goodwill mails.

I've seen a hand that took lashes for our lashes,
Yet it appearance still flashes.
A hand so innocent
Just like a decent saint.

I've seen a hand of giving,
A hand that can never be stingy,
A hand that never lack,
A hand that doesn't crack.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

WHAT MAMA TOLD ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Mama told me to never leave the presence of Christ,
For He gave me bright sight.
Mama told me He's Christ the King,
For with him I'll be able to sing
Mama told me He's Divine mercy
For He's more skillful than Lionel Messi
Mama told me I'll find peace when I'm with Him
And my eyes will never go dim.

Mama was right
Mama may have seen the light
Mama's vision was so bright
Mama told me all these like a knight
Mama said don't go away from him even in the night
Mama knows Christ is my sight

Mama like other women stood by my side
Mama took me to meet Christ inside
Mama want Him to bless me both inside and outside
Mama's prayers placed me at His own side

Mama want me to be like Christ
Mama said "my son you must rise"
Mama brought me someone that will make me wise
Mama brought me Christ and said son "Arise"

Mama said read so you can lead
Let your dream flow like a stream
Motivate and cultivate
Be creative but don't create thieves
I told mama to take me home
Mama said son your home is in Christ
For with Him you're always right.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WE ARE THE NEW GODS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

With words of imageries in our mouth,
We proclaim metaphorical blessing.
Our veins spent time in pragmatic dilemma,
Our Spittles conjure the dead,
We are the light of the world.

Night no longer stand at ease,
We are the soldiers and knights of light.
Our words we make swords,
We are the salt of the world,
Our physiognomies transfer happiness to humans' countenance.

Deafening noise amidst solemnity,
Masses now longed to attend mass.
Our sermons stood like angels,
Bending the neck of all demons,
We are the new Gods.

We are the architects of our problems,
With eyesore of detriments.
We sat on our good deeds,
But at last we are up to the throne of glory,
No matter if we come across any gory.

Sound of a pin drop
Never make a noise in our midst,
Flames from a burning furnace
Never melt the stone in our heart,
We are the eyes created to see afar.

DARKNESS IN LIGHT(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

It was a Sunday afternoon when the weather changed, the wind came like a roaring Lion amidst a thunderous sound that proceeded after the elongated lightening. Chief Uche was in his compound in Umudike a small community with bad roads and evil elders. He was in his sitting room discussing with his little boy, John. John happens to be the only child of Chief Uche. Due to the evil things going on in the community many women could not deliver safely, most of them had several miscarriages including Chief Uche's wife, Susan.

It rained heavily that many houses were flooded, and most of the inhabitants of the community came to spend the night in Chief Uche's compound which happens to be the only compound in that community that was not affected by the flood. Chief Uche being a nice man accepted them and prepared some rooms in his compound for them. Most of the men that spent the night in the compound were evil men. Evil thought ran through their head as they arranged strategy in a bid to eliminate Chief Uche so they could possess his wealth and compound. Some of these evil men were his uncles and relatives.

They all went to their various houses at dawn as the flood had receded. And in the evening of the following day, some of the evil men assembled in their meeting place and held a serious meeting to eliminate Chief Uche so they can achieve their evil plans by claiming ownership of his compound. They were filled with enthusiasm that with their charms they will succeed. They summoned the spirit of Chief Uche to depart from his body that night of their meeting. Their evil meeting was successful as the spirit instantly appeared before them.

At dawn a loud came from the compound of Chief Uche. "Who is that" a man asked, " It sounds like the voice of Susan, Chief Uche's wife, can't you hear her lamenting words like, my husband is dead, who did this evil will never live" one of the evil men replied with disgusting looking. Crowd clustered the inner room of Chief Uche were he slept the previous night. "Oh! an iroko has fallen" Chief Uche's Uncle exclaimed in disguise.

John was still in school when his father died. He travelled home for the burial and later returned to school to complete his degree. He received several advises from his mother, several well wishes from his pastor and condolence visits from his friends in campus when they all heard the news. While John was still in school studying hard to make good grades, the death of his father kept bothering him but he was determined to get away from every dark light the evil men had placed.

Susan on the other hand was battling back home with the elders and her husband relatives who promised to deal with her if she does not vacate the compound of their brother Chief Uche, before now Susan knew they always carried out their threats and evil promises attached with evil deeds. She had bad dreams severally with different men chasing her with machete. She was physically visited by stroke and partial madness, but with the help of her pastor and church members she recovered.

After several trials and attack from the evil men, countless advises and warning from her pastor, she went to Lagos to live with her son. John concurred with his mother when she explained all she went through and why she needed to leave the compound for the evil men.

A year later John graduated from University of Lagos where he studied Electrical Engineering. All was going well with mother and son but John was rejected many times in different Job interviews. He imagined if the evil men called his uncles really placed a curse on his family, he vowed never to do any work below his degree. He expressed much zeal on how he wished to experiment what he has studied as an Electrical Engineer in a good Firm.

Two years later, John was still sleeping when his mother left for her business in the market. She happens to be the only family he has. She was walking and thinking about the joblessness of her son when a car knocked her down.

The reckless driver quickly zoomed off leaving John's mother in the pull of blood. Clifford a neighbour to John was at the scene of the event. He quickly ran home to inform John of the accident.

"You are here sleeping, John. Your mother has been knocked down by a car" he barked as he slapped John on his left leg. "Just come closer and tell me you are joking" John quickly replied as he jumped to his feet.

John stood up, wore his shirt because he was only in his short and accompanied Clifford to the hospital his mother was taken. On getting there the doctor told him his mother want to speak to him because they cannot do anything due to the excessive loss of blood and fracture.

He quickly rushed to his mother. "John my son, I know I've not been able to give you the beauties of life, but here I will give you my last words of wisdom" She said amidst tears while holding John's left palm. "Mother what are you talking about?" John stammered. "Son always be independent, you've got God by your side, so always be the man your father want you to be, also be prayerful and avoid women like I always told you. What I meant is for you to avoid wayward life and strive to be great" She said as her eyelids began to close.

John could not bear the shock that his mother left him to the other world. He leaned on the wall, tore his shirt, screamed but tears failed to proceed from his soft eyes. He vowed never to misuse the words of his mum while leaning on the wall in pains.

"The evil men took away my father, now they've taken my mother in an accident so I won't know it was their deed" he whispered to himself. John's family has been in the agenda of the evil men, they were bent on eliminating Chief Uche's family but John being the only progeny of Chief Uche has God on his side. They were fading the light on John same way they did to his mother and father, he received several evil attacks. His family has been in darkness of light and John is the only survivor to break that yoke and make the light to be bright instead of fading. John went to seek for solutions from his pastor, after attending many pastor's counseling, he became a full member of the church his late mother attended.

He later became an evangelist and a preacher as well. God had before now given a pry on the trials in his life and how he lost his parent. But God knows the perfect time to do His exploits. God used John to do good deeds; he healed the sick in his church and did other miraculous works. "When did John become an Evangelist that he now heals the sick?" a sister asked. "So many questions are in my head to ask Evangelist John when time he visits my home" the other responded.

Evangelist John was sleeping in his room one night when he had a dream of two men chasing him. This time the men were not putting on mask as they normal do in his previous dreams. “This is not just an ordinary dream” he said to himself when he woke up. It was indeed a revelation from God, what my evil Uncles are planning next. It was indeed a vision on the extent they have gotten to. John in the vision as he claimed it was. He was being chased by two men accompanied with two pythons. He was running when he stumbled on a stone that pushed him to the floor, as the men came closer a Bible fell from the sky to the floor beside him, he quickly picked it and started quoting scriptures of warfare that overpowered and outsmarted the evil men, suddenly fire from nowhere started burning them the moment John shouted holy ghost fire continuously and zealously. The Holy Ghost fire burnt them till they vanished with their python that accompanied them, that was when John instantly woke up saying thanking you Jesus, thank you Jesus continuously before he went down on his knees and prayed about the dream and thanking God for it was indeed a clear vision revealed to him.

That same day by dawn John called the pastor and explained the vision to him. "Evangelist John, this is not what we should discuss over the phone. Come to my office in the evening let's pray over it and see the next step the holy spirit will lead us to take" the pastor replied. In the evening of that day, John being fully prepared after spending the whole day praying and reading the bible, went to the pastor's office and they both discussed about the issue and they both prayed over it and embarked on seven days fasting and prayers.

The fasting ended with a vigil in Evangelist John's house. A brief discussion held that same night. "Evangelist John, the holy spirit spoke to me that it is time we go to your community and break the yoke of those evil men and set all the people they've placed in the darkness of light making their light to fade" the pastor said. "Okay pastor, since it is a nice decision, let us journey to break the yoke because God is with us" Evangelist John replied.

In the morning of that day, they journeyed to Umudike community, where they met most of the evil men parading the community, they have encountered a lot of challenges on their way before entering the community, the car broke down. Smoke proceeded from unknown place to disrupt them but with prayer they became victorious. They summoned few of the believers in the community who were zealous to see the charms of the evil men destroyed. The battle line was drawn. The evil men were prepared they attacked Evangelist John, the pastor and the believers from the community with their charms. They were nine in number but the believers, the pastor and Evangelist John were praying fervently as the holy spirit manifested His work by sending fire to destroy the men. The men screamed and shouted for help as the fire burnt their bodies. The fire was not physically seen burning but was it burning them spiritually after which their leader confessed all the atrocities they did. All their secret meeting venues were visited by Evangelist John, the pastor and the believers. They destroyed all their charms and calabashes. They prayed upon many houses in the community bringing then out from the darkness into light. The members of the community were happy and they surrendered their life to God.

Evangelist John established a believers’ center and a place of worship for the community and many of them were happy, the yoke has been broken. The light in their lives will no longer fade. Their stars must shine and they were all zealous in becoming great in the things of God. Evangelist John thanked the pastor who risked his life for his community and vowed to always worship God and do His work.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Monday, November 14, 2016

OUR DAYS ARE CHASING DAYS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Let this night not fight
The light of tomorrow like a knight,
Even if the sons of darkness becomes darker,
It can never tell the sons of light to stand
Even in a police station.

Come ye all sages of the night,
Let's join our quills and push out ink
To scribble on these
dabbled marbles of change
So our unborn children
Won't suffer what we're suffering.

Let us lead the cat out of the bag,
And our skins vomit spittles of vengeance
So those on the mountains
Will know we are alive
When ever our sweats  penetrate.

Even if our days are chasing days,
Our lands are getting timid,
Our eyes are saluting darkness,
Our veins are begetting blood,
Let's show them we are not wussies to be fussed

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, a
published writer, an instrumentalist, a vocalist, a
graphic designer, a computer scientist and a
blogger. He's also the President and Chief
Sacristan of Armed forces Altar Servers

He was interviewed on metro FM
97.7 Lagos 15th November 2015 where he
performed one of his poems titled PASSION
WITH NO ACTION and he was also interviewed
on rhythm FM 93.3 Lagos 28th February 2016
three days after his birthday 25th February
where he also performed his poem titled Full Of
Strength- FOS. Both interviews and voicing were
under vividverses.
He's the C.E O of Citadel of Life, a pioneer of
Ghetto city of poetry, an active member and
contributor of Peregrine Reads, Poets in Nigeria
PIN, Figure of speech FOS, the poetry court,
writers connect, talented poets, transformed
family, 663 academy, words, rhymes and rhythm,
literaNation, writers lodge, doveline poetry, ODP-
African poets and vivid verses.

You can reach him through Tel: +2348180861170
and +2349098285261
Facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu
Twitter: @sunsaint96
Pinterest: Sunday Egwu
He has written many books to the nation
Such as W.O.S(words of
salvation),W.O.T(words of transformation),W.O.W
(words of wisdom),W.O.E(words of
encouragement) that are undergoing editing.

He's the writer and author of the African folktale
grammatical construction that aid the English of
children and youths with graphical and artistic
illustrations and glossary.

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher has released his
audio poem album titled I WEEP(2016) under the
influence of Prince Ifeanyi Dike in Greenage
Studio Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Thursday, September 29, 2016

FROM SCAR TO CAR(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

It was a raining day, as the roof were seen combating with the hut, I was alone in my father's hut that fateful evening when the wind came like a deadly beast. Children were running and Parents screaming. I've no were to run to as our hut was still dripping of water due to the bad roof.

   It wasn't long before the heavy downpour subsided, after which I've developed a big scar on my face. It happens like a dream though it was real. I've desired to be a doctor, to treat those lads and lasses in my village, to care for the wussies and aged ones, which has been my secret, but here I'm with a terrible scar planted on my face.

     Few hours later father ran in with Victor my elder bro, they've both been soaked and were shivering due to the rain that rained on them. I felt guilty for my scar, I'd have ran out from the hut knowing fully that it only has half life. I was naive and scared of father searching for me in the middle of the drizzling downpour. That day I grieved in excruciating pains not just because of my scar but because father was restless, he couldn't even tell me tales by moonlight which was his norms.

    Not long after the incident of fear, injury and sorrow, I led that into a conversation that has to do with my future, my carrier, my destiny, to become a Doctor; yes to become a Doctor. Not a Native Doctor but a Medical Doctor. Dad gave me his consent after assuring me of his financial status. So I left for Lagos in search of my Uncle whom I believed will sponsor my career.

As God may have it he concurred and sponsored it and I became the best Medical Doctor with a car which I drove home for Dad's blessing.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

AGONY OF A LAD(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Dayo a naive and timid young man was on his bed sleeping one hot afternoon. He has been  jobless every since he graduated from school. He has rejected so many little jobs that were below his standard.

   He was still sleeping when his mother left for her business in the market. She happens to be the only family he has. His mother picked up her bag, put on her wristwatch and zoom she galloped into the street. She was walking and thinking about the joblessness of her son when a car ran over her.

   The reckless driver quickly zoomed the car In full speed leaving Dayo's mother in the pull of blood. Akeem a neighbour to Dayo was at the scene of the event. He quickly ran home to informed Dayo the sleeping jobless lad.
    "Madman, you're here sleeping this hot after, while your mum is bleeding profuse" he barked as he slapped Dayo on his left leg. "Come closer and tell me you're joking" Dayo quickly replied amidst fear.

Days stood up, wore his shirt because he was only in his short and accompanied Akeem to the hospital his mother was taken. On getting there the doctor told him his mother want to speak to him because they can't do anything due to the excessive loss of blood and fracture.

 She quickly rushed to his mother. "Dayo my son, I know I've not been able to give you the beauties of life, but her I will give you my last words of wisdom" She said amidst tears while holding Dayo's left palm. "Mother what are you talking about" Dayo stammered. "Son always he independent, you've got God by your side, so always be the man your father want you to be, also be prayerful and avoid women like I always told you. I mean avoid wayward life and strive to be great" She said as her eyes travelled to forlorn journey.

 Dayo couldn't bear the encounter that his mother left him to the other world. He leaned on the wall,for his shirt, screamed but tear failed to proceed from his soft eyes. He vowed never to misused the words of his mum while leaning on the wall in pains.
©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

I NEVER KNEW(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

At the beginning
Railways met crossroads in tiny lines,
Lines broken so easy;
Then everything becomes messy.
The truth messed my head about the lies,
The lies crumpled the defense of my past.
In one day, reality set in like a beast,
In with all other package tossed in the bin.
I never knew
That memories kill,
It could kill even me for being so blind,
But a child, her free spirit I longed to bind.
Days become weeks
And month brought the dread and dead,
But first! I was weak
So I decided take the journey to the next world.
It would be painless, blameless, fearless. Sue
Finally I could run fearless in my darkness.
Brave at last, I decided to take Sue's side,
But then I died, and it was called SUICIDE.
I just never knew
That I was passing through excruciating pains
Before taking my life.
I longed to enjoy life,
But life enjoyed me instead.
Sunday Samuel Paul Egwu popularly called
Philosopher is poet, blogger,
writer,and 300 level
computer science student of National Open
University of Nigeria. He's
the pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry and CEO of
citadel of life. He
was the winner of poetry court join me write
poetry competition and
talented poet annual duel. His poems are
published on
hard copies
anthologies and blogs. His email is

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WORDS CAN GIVE YOU WINGS (an article by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Words are word, but not mere words. Words are
keys to a close door. Words are reasons to
reason. Words are soft touch, Words are long
way to talk about, Words are razor very sharp.

Words are life and spirit, words hurt, hurt heals,
words fly, words can be truthful or lies, words
can be bent or broken, words can be dozen or
burden, if don't express it, you might regret it.
Words can give u wings or pull you down.
Are you a word weaver or word Bender?
Are you a wordaholic or Wordshiver?

Let's talk words under two major categories
1: Spoken word
2: Written word

*As you know before a word is spoken it first
come from the heart*
But many people speak words from their mind
not their heart
Too bad
Are u among them. Pls get out from that cocoon
*Cos if you speak from your mind it will get to
people's mind but if you speak from your heart it
will get to people's heart. And you know what
ever get to people's mind can go easily. But
what's in their heart barely fade*

You will notice all i typed now are from my hear
not my mind. When you speak word(spoken)
from your heart. The message becomes clearer
and effective.

*Now let's focus on 7 keys to effective spoken
word, as a spoken word artiste, pastor, public
speaker, teacher , motivational speaker, Mc.
Even talkative*

It is the act of enunciating,
announcing, proclaiming, or making known; open
attestation; declaration; as, the enunciation of
an important truth. It is also the mode of
utterance or pronunciation, especially as regards
fullness and distinctness or articulation; as, to
speak with a clear or impressive enunciation.

*if you lack the power of enunciated words. You
lack the power of a public speaker, spoken word
artiste or teacher or Mc*

Enunciation is a life tool. You must not joke with
even in contest, slam or motivating people. If I
lie ask your pastor.

2: MODE:
This is one of the various related sets
of rules for processing your words effectively.

*you don't just rush your words cos your a
master or familiar with d audience. You must
follow certain process. And work on your self
even when you speak from your heart you won't
miss out*

 This entails if you are
making your words lively to the audience. Are
they seeing it dull or interesting like Korean
movie titled boys before flower

As you speak you must always ginger your
audience with punchlines. With puns. With
inspirational words even as Mc with comedy.
Then ad comedian you should even do more

 this is self explanatory . it
means you should place your eyes on the
audience as you speak

You are speaking to people not your self. You
are speaking to punch their minds, you're
speaking to motivate them, you're speak to heal
them cos words heal. You're speaking to tell
them the truth cos word are truthful most times.

You should cast your eyes always on them not
on person ad preach, teach and speak. Cos they
are your tagger, your listeners, your viewers

This is a range of artistic or
stylistic forms or techniques of words

Are your vocabs matured? Are they constructive?
Are they convincing, these are questions you
should ask yourself before speaking those words
to the crowd, audience or viewers, make them
balanced not fallen. Make them standing not
seated, make them awake not sleeping

This entails the quality
of artistry and persuasiveness in speech(spoken
word) or writing(written word)

As you speak, you should be eloquent enough,
you should be fluently, your words should be well
articulated, as you carry on always minds you
that words are alive and active, always learn to
impart. Let your words touch them. It might heal
a soul, cos words heal. With that you'll see how
your word will give you wings

This is an underlying theme or
conclusion to be drawn from something. What
can the audience derive from your spoken word
as a spoken word artiste, speaker, Mc, pastor
etc. In as much you speak words.

Did you convince them with something tangible
to take home? Yes you should do cos that's the
Essence of a speaker. Your message should be
sizzling, your message should be flying cos your
words have given you wings

So I believe I've inspired , educated and
motivated you with these few keys on the first
category of words can give you wings which is
on spoken word. See you next time on the part 2
of words can give you wings, which will be on
written words

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

# 16YearsAPoet(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

When you're in deep confusion, Poetry gives you
When you're sad, Poetry gives you joy.

When you're passing through excruciating pains,
Poetry serves as the nurse to nurse you
When you're weak, Poetry gives you strength

16 Years, Poetry has travelled
16 Years, Poetry has healed the sick

16 Years, Poetry has united nations
16 Years, Poetry has birthed sages
16 Years, Poetry has spoken the truth

 ©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

BEAT THE DRUM OF JUSTIFIED TRUST(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

It was like a dream when they attacked us,
They painted our faces with hot irons;
With tears amidst excruciating pains we
screamed in distress,
We felt belittled even if we were not little.

We crave for justice but we were presented with
We didn't bury our trust, our veins murmured;
Our eyes closed but we refused to kiss the dust,
Same dust they made our forefathers ate.

They made them drink their urine,
They excreted on their body;
But they still have trust to welcome justice,
Justice that will bring peace and unity.

Unity that with make our serenity to be serene
So we can hold hands with one another,
And we won't be treated as slave
When we yearn for peace
Let the rain drop on our land,
Let every sins be washed away;
Let the night be long,
Let our trust be revived, and justice speak for

PEACE AT EASE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Before a perfect decorum and calmness of heart,
Peace at ease we need to miss the presence of
As we preach peace drowning in hopeless faith.
The heart is stiff to receiving advises from
As the armpit bleeds in sorrow, hoping for a
better tomorrow.

Our brothers from other dialects seem to be our
Seems to be those killing trust for man,
Gathering them to be one act of extinct trust;
We only rely in machete and cork actions,
And balderdash lambasting tongues.

Together we can make all the difference,
In unison we can move the Atlantic ocean.
Refine it in the Pacific,
Together we can halt violence and rancor,
We can sleep without having one eye opened.

Our night won't be truncated,
Our trust won't be downtrodden,
The aches of our wood will forever be
Our Spittles won't be erased by wind,
And justice won't be just hissed.

Let's raise our fists to the heavens
Even if we're not more than seven.
Let's our drop-down tears bring peace not piss,
Let the our cry summon angels to give a pry;
So in unity we can behold peace at ease.

AGONY OF WOMEN(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Womanhood is a blessing not a curse,
Though it is a difficult task like a final year
But our women passed through excruciating
That come with no gain.

From agony of pregnancy that fences their lives,
Agony so painful and as sharp as a knife.
These women who were perceived wussies,
Carried inside them loads as big as the earth.
I learnt from the news in yesteryears;
A girl with her drop-down tears, cursed this

She stigmatized this ignominious realm of
bitterness still,
Where she was drastically robbed between her
thighs with a drill.
Pains of stress and strain,
Galloped onto the physiognomies of women,
And left a continuous ache to munch.

A huge fist visited their cheeks with a punch.
Noise ripped through walls,
Of coerced mating, making them to fall.
They were blinded by thunderstorms of slap that
clustered their faces,
From anxious men with big hands, and
uncontrolled anger.

Teenage girls forcefully married to
Many of them are dropouts, while some are
After marriage, they were badly beaten to their
Even the daylight they barely see with their eyes.

Sunday Samuel Paul Egwu popularly called
Sunsampaul is a poet and
blogger and a student. Also a graphic designer .
Email @

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BE YOURSELF, NOT A WANNABE(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

    Janet an undergraduate, studying Economics in the prestigious
university of Ibadan loves fashion a lot. No doubt she's beautiful and
fair in complexion. She has three friends in her campus, Sandra,
Nonye, and Bimbo.

    Nonye came from a rich home while Sandra and Bimbo came from
average families. Janet whose father is dead and mother is a pauper
who subsisted on what ever she realized from the tomatoes she sold in
the market. Janet two siblings are dropouts because her mother want
her being the first child to complete her education, get a good job
and sponsor her siblings in school.

   Regularly Janet will boast of being the daughter of the Owner of an
oil company. She flaunt many things she don't have as her own. She
borrowed clothes from her other friends in another institutions to
show up herself. She rode different cars into the campus claiming they
belong to her father. She always ride a jeep.

   On a fateful day. She was spotted by Sandra when she was coming
down from a jeep she always flaunt in campus. She was hugging the man
when Sandra approached her. "Janet is this your father" she asked.
"Yes this is my father" she replied. The potbellied man entered the
jeep and zoom off. Sandra was speechless for some seconds, before she
could utter any word. Janet quickly cut in. " Oh! I forgot to tell you
girls, my Dad want to change the jeep for me, I called him I need
another one" she said. Knowing she was lying, Bimbo swallowed her
saliva in a bit to show signs that Janet was  blatantly lying.

    For two week Janet's friend didn't see her again in campus.  When
they eventually found a girl Janet once told Bimbo happens to be her
cousin. They persuaded her to take them to where Janet rich parent
lives. On getting there it dawned on them that their friend, Janet was
a green snake under the green grass and a chronic wannabe. They came
down from Nonye's car and found Janet in a dirty room with dirty kids,
putting on dirty clothes, eating dirty food, with dirty hands. They
were speechless and Janet was shocked. She never imagined her life to
be this messed up with lies. Her friends quickly took their leave.

    In the evening of the subsequent day, Janet went back to the
campus apologizing to her friends, in the process of doing that she
was attacked by a woman in her fifties with a mighty slap on her cheek
that added a reddish mark on it. She fell on the floor instantly.
Before her friends could hold the woman, she pounds on Janet and
started warning her to stay away from her husband and face her study.
That she can't afford sharing her husband with lunatic and prostitute
like her. She warned Janet not to ever enter that Jeep bought for her
by her husband. This was the same jeep Bimbo saw with Janet when she
said her dad was taking it to bring her another one. The woman spat on
Janet and immediately snatched the key from her.

   Crowd clustered the place of the scene, her friends was ashamed of
keeping such kind of girl as a friend. They quickly left the scene,
leaving her on the floor to face her warrant.

     Janet got up in excruciating pains with dirt on her clothes. She
sustained bruises and strains. And later gave a deep thought of her
life not to be a wannabe. She said to herself "it's better to be
myself than to be a wannabe".

      Two days later she went to her friends as a prodigal girl.
Pleading and pleading for forgiveness. The other two snubbed her, and
later they started abusing and calling her names but Nonye retorted
saying " She was our friend I know but she has learnt her lesson, that
it's better to be yourself than to be a wannabe, let's forgive her and
accept her back as our friend because to hell is human and to forgive
is divine". Hearing this, the heart of the other two melted and they
forgave Janet and promised to be on the lookout so she won't go back
to her vomit.

     Janet changed to be a good girl. She became serious with her
study and a truthful being, she never got herself into trouble and the
other girls assisted her siblings in schooling so the load won't be
heavy on their friend Janet. This added smile on the physiognomy of
Janet's mother. And she said " good friends are better than wealth,
being yourself is uniqueness not a pride".

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

ONE GOOD TURN, DESERVES ANOTHER(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

   In the outskirt of a dilapidated village, where many people find it
unbearable to survive. Many died of diseases like cholera, typhoid and
malaria, they've been bitten by bed bugs, even mosquitoes and
termites, they barely tell their children tales by moonlight because
there was no lamp to bring fort light in the night.

   Parents of the children were paupers, whish made the children
unable to go to school. Mazi Ezekiel lives as a farmer in the that
same village, he has only one surviving son, Henry, who survived from
the diseases that killed his three siblings.

   Mazi Ezekiel also suffered this conditions in generation when he
was a child like Henry. He had a friend called John whom they both
suffered in the remote village, running all errand for aged people so
they can get tips from them. But John was lucky to be taken by one of
the children of Ma Uloma, an octogenarian who was one of the aged
women him and Mazi Ezekiel both ran errands for.

   John was trained by one of Ma Uloma sons up to his university
level, he was employed in a big oil company as a staff earning big
amount of money as salary and also deriving allowances mistimes. He
has three boys and a girl as his children and a beautiful wife living
with him in Abuja.

   For long he has not visited his village even though he always sent
money to his father and relatives. He taught the village must have
been civilized but not knowing it was still the way he left it. A
thought came to him to visit his long time friend Mazi Ezekiel who in
a time helped him revived his sick father when they were both lads.
His father was suffering from malaria so Mazi Ezekiel went to sell the
only hen in his own father's hut to buy some drugs for John's father.

  In the morning of the subsequent day. John headed for his village,
on getting there he visited his father and family, show them love, he
came with his wife and children. As the evening came he quickly went
to the house he was told Mazi Ezekiel now lives. Seeing each other,
they couldn't recognize each other. John said to Mazi Ezekiel that he
came in search of his old childhood friend named Ezekiel, not knowing
he was the person in question. After much shocked from Ezekiel,
hearing the side of John as he narrated his departure and success, he
was convinced that this is indeed John, his childhood friend. He then
said to John "I'm Ezekiel, whom you seek". They both embraced each
other and went into Ezekiel's hut.

     Ezekiel narrated to John how he lost his wife and other children
and how it has been difficult for him and his only surviving son
Henry. After hearing his story, John became sobber, he said to his
friend "one good turn, deserves another, you saved my father's life,
I'll give you and your son a good living." He also assured his friend
that all is well, he promised to take him and his son Henry to Abuja
so they can have a better life.

  Two days later, all plans has already been made, so they all set for
the journey. They arrived successfully and John fulfilled all his
promises. He rented a befitting apartment for his friend and enrolled
his son Henry in a good school. He also got a good job for his friend
Ezekiel that made light shone on Mazi Ezekiel's face. His physiognomy
became blazing and he was happy. Henry grew to be a strong man, he was
successful and graduated in the university after some years as a
medical doctor. He always make sure he visited John's family and as
well he always make his father proud and happy. He was obedient,
respectful, hardworking and Godfearing.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

TIT FOR TAT(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

   It was a sunny day in the hot afternoon around 2pm. Suddenly the
weather changed and everywhere became dark, mighty wind blew away the
roof of some houses, children started running like it has started
raining. The wind was so much in speed that it blew away the lads and
lasses with light weight.

   Uche, a little boy with so much enthusiasm to become great in life,
was among the boys running into the hut around for prevention of the
rain. They were already many children inside the hut that has been
abandoned by the owner, Mr Joachim the palm wine tapper.

  As people continue to run. A notorious village tout called James was
busy stealing people's purse in the market, thereafter running to a
cocoon where he later removed the money from the purse, after which he
will go to his hideout to know how much he derived from his strenuous
and risky task of stealing.

     James being an under graduate that was also a dropout. He stopped
schooling as a  sophomore and he started stealing when things became
difficult for him. He lost his parent during his first year in
University. Due to the circumstances that befell him, his uncles
refused to train him. So he found himself with bad gangs that led him
into stealing.

   As James was running to his hideout after putting all the money
into his back pocket, he outran Uche who was running away from the
rain. Suddenly the all the  money fell from James's back pocket. James
continued running without knowing that the money has fallen. Uche who
saw when the money fell, quickly ran to the spot, bent down and picked
the money. He knew James as a notorious criminal who subsisted in what
ever in realized from what he stole.

   Uche deduced, since James is a no-good fellow, then he must have
stolen the money, he decided  not to give him the money back, he
became happy because he has been hungry since the early crack of the
dawn. He quickly hid the money and whispered to himself "Tit for tat,
you stole the money, now you loose the money to me".

   James on getting to his hideout eventually discovered that the
money has fallen somewhere he didn't know, after searching all part of
his body. He became furious because it was raining heavily and there
was no way he can go back in search of the fallen money he stole.

  He was in dilemma and later decided it was indeed not destined for
him to have that money successfully to him sell. He gave a deep
thought about his life and future, and how he was doing good in school
before the circumstances befell him. He decided to stop stealing and
cast his gaze on God who has before now gave a pry on the life style
of James which happens to be a life lessons to many.

  After three months of hardworking in a building construction site.
James's education and training was sponsored by the owner of the
building who saw a good potential in him. James was happy and thanks
God for his life, being a lesson to many.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


 The following below are questions the interviewer is to ask the
upcoming artist he/she is interviewing. Though any change made might
mar the interview if not taken from the editor in chief who penned

QST 1: Good day Sir/ Ma, how have your day been?

QST 2: Kindly tell us about your self( note; here the person tell you
about his/herself for you to know next to do)

QST 3: Wow! You are indeed a bunch of talent to boom. Kindly  tell us
what motivate you into this type of art you are?

QST 4: How do you intend to raise NOUN flag high with your creativity?

QST 5: Who is your role model?

QST 6: What do you do when alone?

QST 7: Give 3 reasons why you love NOUN

QST 8: Briefly tell us the important sides of NOUN?

QST 9: What would you do when given a scholarship in NOUN?

QST 10: Kindly tell the world your advice for the upcoming artists who
are dreaming to enroll in NOUN and other varsities.

Thank you dear for your time, Viewers we have all seen and heard all
the goodies of this great upcoming artist and the motivated speeches
that proceed from his/her mouth. The beneficiary things you can as
well gain when enrolled in NOUN.

Stay bless as you join us next time on NOUNBOOK upcoming artist smooth
talk interview. Love you all.

Written by
Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher
Chief Editor of Nounbook
And CEO of Citadel of Life

Saturday, August 13, 2016

MY OLD NECKLACE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Dangling on the bed,
I saw you shining like the bright morning star.
Your appearance made me want to smile,
Even if I will have to travel a thousand mile.

I found you amidst diamonds,
My old necklace you are like almond.
Just like the old rugged cross
You shine more than that of Rick Ross.

My old necklace
You are the dancing tunnel,
Your shape is a miraculous funnel.
You enclose me in a big circle,
And made me rode of tricycle.

You clustered me with promises,
Wiping away all my nemesis.
You are the circle while I'm the square,
You mingle with me while I was single.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

SONGS OF LIFE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

This poem is a song,
It's not an ordinary poem.
But a poem with a big gong,
To bless you with resounding puns.

To felicitate with you,
Pushing out worries from you.
And giving you full of hopes,
By setting you free from your enemies' ropes.

A trumpet in beat of crotchet,
Punching clouds for your sake.
To rain down rain of everlasting blessings,
And fill your physiognomy with stunning smile.

Listen to its words,
They are with their swords.
To fight for you as Knights,
They are not tired even in the night.

They spark and emit light,
Very stunning and bright.
Just to make sure you're alright,
And make your wrongs right.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Monday, August 1, 2016

APPLE OF LOVE(a duet by Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER ‪# and Silva Epitome Mhiz Word)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
i have found an Apple that suits my sample.. i don't wanna make mistake of a lost take.. That's why I decided to let this Apple know in time
Silva Epitome (Mhiz Word)
This Apple that suits your sample
Is one Apple that's got dimples
Spreading fast like wrinkles
Its so weak and feeble
Only an understanding heart that's not feeble can attempt to smile at this dimpled apple
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
I saw all it Creamy, loving angelic, soft, positive dimple. but i saw no wrinkle. Because it's dimple sooth my simple heart
I wish this apple decide to live in my abode
I would have made it feel the side of my love side
That comes with full side of good sides
Silva Epitome (Mhiz Word)
This Apple lies where ancients sing the hymns
The worries that gave this Apple that dimple
Is one none can fanthom
Cause in just one night it came like a phantom
And took away this Apple's don tom
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
how i wish.. i can have a taste of this sweet Apple that shines like Silva and an Epitome of good fragrance.. i cant wait to have a feel of this Apple round my lips
And my teeth are jittery for one bite from this Apple
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
This Apple's got a sweet sexy inviting taste
Will you relish this Apple's taste?
Kola last long only in the mouth of those who value it
She's got worth she's got prestige she's got value
And she's got a heart to love
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
if she's got a heart to love
why would this Apple feel weak towards love why is this Apple not strong in facing nature at where it has placed it
why would such Apple feel confused on who its heart choose
allow this chosen man eat a bite
I wish this apple remain in my mouth for eternity
And make me eat the virginity of it purity
That will lead to my unity
With it's simplicity
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
This bite that bite one bite can make or mar the difference
This bite could draw you close
This bite could push you far
One bite could be all
One bite could be nothing
But her bite has got a worth
Cause a heart indeed she's got
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
Oh! This Apple's got my tear
See how it makes me fear
What to do if this Apple gets hurt
Can I die if this little Apple loses her hut?
You make me shed tears
Alas my tears for love
And if indeed this Apple's got a heart then grant me this one wish
I wish my wish becomes your wish
To grant me this very wish of which I wish to have this Apple in my heart
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
Do not doubt her existence treasure it
Do not weep for her wrinkled dimples understand it
Do not stand clasped hand at her misfortune praise her for it for indeed she's got a heart to love and love forever she will at this man who's made her first on his wish list
Duet not Duel
#Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
#Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)

MARIAN SHRINE ‪(a duet by Sunsampaul‬ d Philosopher and Adams)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Neck cracking, throat choking,

rendering renditions to the lady unseen

Lady stunning in her garment

Caressing my skin with her nails.

Mouth murmuring , teeth gnashing

All in ecstasy of her assumption.


Her very day of glory

Which will mark our story

It started before she assumed

When she went to Cana and the wine was consumed

The couples came to Marian shine

And receive abundance of wine.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

I long for her, more than my mum

Her Supremacy transformed my emergency

Blowing my thought of fallacies

To that of ecstasies

Prophecies in magnanimity

Swallowing d semen of divinity.


I will continue to speak of her

She has gone but remains not too far

In all my pains and distress

When i seek for success

I still sneak into her shrine

Reminding her of that precious time

When it was not his time

Yet she made him pay the fine.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

I will lift my sound city voice to render a magnified praises to her

Her simplicity brought us humility

Her virginity brought us purity

Her sincerity brought us honesty

Her divinity brought us loyalty.


I stand dumb to render her virtues.

Her candor and simple reticence

Her simplicity is an experience

Her nobility affable

Her generosity laudable

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

This is what I know

Her meekness is sweeter than milk

Licking my lips as I sip

From the fountain of life in her shrine,

The wine of twelve apostles with which I dined

Knowing her loving lip has caress my lip

Her majesty in my loyalty

I honour her in sovereignty

Ave Maria!


Gratia plena i sing

Ora pro nobis peccatoribus.. we ring

Running to Marian shrine everyday

So we invite all good friends in their needs

To join us in this race today

To the Marian shrine of hope.

Courtesy: Sunsampaul La Philosophos et Adams

Duet not Duel by

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher



FR33ZINPAUL(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Alone in the citadel of life

I sat in loneliness of poetry

Then freezing came

Caressing my soft growing bard on my chin

I freezes and groan in Ecstasy

That when I know I found a lovable friend

Freezing my hands to my bic

Freezing my book to my desk

Freezing my feet in Arthub

I encounter a real FREEZER. FR33ZINGPAUL

They call him 33

I call him Freezing

A handsome negro

Whom girls long for

As Cleo patra long for immortality.

Just to get to the height of his majesty

To praise the almighty Trinity in the holy city

A bard of lovable rhymes

A lad of muse that fuss and amuse

A gem of strong background

Whose back has never touch the ground

A pal to my philosophical mentality

A genius to my catholiticum, cathedraticum and evangelicum

Freezing you added smiles to my life

As I celebrate with you today

Billi and Willi my dogs freeze in cold

Judges in TPC write with joy

Ambassadors of GCP cast a muse to your day

I, Sunsampaul d Philosopher dedicate this to you.

Freezing who loves open mic

Opening the mic in his mind

Mike call on him for fight

But freezing turn it down at night

A humble knight with numerous light

He fight not with any being

A dude of many muse

Lover of children

Friend maker

Trouble shooter

Goal getter

Aid giver

News watcher

Love player

Muse maker

You have the characteristics of mine

That why you are FreezingPaul and am Sunsampaul

You being my namesake is not a mistake

The trumpet of your birthday I take will never be a fake

You hardly make a fake of your freezing lake

I sat on my dog's cage to jot your cake

My muse, I give you to take

In spite of the make

I know we won't break

In poetry we shall wake

Basking in the order of mass

I book mass for your day

Just as today is good day

All your days shall be better days.

But today I will make your best day

Just as Deus has made it your birthday

This day I write you

I will published the muse of your own days

As I wrote, my eyes full of sleep.

I vowed to celebrate with you

In the anthology of my next Publish poems the next day

My humility in ecstasy

My Ecstasy in loyalty

My sincererity in majesty

I will keep our bond of dignity

In the divinity of the almighty

So the trinity will make it last even in his holy city

I love you Freezing Paul my namesake

All right reserved.

©Sunsampaul d Philosopher



MY COUNTRY, MY EVERYTHING(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Tears of joy drop in droplet from my swollen eyes

My voice gone from the shout I have made

I cant sleep due to unending melancholic news

That still didnt kept me from moving forward

Emancipates us all

So we cherish the goodies of this blessed nation

I never go hungry even in the space of scarcity

I have never been poor

Even though I live where pauper lives

I mourn for the aborted foetus in this nation

Who could have become

A stronghold to our direction

Taken us out of seduction, reduction and evil elections

I mourn for the adopted girls, adopted in chibok

Whom could have been

Great Solutionists to our solutions

To render renditions to todays independence celebration .

The beauty of them all

Make lads long for their friendship

I miss the chibok girls

Am happy because

am here to save the slum

I can count babies giving birth to babies

Due to no knowledge of keeping their virginity

Rape raped the lasses

Raping my muse with fuss

I refuse to lodge in their apartment of nemesis

Nor to listen to their bogus prophecies

All in the forlorn fallacies of negative ecstasies

My country, my everything

I lived and eat in this nation

I will be a dominator to a better population

Creating solutions

And making promotions

To our those under demotion

I love this nation of

Oil wealth

The giant of Africa

The pillar of less sepulcher.

The aroma of hope

Lies between the thighs of this nation

Am proud to be a patriot of this nation

This is the day,

That Our nation sings

This is the day

That the liberty bell starts to ring

This is the day

We all start to remember

What We stand for

and to celebrate our Independence

We stand up high, as We

All start to cry

As we think about,

All that died

For you, for me, for our whole country

Risking there life

Each and everyday here is a salute

To all that lay ...


®Reserved for Independence

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher


NB: At early crack of the dawn wrote this poem in sleepy eyes and cold palm


ENJAMBMENT(an online lecture by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Enjambment is an important aspect majorly in poetry
We av three major genre of literature, they are drama, prose and poetry.
But enjambment in poetry is a sensible case.
Enjambment is the continuation of a sentence or
clause over a line-break. If a poet allows all the
sentences of a poem to end in the same place
as regular line-breaks, a kind of deadening can
happen in the ear, and in the brain too, as all the
thoughts can end up being the same length.
Enjambment is one way of creating audible
interest; others include caesurae, or having
variable line-lengths.
Enjambment is one way poets can manipulate
the rhythm of their poems.
The rhythm in poetry is often created by
meter , which is the specific pattern of
stressed syllables in a poem. Remember a
stressed syllable is simply the one you
emphasize when you say the word. For
instance, the word poetry has three syllables;
the first syllable, 'po' contains the emphasis
and so is the stressed syllable. The other two
syllables are unstressed. Poets use the
stresses on words to create the meter or beat
of a poem. So what does this have to do with
Well enjambment occurs when a syntactic unit
does not end within the metrical pattern. Let's
break that definition down to simpler terms. In
prose you write in sentences, there is no
specific beat and you end your thought with a
period or another end mark. In poetry, you
write in lines, each with a specific pattern of
beats. Each line in a poem does not have to
be a full sentence. Thus, the thought or
syntactic unit does not have to be all in one
line. Enjambment occurs when a poet breaks
the normal beat and continues the meaning to
another line.
The true use of enjambment is best seen
through examples, so lets analyze some
Look at this poem
"My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety."
Let's first look at the punctuation, which can
hint at enjambment. Which lines do not end
with some sort of punctuation? You can see
that lines one and eight have no end
punctuation. Reread line one:
My heart leaps up when I behold
What did he behold? Is the whole thought
there? In this poem, we do not see what the
narrator is beholding until we continue on to
the next line. Line two shows that he is
beholding a rainbow. This is enjambment.
If you stopped at the end of line one, you
would not get the whole picture. The same
goes for line eight:
And I could wish my days to be
What does he want his days to be? You don't
learn that until you move on to the next line.
Thus, lines one and eight portray enjambment.
The other lines are all end-stopped lines , each
one has a pause at the end marked by
punctuation. The punctuation easily helps a
reader realize a pause is needed.
However, it is important to note that not all
poets use punctuation to indicate enjambment.
Always check the meaning of the lines to
ensure it is a true enjambment.
This poem also has
What happens to a
dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore-
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over-
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load?
Or does it explode?
Look closely at line two:
"Does it dry up"
This line is another example of enjambment;
this simile  a dropped dream
to a raisin drying in the sun, starts in line two
and continues into line three.
Look over the
rest of the poem. Can you spot any more
examples of enjambment? This poem is a
good example of how enjambment does not
always have to lack ending punctuation. Lines
four and seven both end with a dash but each
shows enjambment by continuing its meaning
onto the next line.
This is why you always
need to check the meaning of the lines to tell
whether enjambment has been used.
Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

HOME MEMORIES(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Naked bellies round with last night's yam
Rise up from thread thin mats
Like stubborn goats pulled
Each step dragged to welcome an intimidating sun.

Tobacco coloured teeth
Greets in flashing black smiles
The earth moist from dew
Palm fronds wave shrubs from tall views
Beaming smiles as sonorous sounding birds' sing
Here, every member is a king.

See the afternoon sky welcome
Khaki bags follow sons of the soil
In his pockets, palm nuts to catapult his lizards
As catarrh ports to his chest,
Onward he trots to father's heart
To fondle mama's slippers-like  breasts.

Bright light dull as fireflies
Skinny frames gather round papa's bulb
To welcome the august visitor's electricity
Watching buzzing energetic dances from flying insects.

Pounding sounds accentuating 
Tonight’s food will have no lump
Swallowing, stealing pieces, smiling
Bare buttocks kissing cold earth
To listen to tales of ancestral birth.

Mud houses, thatched roofs
Planting seasons
Harvesting baskets
No day is ever the same
These sweet scents of home
Closed in every open game
Are memories I won’t forget

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, prose writer, instrumentalist and blogger, he blogs at He was the winner of join me write poetry contest.