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Thursday, September 29, 2016

I NEVER KNEW(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

At the beginning
Railways met crossroads in tiny lines,
Lines broken so easy;
Then everything becomes messy.
The truth messed my head about the lies,
The lies crumpled the defense of my past.
In one day, reality set in like a beast,
In with all other package tossed in the bin.
I never knew
That memories kill,
It could kill even me for being so blind,
But a child, her free spirit I longed to bind.
Days become weeks
And month brought the dread and dead,
But first! I was weak
So I decided take the journey to the next world.
It would be painless, blameless, fearless. Sue
Finally I could run fearless in my darkness.
Brave at last, I decided to take Sue's side,
But then I died, and it was called SUICIDE.
I just never knew
That I was passing through excruciating pains
Before taking my life.
I longed to enjoy life,
But life enjoyed me instead.
Sunday Samuel Paul Egwu popularly called
Philosopher is poet, blogger,
writer,and 300 level
computer science student of National Open
University of Nigeria. He's
the pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry and CEO of
citadel of life. He
was the winner of poetry court join me write
poetry competition and
talented poet annual duel. His poems are
published on
hard copies
anthologies and blogs. His email is

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