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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I AM FREE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

From the malicious malice of those sadists
Pretending to be in far East
With their fist ready to feast
From those mammals
Who tried to make me stammer
And put me in law of kama

I am free
From the struggled struggle of yesterday
That tried to deceive my today
From those pathetic path I match
Not knowing they're mash
That were very harsh and rash

I am free
From the loss of muse
That made me missed the track to amuse
From metabolic metabolism
That made me think there's no ink in my pen
That can free my fold from the enemies' den

I am free
From your caricatures and disguise
That made others lack guide
From your plotted plot of downfall
Which has been beaten by rainfall
And dragged to the pitted pit, until they'll fall

I am free
From your illuminated illumination of mischief
That tends to drag me like a thief
Not knowing I'm an invincible chief

I  am free
From those cancerous cancers
That led many to the dust
Made many to rust
Yet they don't want to get lost
Until I drew my sword and thrust
Coz to them I cast no trust

I am free
From those forlorn promises
That reside in my premises
As if they to be nemesis
Sent from overseas
Just to make me see
I'll be drown in the sea

I am free
From your critical criticisms
That failed to mold me
Yet they are constructive in disguise
Destructive like an evil guide
Unproductive to my side
Until they fell offside

I am free
From dreaming sleepless nights
That pretended to be knights
Trying to be right
But they are just to fright
Even when I don't want to behold their sight

I am free
From the booming booming sound of the boko haram
That left my legs touching my head in race
Panting to the brim of my pant
Clothed in blooded smell of sweat

I am free
From weakness and sickness
Wickedness of the wicked men
Weak pen and sick pen
Laziness and lousiness
Failure and brain loss
I am free from SIN

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
I am free

WHEN A POET DATES A POETESS.(a poem by John Chizoba Vincent)

When a poet dates a poetess;
They all go insane of words to use,
They may have no time to make love.
Poet here, poetess there, back to back
Without anyone believing each other.
Dinning is personified and oxymorously planned;
The poet knows what poetess have in mind,
And the poetess trust not the poet; beacuse all
His words she believe are exaggerations.

Separate bedroom are made for each other
Because, the inspiration must come from different air.
He argues most  times because he has
different view or perspective on something.
This paint that and, that paint that in his or her own way.
No room for exchange of glance because he
Knew the weak point of the other and can use it.

Do not dates an intelligent poetess in the morning,
Her morning nagging and pointing will shock you.
When she urinate on the foam, it becomes the poem
That wake her up to see the world in its beauty.
When in the kitchen, your spoon becomes her man,
In the toilet, your closet becomes her seat of hope
In the white house where demons fear to trade on.

Your body language becomes his table and a poetic Line,
He looks closely to your smiles, the ones that hurt
He put down on his jotter, the one that greets, he takes to his heart and the one that sting; he dodge.
When talking to you, he is rehearsing his spoken line words,
When laughing, he is practicing his gesture to the audience.

They look at each other  all the time like two cocks that want to engage in a fight because, they are looking for an expression that will tell a story that they can't tell.
When a poet dates a poetess, the world of words
Clashes because none will want to go down for the other.
The poet thinks he knows more than the poetess and
The poetess thinks she knows more than the poet.
All of them are in confusion of who is the head.

The poet can't control the poetess when she act,
Because he could be hiding something which he
Think that the poetess might know and use  against him.
The both snore and no one to stop each other:
Both always try to make poetry babies like them,
He may end up forsaking other friends and stick to her in the house.
Both are not reliable and can burn as fast as fire.

When a poet dates a poetess, they become horders.
Their favourite days are not theirs anymore,
Watching movie together will be a mistake.
No one control their proudness because poets are proud creatures.
Envy in their lives takes a new form because the poetess submit not to the poet and the poet carry his shoulder higher and higher until It gets to heaven.

Romanstic sunset will never be the same because
Each of them face the computer each seconds of the day.
He don't spend much money on her  and meals together will be quite different at home.
Holding hands will be pretty rare because he knew what is in her Palm and how to utilised it.
He can't run away from natural disaster,
He stares at different kinds of  people in public.
He find inspiration in the weiredest part of the poetess.

He will have a hard time proving that you were on vacation with him.
He won't write what she asked him to write and most of the things he had written, you might not see.
Birthday gift will be expensive to give you as a poetess that loves him.
He may not help you re- write your self or your history because he has his to re-write at dawn.
Poet' love to a poetess is not real because, he understand the poetess feelings and emotion.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent
#my perception#
#Not to convince you but to make a point#

LET NIGERIA BE NIGERIA AGAIN(a poem by John Chizoba Vimcent)

Let Nigeria be Nigeria again.
Let the flag demonstrate peace
Let the coat of arms be unity,
Let it be the hero it used to be.
Let it be the dream that elevate,
Let it be the love it used to be,
Uplifting its masses in prosperity.

Let Nigeria be the hand that feed many,
Let it be the great eyes that watches its children;
We many fall at the sight of fear that kills,
Let it be the dream that lift us up again.
Let it tradition come back to its abode,
Let Nigeria be the Nigeria that create hope
That take its masses to progress and blessing.

Let it be heaven on earth for us all;
A paradise which dominate the world.
My country, my home, my home, my country;
Let's anthem and pledge be the way it used to be.
Let real oppotunities be the way it used to be,
Life, a free and wonderful journey to us all.
The ghotto children taken care of by the leaders,
Let us go back to where we began before 1914.

Let Nigeria go back to it root and branches,
Let it root stand and never be uprooted.
Let us see the lines drawn on the sky and
Cease to be afraid of the air we breath.
Let Terrorism go into extinction like before
When we have none but hear only from others.
Let killing and shading of innocent blood stop,
Let Nigeria be Nigeria again and again.

Let Nigeria be Nigeria again I pray,
Let's  go back to the farmers we were known for.
Let plant the coco we were known for,
Let's drink sapale water in a round surface table,
Let's Nigeria tales be told as it used to be.
Let the leaders be the leaders they used to be,
Let the church be the Church again and
Our colleges and universities, a place of learning.

I am a child of tears who have seen no progress,
I cry and pray for my country everyday and night.
Let discrimination and tribalism stop immediately!
Let bribery and corruption stop at this moment!
Who says the youths have no dream for the country?
Who says we are not learned or rather we can not
Control a country to good?
When is the future when a man of seventy two is still in the office as a president while a man of Fifty; educated and capable is sleeping at home?

I have been abused in my own country,
My fellow poets are wailing down town;
What have we not done to better this country?
Our hands are always on desks interpreting the words
Of the gods, when shall we be remembered?
Let Nigeria be Nigeria again I pray!
Nigeria was never the Nigeria I used to know as
I write this in tears of the imprisoned rain.

Who shall redeem us now because we as
The eyes of the country must be redeemed?
I see suffering and pains in this country;
I see a Nigeria that seek for itself rather than
It masses who stand as its offspring day and night.
Our generation is messed and forgotten by the leaders
Let Nigeria be the Nigeria again I pray.

WHEN?(a poem by John Chizoba Vincent)

When shall we smile again?
When shall the farmers return?
When shall all fingers become equal?
When shall mothers return to the kitchen?
When shall the lizard have hairs on their back?
When shall the He goat smell no more?
When shall the heavens come to the earth?

(I don't know where things are going this time)

The rivers are now red and black,
The rivers where my forebears fished before going;
Whose fault is it that the children are weeping?
When shall we dance around the road like the
Children that knows nothing of what tomorrow
Will bring to their table?
When shall we clap and look the sun on the face?

(This is not the world I used to know when I was a child)

The road to our yesterday is resurrenting,
The fields are out grown by demon grasses,
The moon speaks of pain along the sky lines,
When shall all the animal called man repent
Of urinating into the stream meant for their brothers?
Shall we remain dumb and die a silent men?

(Yesterday was better in my beloved country)

I am not a silent poet but my mouth is shutting
Down from yesterday's whip from the hooligans,
I have seen beyond my eyes and my ears are no more
On my head but at their room, where they feed it
With a crooked smelling words of corruption.
When shall the snake go in group?
When shall all humans be in unity and peace?!

(Many are left uncloth between the sahara and no hope)

Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through
the eyes of those who don’t value you.
Know your worth even if they don’t but how can we
When we are voiceless and blind like the bat?
it's a virgin season and we all know its worth;
our hopes are up to its  peak and we must act,
our minds are set to the season and we must move
it's time to right all wrongs without asking yesterday.

(Every man is answerable to his God)

Hold no hurt against your follow brother in the field;
bear no grudges we are fighting for one course,
give out love and make peace with your household,
hold our tongues so that we fall not into temptation,
listen to our hearts crying in the black forest;
but  our heads are on the world of their own,
our brains should think of unity not killing,
Our brain should think of development not bombing.

(When pain hurt is when you habour it in mind)

our hands should work not looking Forth to dine
With those that had worked hard the day before.
The hands of our clocks should walk faster 'cause
Life is too short to waste a second there off.
our ages elevate everyday and we take no notice,
we get no younger as the clock tick and tack,
we all get older someday when life becomes more interesting to us and it's time to think, make amends for the years if we don't want to get lost in the forest
But; when shall we be remembered and listened to?

(All the roses of this world was planted by one man)

(C) john chizoba Vincent

John chizoba vincent is an actor, poet, novelist and director. He hail from Nkporo in ohafia local government area of Abia state. He studied mass communication and theatre art from helen paul theatre and film academy.   He is a published author with four books to his credit. He has over five hundred poems online and journals.


Briefly introduce yourself sir

I am Njoku Paul Chibuike Henry aka Fr33zinPaul. I hail from Ehime
Mbano in IMO state. A spoken word artiste, teacher, lover of children
and lover of life

Nice. Sir may we know the meaning of NJOKU. The name is so filled with
native fragrance

It has different meaning. It depends on how you look at it. My people
tell me that it means "Ugly Fire"

Hmmmm ugly fire. What a meaning. So tell us sir how you got the
sobriquet 'Fr33zinPaul'

People keep on asking me this question. Hmmm, nice question.
First of all, it is spelt "Fr33zinPaul"
I got the name while in junior secondary school. There was a trending
movie then called "Matrix Revolution" and in a scene in the movie, a
man with powers said "Freeze" in the middle of a busy street and
everyone froze leaving only him walking. I liked the scene so much
that whenever I was in the class, being the class prefect I used the
word "freeze to quiet the class. However, one day, a friend of mine
wanted to call me and called me Fr33zinPaul! He kept calling me the
name and in the long run, I felt it was a very cool name since I was a
young rapper then. That's is how I got the name even though my story
is long. Lol

As a teacher what do you teach?

I teach literature, phonetics, government and English

As a spoken word artiste how do you master your poems before performance?

I write it in a piece of paper. Take it around with me. Look at it
every now and then. I also record myself and listen to it every time.
It is always on replay. While even lecturing my student or students, I
use them as a mini audience. Most times I stay up late In the night to
master my piece

Let's talk about poetry now. Are you a page poet as well

Honestly, am a page poet cos every spoken word artiste started from
writing on a paper. But doing spoken word is my forte so when it comes
to page poetry, am still and really learning

When did you find yourself in the river of poetry?

I have been writing since I was in junior school but officially I
started late 2014 and since then till now, it has been creatively

Sir from 2014 till now tell us what have been your achievement so far

My biggest achievement has been when a lady of about 65years met me in
Ibadan last year after my performance and said "Thank you for that
message, you will go places". Knowing that my piece pierced through
the heart of someone is a big achievement to me cos since it did to
that woman, it has been doing for others. Maybe they are too shy to
open up. I live everyday with an aura of achievements

What are your challenges so far in the poetry and spoken word industry?

My challenge at first was trying to be someone Else. Trying to perform
like someone else. Trying to write like someone else. It was a big
challenge cos I always end up getting disappointed after a
performance. But I believe as a poet or spoken word artiste, you have
to be ORIGINAL. When you are original, nobody can can bring you down.
Another challenge is time, time to write and time to rehearse.

An issue has been breaking blocks and splashing water on social media
like twitter, Facebook and whatsapp. The issue is ' don't date a
poet'. Kindly tell us about your view on this in a sincere way.

Simple, don't take a poet who has a temper, uncaring, flirty,
inconsiderate and all the negative things you can think of. If you see
a poet who has good attributes and you snub him and date another
person, if dem break your heart, I will write a poem for you and title
it 'NTOR!"

What would be your First reaction to any one who pass a destructive
critic on your poem or performance without even giving you kudos for
courage you summoned while performing or writing

My first reaction will be goose bumps. In my mind I will be like "God
punish this guy o". This will be my reaction cos I am human. But I
will move on and perform more

How many poems have you written if you're to count and tell us where
have they been published

Well none has been published yet except if a blog takes one's poem and
it is called publishing. I have written 50.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years

In the next two years, I will be two years older. Lol. Should have
acquired more money in my bank account. Should have acquired more
knowledge academically. Should be closer to God and finally I would a
house hold name to reckon with in the world of poetry

It's no longer a secret that Africans don't cherish spoken word
poetry. How do you think you can correct that impression?

I think Africans cherish it very well. It started with our fore
fathers when they did story telling.  Now, i also know that Africans
don't like reading so when you deliver a piece and still want them to
check the dictionary before they understand your message, then there
is a problem. The only thing I can do now is to make my message
accessible to all by writing in simple words. When people can relate
to your spoken word piece, they will definitely cherish it

What do you think spoken word and poetry promoters should implement to
hasten the widespread of spoken word and poetry just like music

They should seek for sponsors but sponsors won't come if we the spoken
word artiste don't up our game. Musicians are always in the studio,:
some recording thrash some recording good music. As spoken word
artiste we should write with originality and creativity. Promoters
like Tokunbo of great path, Mr Olulu and Komson are doing a great and
marvellous job. Spoken word has already taken over. Watch out

To finalize sir. I'll love you to present to us one of your original
write up coined by you with your fr33zinPen

OK sir
 I wanted to send one but I can't find it so let me send a very short one


Friendly Foes,
They wink at you
Deceit beneath their smiles
Follow you around like a disciple
Wishing you well inside a well.
They scream:
"Success! Success!"
"Nonsense" "Nonsense"
Crew of vagabonds
Lies coated tongues.


Once again citadel of life warmly welcome you Fr33zinPaul with the Fr33zinPen

I am honoured