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Monday, January 16, 2017

BOND OF LOVE-Episode 5 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell and Agnes remained good friends for two weeks, she mostly visit Maxwell to keep him company. Maxwell do call her most of the nights she was with her friends in their room and they will talk like lovers for hours.

Ever since Maxwell found Agnes, his life changed. She always take him to church every Sunday, they go clubbing once a month, they pray together each time she pays him a visit.

 Agnes spent most of her nights in his place. And all these killed the Playboy lifestyle in him. He became responsible and they both told each other about their families, friends, schools, lifestyle and flaws.

Two month later, Maxwell expressed his love to her that he no longer have the desire to lust after her but to make her his wife. He proposed to her for marriage. Seeing that she has changed his life for good. He said countless sweet words to her that left her agape.

Agnes knowing fully that she has fallen deeply in love with him, not for his money but for his hardworking, gentle heart and care. Maxwell seldom shout  at her even when they have big quarrels that she is at fault. He respects her and concur to her positive decisions all the time.

All these made her have no choice to say no. She hurriedly said yes and hugged Maxwell. They both engaged in a deep long time kiss and went out after a while for a mini celebration of the engagement.

Do you think Agnes made the right decision by accepting Maxwell's proposal, do you think Maxwell will be a good husband. Drop your answer in the comment box below

BOND OF LOVE-Episode 4 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell promised her he won't do anything funny with her and she  will sleep in his guest room. He apologized to her and said sweet words to her and she concurred.

While Agnes was on the bed sleeping she had a dream. In the dream she saw a man in white telling her to be at alert that she has a gift that the gift will begin to manifest when she have her first son. And the boy will be great and will be powerful enough to save souls from being hurt.

Agnes woke up from sleep and prayed about it. Though she loves clubbing. Looked hot as the wayward call it but she's also God fearing a times and goes to church a times. She went to Maxwell's room and woke him up at the earlier crack of the dawn.

"Good morning Maxwell, hope your night was lovely and nice" she enquired while she moved her hand to demonstrate.

"Good morning and thank you, my night was exactly what you wished" he replied in shock.

Agnes later asked him for his kitchen so she can make something for both of them. Maxwell was still perplexed with her attitude like a good wife material. Without wasting time he showed her the kitchen.

Agnes made a good meal, they both ate, laughed, made funny jokes about the incident that occurred last night and Maxwell began to see more of a wife in Agnes than just a club girl. He thought she's like other girls but to his greatest surprise she's not.

I'm sure you're deeply following the story so far. Do you think both of them will get married. Drop comment below in the comment box pls.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

BOND OF LOVE-Episode 3 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell took Agnes who has been intoxicated to his car and he eventually drove quickly to his home. Maxwell is a hardworking young man even though he's still a player. His building is a comfortable home for a young man, there's a packing space that can accommodate five cars. The surrounding inside is wide enough to dig a large swimming pool.

 The flat has four rooms and two big sitting rooms, Kitchen, toilets and Two guest rooms. His apartment is in Bovack Estate that's not too far from the club he saw Agnes.

He hurriedly took Agnes out of the car and took her straight to his bedroom. As he laid her on his bed and about making her unclad, Agnes suddenly woke up.

"What are you trying to do" She enquire amidst a great shock. "I'm sorry angel I only wanted to change your clothes, since you messed up this one by vomiting on it" he lied.

I see, so where am I, for crying out loud ?" She shouted as she hurried to get up from the bed. Before Max well would explain she quickly buttoned her buttons that were unbuttoned by Maxwell and banged the door behind her, leaving for her home.

"Where are you going Agnes, don't you think it's risky, it's late and you might not get home before twelve midnight. The vigilantes will start interrogating you if  found outside this estate" Maxwell warned.

Caught the crap Maxwell, so you know all these and brought me here, it's even an estate, why didn't you take me to your own state or better still uniter state because you want to satisfy your libido with a Lady you barely know". She barked

Maxwell being a player has lost all his prowesses in making her halcyon. He quickly grab her from behind and started pleading in a soft tune that tend to make a woman's heart soft. He pleaded for five minutes until Agnes accepted to stay back.

Drop comment what will happen next and how well is the story going

BOND OF LOVE Episode 2 By Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell said to her " hi! angel, I've been sitting there since watching how you dress, your beauty is indeed a blessing to this generation, you're a bundle of uniqueness, sitting there I could perceive the angelic fragrance that comes from your skin. See how your face radiate light into this entire place. You're no doubt a classic Lady"

While saying all these Agnes was busy smiling and blushing at the same time. Maxwell took her then something happened

Maxwell could read the meaning on her physiognomy that he's making a good impression in her and that in no time she will succumb when he propose to her.

Agnes amidst ecstasy said. Oh! Thank you dear for this unending accolades, I'm Agnes but friends call me Agy. With joy Maxwell  came closer to hug her saying I'm Maxwell, nice meeting you Angel, he then kissed her hand.

While in the club they both talked about many things ranging from life to love to lust to sin to school to clubbing .

They both drank and danced together, suddenly Agnes became tipsy, she have no knowledge of what is going on with her. She was reacting to the alcohol. This made Maxwell happy he said to himself "Wow I'm glad she's tipsy, I'll take her home quickly and enjoy myself, I can't afford to miss this huge hip. So he took her home and to her, he............

Let's see what happens next. Drop comment of your guess in the blog pls

Friday, January 13, 2017

BOND OF LOVE By Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher Episode one

Maxwell who's popularly known for his reckless way of livelihood, though he's  a brilliant young man with the tongue of wooing any Lady to his bed. His wayward lifestyle as a player continues even after he graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka  as a political science student.

His mode of dressing is so exuberant to the extent many ladies were thinking his father is the richest, but no he was only being the fashion type.

During his numerous catch of ladies, one day he met a young girl, vibrant and beautiful, whose beauty can't be resisted. She's Agnes but fondly called Agy by her friends and colleagues in her office.

Agnes a mass communicator who graduated from University of Calabar. She's from cross river, her waist side is so wide and her hip is large and always combating with any skirt and trouser she put on. She has an attractive smile and barely frown. Her attitude is not too wield ad she is not a player like Maxwell.

Couple of times Maxwell has met her in a club but decided to study her before taking a step.

Unlike his other catch, he doesn't think twice before wooing any of them. But Agnes's case is different as he kept thinking on how to capture her heart with his romantic way of wooing a girl. After about 10 minutes Maxwell walked up to her and to her he said.

ANOINTING IS NOT ALGEBRA (a poem by Sunsampaul)

Stop this Anointing parade
For anointing is not a masquerade
Why must you pull your bra
When anointing is not algebra

Stop bending your waist to fake pastors
As if they are even sculptors
Stop drinking oil just to get high on words
You might end up stabbing someone with swords

Stop bathing in river because you need anointing
You might end up getting the wrong thing
Stop giving in to be ravaged
You might also be savaged

Stop the madness of biting your tongue
Anointing doesn't come to those who don't long
Anointing can not make you a clown
So why clad with different gowns

Believe in God and pray
So you won't be a prey
But bask in God's anointing
That will definitely leave you with something

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I AM THIRTY - THREE-TEN(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I am always strong
No wonder I barely go wrong
My bones can't be cracked
My brain can't be hacked

I am the apple of God's eye
No wonder I'm called the son of the most high
You want to know my dream
Then be ready to dive in the stream

To my rivals I am untouchable
To my foes I am invisible
I am thirty-three-ten
My prowesses are more then that of Ben ten

My destiny is on God's foundation
I will be the best in this generation
I am thirty-three-ten
I am not the lad you used to know then

I am always peaceful
That's why my peace is full
I am always tenacious
That's why since I clocked ten, I am still voracious

I am thirty-three-ten
I am always ready to learn
I always love to write
That's why I am always right

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

HOT GIRLS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Some girls are so hot,
Even the sun is jealous of them
I said some girls are so hot
In fact their hotness started global warming

They prefer dressing to kill
Their words can never heal
Only dogs galloped to their thighs
When I see them I give a sigh

Most of them are night workers
They even pretend to be cat-walkers
They call themselves money makers
Yet they look like undertakers

Their hotness can melt a metal
Their eyes, different men see as petal
But to me, their lips taste like iodine
When they see money, they are ready to dine

Their hips can uplift  weak men to Everest
Even on the bed they can never rest
One might make you see her as a diva
So you will never leave her

These hot girls can cause a volcanic eruption
When they tweak the weak men, they instantly get high erection
These hot girls can cause earthquakes
They always leave weak men with heartbreaks

They're beautiful outside, but inside they're all beauty-fools
They will make you swim in sin and call it pool
So let all weak men, wake up and be strong
Before they ask what is wrong

And to you my beloved sister
Stop being a hot girl, lest you see star
Dress moderately and decent
So you can look like a real saint

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher