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Friday, December 15, 2017


This is the purest kind of evil,
Where the heavens receives human blood as wine on the altar;
A barbaric act, draining the mind of the masses,
Whose eyes barely see a better tomorrow
As their blood stain the sanctuary in abyss.

Many of them are gone,
Gone to the land of no return,
They left their praises with the Messiah,
Only for us to witness a mess higher.
Now our tears sing songs,
Songs that our ears can't hear.

These men are awesomely wicked
No wonder, they're like aliens with weak heads
They are mostly called gunmen,
That's why they show no mercy like those gone men
Who claim lives through mass murder;
Now we don't know if there's mass for our mothers
Whose brains were blown out as they were murdered.


HOPE ALIVE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Our faces are rubbed with shame,
We live a life where we don't find fame,
We passed through excruciating pains,
After the struggles, we got no gain.

Mind you, this poem is penned to remind you
That you can be the better YOU.
So, stand on your feet and wipe your tears,
Say no to defeat and say no to your fears.

Our faces may be punched with lies.
Daily insult may fly like flies,
But don't ever give up your hope,
Don't ever let them get you with a rope.

You know life is not a bed of roses,
For you are YOU, so don't pretend to be Moses.
Be bold, tenacious and strong,
Don't ever loose hope, even when things go wrong.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

BEYOND THE COLOURS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Today is not independence,
So don't expect green white green on my skin;
For this nation has failed to grin, wine and grin,
This nation sags and her pant is exposed
All we see is red light, red light
We can't sleep with two eyes closed,
Please give us pink
So our soul won't sink.

Let us for once behold yellow,
So we can greet one another "hello",
This is not Biafra, so hide your scars;
Stand out and shine like the stars.

For if all we need is black and white,
Then there'll be sokoto in our shokoto
This is a land of success
So give us back our conscience.

So there'll be no blood on the street,
No child marriage and rape,
No nepotism and tribalism,
So there'll be peace and not pieces of human bodies. ©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


Saturday, December 2, 2017

OUR SKIN IS AS HOT AS AN OVEN(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher)

Remember what has come upon us;
Look, and behold our reproach!
Our inheritance has been turned over to aliens,
And our houses to foreigners.
We've become orphans and waifs,
Our mothers are like widows.
We pay for the water we drink,
And our foods comes at a price.
They chase at our heels;
We labour and have no rest.
We have given our hands to the enemies,
And the wicked, to be satisfied.
Our forefathers sinned and are gone,
But we bear their iniquities; we are killed by gun.
Servants rule over us,
There's none to deliver us from their hands.
We get our daily bread at the risk of our lives,
Because of the sword we see, we failed to strive.
Our skin is as hot as an oven,
Because of the fever of famine.
They ravished the women in our land,
They raped the girls in our yards.
Our sons were hung up by their neck,
And elders were disrespected.
Young men struggled to survive,
Boys staggered under loads of woods.
The joy of our heart has ceased,
Our morning has turned into mourning.
The crown has fallen from our head,
Our skin is as hot as an oven.
©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher
Sunsampaul is a poet, student, and spoken word artiste, he loves writing prose and drama too. You can contact him via 08180861170. He resides in 42 Anthony Agboje Street , Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos.

AGONY OF A WIDOW by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

It was no dazzling evening. The wind was combating with roofs. It was pouring down. Before Jessica's husband kissed the dust, they were working class parents, hustling hard to pay the rent. Jessica had invested a lot, hoping to see the stars like her wealthy elder sisters. But now, as a widow who had just lost her husband, she was weary, and her melancholic eyes were drowned in tears. Her truncated imagination failed to trace the agony that had spilt them like dust.

      It had turned her soft, swollen eyes into oceans of sorrows. Her home had become a graveyard to mourn her husband. As scattering of stars all over the nation were watching the racing night, her closed-opened eyes harboured the painful demise of her husband.

      Barely a week after the burial, her husband's family clustered in her home with rage, claiming she had killed their brother. They fired catapults of insults at her. They threw her bombs of wickedness. A family that used to be nice to her had suddenly become thorns in her flesh.

       Later on, they invaded her home with her husband's lawyer who read his will aloud. They were perplexed when they discovered he bequeathed his house and wealth to his wife and daughters. Their sweat became blood, and they prepared to cook a pot of wickedness to make sure they could inherit the wealth.

       In the subsequent month, one of Jessica's daughters died. She guessed her in laws were behind the supposed mysterious ailment that befall her little daughter but had no evidence to prove their guilt. They kept making life miserable for her. They lambasted her because she refused to kowtow to them.

      She went through excruciating pains, she was inflicted with several ailments that made her unable to walk. She was abandoned, thereafter the ailments got worst and her body started smelling. She cried day and night for vengeance until she was introduced to a pastor who prayed for her and she was healed after fasting for two weeks with fervent prayer.

      Two days later nemesis caught up with her wicked in laws, they all fell sick and their entire family members suffered excruciating pains as well until they passed on slowly one after the other after confessing their evil deeds to her. What they sowed, they reaped. No man sow plantain and reap banana. Being good is a good lifestyle, it is evil to be wicked; because life is a big circle. Jessica and her only surviving daughter lived happily ever after.

Monday, July 3, 2017

LAGOS IS MY SUCCESS STORY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher)

When I was four, mama said to me "son, just like a strong horse, one day you'll gallop into Lagos, an electrifying city. A world-class destination, Nigeria’s most amazing city that has wonderful beaches, skyscrapers,
amazing parks, best entertainment, most job opportunities and so much more.

When I first found myself in Lagos, I discovered it's city that never sleeps, you could buy from
the street shops at any time, be it early morning when the cocks are still clearing their tracheae or late night when those flammulatesd owls still hunt for prey. Aboki with small kiosk selling a variety of household items just to excoriate the rumblings of worm in an hungry man's gut.

A land of hospitality, where hospitals are the main priority, saving lives is everyone's dignity, no family want their teenage daughters to loose their virginity, brothers wishing their sister still have purity. Where different tribes live in unity, no wonder it's a land of simplicity.

A land of opportunity, where souls clustered to make ends meet, where graduates, traders, hustlers, business men and women perched like birds of the air, just to make a living. A land where there's no food for lazy men, where rats also hustle to quench their hunger and royals still rumble so they won't fumble or stumble on a dabbled marble.

A land of creativity, where humans are creative, yet they don't create thieves, where talent is born and breed. A land of working class parents, hustling and working to pay rent, a land where traffic jam punch human mind, a land of true federalism where education is taken more seriously than ejaculation. A land of hope, faith, love, wisdom, counsel, understanding, kindness and unity. For this land is my success story. ©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I'M EVERYWHERE (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Don't look for me in only a place of worship,
I'm everywhere, anywhere you call on me, I'll be.
I'm in your small dark room that lacks proper ventilation,
Even though it is not like a palace;
Just call on me.

I'm in the market place where noises are cooked and served to passerby,
No matter the sun and rain,
Flood and swamp in the market;
Just call on me.

I'm in the coven of your enemies that plot to kill you,
When they mention your name,
And invoke your image in a mirror,
My image will definitely appear to defend you.

I'm in the brothel, anytime you are there to win souls for me,
When temptation comes,
When seduction occurs,
I'll stand by you to keep your faith strong.

I'm in your kitchen and other room,
Inasmuch you call on me,
Made your knees kissed the ground just for me,
Stretched your hand in prayer,
You'll notice my presence.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

DON'T ASK WHY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Don't ask why the echoes from children of the streets still crack walls, break bridges, open ground, divide the cloud; yet couldn't rain down blessings.

Don't ask why the drop down tears from the eyes of our sick mothers caused heart attack for our poor fathers, deprived us our sleep, punctured our hope; yet couldn't   make the sun smile at us.

Don't ask why our graduates comb the streets in search of job, after spending more than four years in tertiary institution, yet couldn't set their eyes on a single placard of job opportunity.

Don't ask why our children in public schools don't have seats to sit, but still plant their buttocks on the floor, just to gain knowledge; yet find no devoted teacher to impart knowledge.

Don't ask why our economy is downtrodden, leaders backsliding, hospitals fallen, churches bombed, daughters kidnapped; yet no kerosene in the lamp to make us see the light of a better tomorrow.

Please don't ask why, don't make your worries become punchlines to punch minds, just go down on your knees and pray for these intentions, don't pretend they were not mentioned, lest your hope be placed under detention, just put your trust in God not in man

Strive to make sure there's no religious diversity, don't cast stone on the leaders but pray for a godly change of selfless interest, not a political change of selfish interest.

Put on a smiling face, let your physiognomy be radiant, don't make the excruciating pains put your back on the ground. Don't stoop so low just to go so low, but rise on your feet and make the sun smile at you.
Please don't ask why.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

POETRY IS LIFE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Poetry is the heart of art
The ladder that take a person of exceptional talent to the top
The light that brightens the life of human
The echoes of children of the street

Poetry is the prophecy of a prophet
Poetry is not only what I do
Poetry is who also I am
I write poetry, speak poetry,preach poetry
I am poetry

Poetry is the Mouth piece that speak peace more than a chief priest
Poetry is the hope of the wussies
Poetry is the future of the boys and girls who went and never returned
Poetry is the calabash that can never be broken
Because Poetry is life

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher



Sir how do your find a mentor as a poet ?  Someone to train you


I started writing poetry in pidgin English. I was my mentor until I started writing poetry in English language. It was then I shared my works with the current President, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Denja Abdullahi. He should be appreciated for being the very first person who showed seriousness in my works and guided me accordingly on the way forward.


Generally, both the English Poetry and the Naija Language puem dem, when did you started writing poetry.


 I started writing poetry in my secondary school day.

However, poetry writing consciously for me started in Abuja, Nigeria sometime in 2006


At times, people write poems and we think it doesn't look like one, WHAT IS THE RUDIMENT OF POETRY, SIR? What makes a work a good poem?


 Every beginner poetry writer doesn't see his or her poem as a poem until encouraged to do so. Meanwhile, the rudiments of poetry writing rests on the consciousness and ability of the poet to deploy poetic features or devices as some would want to address it.


Wow! Thanks for that concise answer Sir.

_To finally drive the point home, Sir, what is/are the chief POETIC DEVICE OR FEATURES one can employ in one's work to make it meet up with the qualitative works?_


Talking on poetic features and those to use, I will simply say they come handy depending on situations. Meanwhile, all are ok. None should be deliberately recommended.


How well can a page poet win a poetry slam? What are the important steps to take Sir


 Every slam/poetry challenge has its rules or guidelines. Poetry reading isn't poetry performance. A page poet as you want to call it, has the chance if the rules are so spelt out in such a way that the page poet would be considered differently. Meanwhile, I page poet could win if he performs his poem like a performance poet. A slam is a poetry challenge demonstrated on stage.


What are the necessary imageries and figure of speech to be used in a poetically written prose


 None recommends poetic features or devices. As earlier mentioned, they are deployed as at when necessary. Poetically written prose is a prose work written brevity; conscious of embellishing it with poetic features. In this case, reading the work would tell any reader that, it was not just a prose work, it was one carefully written to prove a solid point for creativity. Don't forget that, poetry is the heart of art.

It's not a compulsion to have a Pen name. Personally, I dislike it. I want my name to be me, and me till eternity.

Eradicating plagiarism is likened to eradicating corruption. Not possible. We can only check against it or work towards reducing it. How do we do this? The writer should always sign off his or her work. And keep good records of drafts in such a way that, they could be easily retrieved in evidence.

Which platform do you desire that you are not getting? This is a wild remark. Look out for platforms. They are all over and non debars you from making the best use of them.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Col media:

It a huge privilege having you here sir. Briefly introduce yourself
and tell us the full meaning of BM.

BM Dzukogi:

 Thanks. I am sitting with friends in Jigawa attending Nuga prelims.
There are a total of 19 universities here. Sport is one part of me. I
studied PHE at ABU. We are ahead of you, naturally. This is the
meaning of my name: Baba Muhahammad Dzukogi. Born 65, in Bida, Niger
State. Another part of me is creative writing. I guess I have about 10
tittles. When people see me, they think I am a Sheikh. I am not.

Col media:

Briefly describe your wife sir.

BM Dzukogi:

My wife, with all sense of humility, is the most popular female
preacher in Niger state. I am many things. I just mentioned two, a
while ago.

Col media:

Tell us some of your achievements

BM Dzukogi:

I am a teacher, Principal Sports Officer, IBB University, Lapai. In
Arts Administration, I am responsible for some big art events and
programmes in Niger and Nigeria. I am the draughtsman of the Annual
Schools Carnival of Arts and Festival of Songs (ASCAFS). It has run
since 1995 non-stop. I am the draughtsman for NBA International
Colloquium. Soyinka attended one. Odia did one Pius Adesanmi did one.
Nigerian Writers Series of ANA is me. No apology for saying it. Teen
Authorship of ANA is me. Minna Literary Series is me. And now the
NIFESTEENA! So, I am an art administrator.

Col media:

Sir, tell us a bit about NIFESTEENA, Nigeria Festival for Teen Authors.

BM Dzukogi:

 Nigerian Festival of Teen Authors. It's starting April 20, 2017. Sec.
Schs are coming to compete in poetry and story writong,
painting,photography, spoken word, poetry performance. They are coming
from around the country under Hill-Top Foundation.

This is the maiden edition. We are 'notorious' for teen authorship. In
2016 alone, we published 10. We are completing it to 13 before
Nifesteena. The gov. is presenting them on 23rd April. But senior guys
are coming to watch. I love to philosophise. I have a book of my
quotations -seclusion

 I have two poetry collections. One short story. Two essays including,
Sex is Beautiful, Three children's story.

Col media:

Are your family writers, tell us about them.

BM Dzukogi:

 Wife has one poetry book. My son has four poetry books

 My daughter has one poetry book, I am talking about published ones only.

 Saddiq, my son, is on the Brunel Poetry Prize shortlist, 2017. He is
fanatical about poetry.

Col media:

Sir tell UA extremely the negative sides of  Nigerian youth to be adjusted.

BM Dzukogi:

 Nigerian youths annoy me too much. They are incapable of redeeming
Nigeria. Extremely docile and petty like their fathers and mothers.

 People forge certificates, loot, and all they do is to laugh. They
know not the meaning of nation- building, service, and they understand
what it means to be human.

 They too are stealing and looting their student organisations. They
shamelessly ethnic and over religious like their elders to the point
of losing their senses.

So, nothing is going to change. They going to inherit the poverty of
their fathers, the rot deposited by their mothers and the circle is
helpless continuous and degenerative.

 Community service and volunteerism are the redeeming elements of a
nation. If not because some people are volunteering to do good, the
world would have been moving backward.

 What retains the society is not just love but sharing what you have.
 They have the energy and the intellect but annoyingly docile. They
know not what powers they have. They know not what force they could
gather to dislodge those who hold them hostage. They know not that
they actually could refuse to follow the designs of political adults
and design theirs.

But you should know. Haven't you read the stories of other lands? How
they reclaimed their countries? See, you must rise. In one band, and
'chase those crazy bald heads, out of town'.

Col media:

 But what if we just think such techniques works only in advanced countries.
Where youths are taken more seriously.

BM Dzukogi:

 There you go! Advanced countries! 'Taken Seriously'.

Is it not annoying enough that they take you unserious to provoke you
exerting your seriousness. Elites and political elites do not thrown
rights to you because you need it. They do because you demanded for
it, vigorously.

Violence! Why are you thinking violence.?

Protest is not violence. Uprooting them at electoral process is not violence
 Nominating one of you to be governor and mobilising your folks to
achieve it doesn't require violence

 'Vigorously' means active participation or being logical proactive
Art is not imposition. Creativity is boundless. Let each operate
according to his inspiration. Practically, people pander towards where
the attention is.

Col media:

Thanks sir for your precious time.

BM Dzukogi:

Thanks We just left Dutse NYSC camp for our lodge. Is there any NYSC
camp that is as beautiful as that of Jigawa, at all? None I believe.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


With the 'hoos and the haas'
That eloped from the park,
That made Lagos bid me goodbye,
With her elongated hands and outstretched neck.

The loneliness in OOO route
Is tantamount to that of cemetery,
When passing Ogun, Oyo and Osun seems quiet
And the only voices heard are the lamentations of the wind.

Getting to Illorin
Where vehicles stopped at every five minutes
Just for road checkup
By Police men, soldiers and custom officers.

This journey is not a Virgin,
This journey is not on her period
Going to Minna seems going to Millan,
Where road side snacks are costly than t.fare.

Getting to sokoto route,
You'll be tempted to check your shokoto,
To see if your patience has fallen,
For this journey is for only the brave.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

LONELY ROAD(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Upon this road,
Noises were lost in mistiness,
The wind screaming amidst dancing trees;
Were journey dined with day and night.

Flash light from running vehicles chanting 'give way, give way,'
Bushes gossiping in a low tune.
A journey that seems unending,
A journey feeding on a lonely road.

Upon this road,
I drew close to Chad,
Even though my face look sad;
I still keep hope alive,
For I've a brighter life.

Even when darkness enveloped the road,
And when heavy wind slapped my face;
I still focused my direction to my destination,
For this lonely road has served me dinner.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

EXERCISE REDUCES EXCESS SIZE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Exercise reduces Excess size
Though it doesn't come with a prize
That's why it's good for the wise
It burn fat and give you good shape
No it won't make you look like an ape

Exercise gives you good health
Try embark in cycling
For it's more beneficiary than ultimate cycling
Exercise can make you jump from a pinnacle
It's better than the money doubling called naracle
Ask Mr Jim he's always in the gym
So exercise will reduce his excess size

Exercise is my breakfast
No wonder I'm very strong whenever I fast
Back then in my past
Every race I encountered I didn't emerge last
Cos my knowledge in exercise is vast
Just like that big Lagos mast

Ask my brother Mark
He'll tell you the gym is around the park
The inside is never dark
The gym will make you strong like shark
Even the fat ones will become slim when they
come back

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher
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THE KING OF ACT Dedicated to #Peteedochie(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

So teach us to number our days O you king of act
That we may apply our hearts unto wisdom
Same way you taught the hen
Not to count her eggs
Before they're hatched

The radiance of the day
The blooming of flowers
The blueness of the sky
Celebrate you today

The eagerness of the birds
The whisper of the Holy Spirit
The joy of the Angels  The gladness of parents
The happiness of siblings
The congratulatory messages from friends
Are sent to you today

 Today Is all about a good and promising man
The man who makes me laugh in his act
The king of act from whom wisdom proceeds

The man who is not partial
The man who at the first instance was said to have 'no head'
Now becomes the head of organisations and unions
 In fact, it is indeed a joyous moment for me Just because it's your birthday

A man of caliber
A man of dignity
The father of many fathers
A veteran more specialized in the act
Happy 70th birthday
As you've stepped into the cocoons of septuagenarians
More wisdom will follow you like Seminarians
I beam my silence
For I'm a poetic Philosopher

#Poem #Birthday #Wishes #Veteran #Actor #King #Of #Act #Father #Mentor

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Monday, February 27, 2017

PANEGYRIC TO A PARAGON(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I do not know if rain fell that day
Or if mama was in pain
I cant tell the precise look on papa's face
Or whether grandma chewed her finger nails

But I know for sure
That when your special head
So pure, popped out
Mama smiled
Even papa hid his grin

Today we celebrate your victorious history
Many years of glory and wonderful stories
Days, months and years have gone by
But the stroke of your act on scroll stays bold

When birds whistle, be still When goats bleat, bleep not When owls
blink, steer safe When dogs bark, fear not

Kick off your shoes, take a break
Crank the tunes
Dance and Shake, light the candles
Cut the cake
Make it a day, that's simply Great!

Happy birth day
Another day to celebrate you
I beam my silence
For I'm a poetic Philosopher

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Thursday, February 23, 2017

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 15 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

After she walked out, Maxwell left feeling a sign of relief that he
have told her and a sign of fear that she might not follow his

He's a young man with the heart of love and care, even with his power,
he's still humble. Many people envy him for his humility and heart of
love and care.

Back in Stella's school she was found insulting some girls in a gang
and one of the girls in the gang start up a fight with her, she was
beaten blue black and was eventually stabbed by a dark and naughty
girl named  Cynthia.

She was left in the pool of her blood.

A fight that took place after school at the school field almost cost
the life of Stella, the case was reported to the security who quickly
took Stella to the nearest hospital as soon as he got to the scene of
the fight.

Her family was quickly informed and they all rushed to the hospital,
Samuel was devastated and worried. He had the fear that his sister
won't follow his warning.

Not quite long the doctor walked into the w

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 14 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Hearing that Stella has gone to school, Samuel quickly headed for her
school, he met her after the assembly as she was about going in for
first lecture. He walked into the class of great teenagers and
signaled Stella to excuse him.

"Sis, I know what I'm about to say may sound strange to you, but take
it serious for it's the truth" he said.

"See, Samuel if you can't tell me why you called me out, I'll walk out
of you now" she said rudely.

"Okay the message is that, last might I dreamt that something terrible
will happen to you today" he opened up.

"See this guy, are you kidding , something like what, you think your
powerful vision will lead you to me just like it did to mum years
back, no you lied? She retorted.

"You must be careful, don't fight anyone today pls, don't look for
trouble, just study and return else you will regret the result if you
go against my warning" Samuel warned her.

Stella paid a deaf ear, hissed and walked out of his brother, she
never for once believe in her brother's power even when her friends at
home believe.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 13 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

"Son tell me what you dreamt about me" she hastily asked and Samuel
narrate the dream to her and begged her not to even go for the trip.

Samuel's power has made him strong at his tender age, he's obedient
and hardworking. His mother later gave birth to a girl named Stella.

Unlike Samuel, Stella is stubborn, playful, disobedient and
troublesome. Each time she went out to create problems, Samuel will be
the one to bear the cross.

Samuel will always stand for his sister, but he never failed to warn
and advice her. One night he dreamt when his sister was fighting with
her classmate and was stabbed by one of the gang who came to school
with a pen knife.

When he woke up, he prayed vehemently about it and decided to tell his
sister, he searched for her but couldn't find her.

"Juliet, where's Stella, I must see her before she go to school
today?" He enquired.

"She hurriedly left for school when your mother was going to work, she
joined her in the car" she replied.

Juliet is a maid working for Samuel's family, she does most of the
house chores. Samuel is waiting for his UTME result, he passed his
WAEC with flying colours. Stella is a naughty girl in SS2 science

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 12 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Twelves years later their son whom they named Samuel began to feel s
supernatural power in him. When he was seven the power started
manifested but he didn't felt it. But now he's twelve it was coming

 Most times he will sleep and dream of what will happen to people
whether good or bad. A times he will pray about it but won't tell it
to whom it concerns.

This continues until, he dreamt that his mother will get an accident
if she traveled by air to a business trip.

 He was scared to tell the mother, he started sweating profusely in
his room on that fateful Wednesday morning, till the mother walked
into his room.

"Samuel what are you doing still on your bed"
She enquired?. The little boy made no sign of response.

"C'mon son, what's wrong talk to your mother, mummy is here for you"
she said, drawing closer to him.

Mum I always dream about what will happen to people any night I sleep
and most times I've witness them come to pass, two occasions was my
class mate and I failed to warned them because I was doubting it" he

"Oh! Son is like you've a great power to see vision through dream,
don't worry we shall discuss it when I'm back for my trip" She

"No! Mum, I also had a terrible dream about you last night that's why
I'm sweating profusely when I woke up, I've been planning on telling
you mum" he opened up. This left Agnes in shock, she wanted to know
what her son dreamt about her.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 11 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Two days later Maxwell decided to do all the house chores, he will
Cook the meal, sweep the house, wash the dishes, he refused his wife
doing anything.

"Sweet heart don't you think you are taking this too far, besides I'm
only pregnant not sick, why are you putting me on recess from my
duties" she asked.

"My dear, until you put to bed, then I can relax from the house
chores. I don't want you to stress yourself just eat, sleep and relax.
When I return from work I'll be with you more. He explained kindly.

"Honey but I think you should get a maid that will assist so you won't
break down" she suggested.

" Okay dear that a nice suggestion, I'll get a maid as soon as the
baby is born to be doing the house chores.

Maxwell continue to pamper his wife and their love continue to grow
stronger. He always took her out on recreational centres, cinemas and

 On a Saturday afternoon when the pregnancy is due. Agnes was having
excruciating pains, she scream and the husband ran to the room to help

She was taken to the hospital and straight to the labour room. After
sometime Maxwell who have been pacing around was told by the doctor
that his wife delivered a bouncing baby boy.

They went home and both their families came to rejoice with them,
friends and well wishers came as well on the naming ceremony and the
child was named Samuel by the father.

BEATITUDE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Go into the world
And tell those who are weak and heavy laden to chill and relax,
Tell them to be strong like Paul and Silas;
For their tears will be wiped out.

Blessed are those who've waited long for change
For they shall be transformed,
Blessed are those whose universities are vast cities of atrocities
For they shall be protected.

Blessed are those who fought for us In the war front
For they shall be victorious,
Blessed are those in the slum, whose neighbours are now rats and mosquitoes
For they shall be filled with good health.

Blessed are those politricians, who claimed to be saint
For they shall have their gain as pain,
Blessed are those aborted babies, who could've become a better future leaders
For they shall be given the grace to live again.

Blessed are those men of the underworld
For they shall drink their own blood,
Blessed are you Oh! Nigerians with hope of a better tomorrow
For your cups will overflow with milk and honey.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

HARMATTAN IS BACK(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

As harmattan decided to walk back into our cocoons
With trembling sound and dashing feet
Catapulting cold to our blood stream
That made us think it's a film trick

As mother earth raised up dust
To welcome the arrival of a new dawn
That can never fade as a nail rust
So we all we rise up and yawn

As this clutching season is back
With steps of a masquerade
Galloping into our souls without ease
Making us to shiver like a busy diva

As this rumbling weather now act as a welder
Merging bodies with whiteness
We too have learnt to walk like soldiers
Shaking the earth with our feet and saying no to cold.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

WASH ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Wash me Lord from my sins
Never again will I behold evil scenes
Cleanse me so I won't be guilty
Purify me so my hands won't be filthy

My veins draw water from your glory
To wash me from gory
So I'll tell a blissful story
That will be recorded in the book of his-story

I come to you Lord of revival
I know I'm a survival
I renounce my sin-full scenes
I beg you wash away my scene-full sins

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

I AM A LEGEND (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Every mother gave birth to a child
But my mother gave birth to a legend
A legend who always spit words
A wordiator that speak the truth
My words have the tune of a flute

I am a strong legend
I can never break nor bend
For I'm always ready for God to send
My lenses are wise enough to fight for justice
And prevent the evil plans of those that just hissed

I cook myself to spit truthful words
For my poems are like swords
I'll carve lines to punch minds
And create rhymes to fuse like muse
For I am a legend

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

See the outspoken Philosopher that want to release his 9th spoken word audio on his birthday

After publishing 1000 hard copies of my first book, launching the electronic version of my second book. I'll be releasing for free download my 9th spoken word audio on my birthday Saturday, 25th February 2017 by 3:33pm. The audio titled let heaven bear me witness talks more of the present predicament we face in our nation and why we need to be strong. - Sunsampaul

About the audio:

The audio is titled "Let heaven bear me witness. It is indeed an audio with a solemn sound track that will touch lives and inspire many to think positively and keep hope alive.

About the Artiste:

Sunsampaul Egwu popularly known as Philosopher is a poet, a published motivational writer, an instrumentalist, a vocalist, a graphic designer, a computer scientist and a blogger. He's the award winner of ‘join me write’ poetry contest hosted by the poetry court and also winner of talented poet contest. He’s the President and Chief Sacristan of Armed forces Altar Servers Association. Lead representative of Poets In Nigeria Ajegunle Connect Centre. He bagged 2nd place in the Poetry court award for young spoken word poet of the year 2016

He was interviewed on metro FM 97.7 Lagos, 15th November 2015 where he performed one of his poems titled PASSION WITH NO ACTION and he was also interviewed on rhythm FM 93.3 Lagos, 28th February 2016 three days after his birthday 25th February where he also performed his poem titled FULL OF STRENGTH- FOS. Both interviews and voicing were under vividverses. He's the C.E O of Citadel of Life, a pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry, an active member and contributor of Peregrine Reads, Poets in Nigeria PIN, Figure of speech FOS, the poetry court, writers connect, talented poets, transformed family, 633 academy, words, rhymes and rhythm, LiteraNation, writers lodge, doveline poetry, ODP-African poets and vivid verses.

 You can reach him through Tel: +2348180861170and +2349098285261 Facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu, Twitter: @sunsaint96 Instagram: @sunsampaul, Gmail:, Pinterest: Sunday Egwu Sunsampaul has written many books to the nation such as W.O.S(words of salvation),W.O.T(words of transformation),W.O.W (words of wisdom),W.O.E(words of encouragement) that are undergoing editing. He's the writer and author of the African folktale ‘IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA’ (2014) with grammatical construction that aid the English of children and youths with graphical and artistic illustrations and glossary. He has released his audio poem album titled ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’(2016) under the influence of Prince Ifeanyi Dike in Greenage Studio Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and an anthology of poems titled ‘SAVE THE WORLD.’ Sunsampaul is a youth with much zeal to help other youths and also a teacher.

¶ To get the audio or link to it , call +2348180861170 or send a mail to ¶

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MY VAL(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Baby, you're the treasure that I seek
When I look you I get my muse not like muse-sick
I know you can't see stars like your elder sisters

I know you've working class parent
Hustling and working to pay rent
But today I'll paint your lips with kisses
I'll bath you eternal love

You will be my leader
So when we've a daughter you'll lead her
Your parent won't call you defaulter
Just because you're their  daughter

Baby, your love dey do me like aboki man suya
Ask Ikechukwu Emeson, him go tell you say,
Your love dey high me pass Hennessey
I love you no b for mouth
I will drink metaphor
Just to prove I won't let your metal fall
Because you are my val.

©Sunsampaul Egwu'Philosopher

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

THEY ARE CHILDREN NOT BRIDES(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Why do we bask in the thighs of child marriage?
Why do we even love to mar their age?
We called them the leaders of tomorrow,
Yet we keep piercing them with arrow.

Many of us are working class parents,
Hustling and working to pay rents;
Yet forgot to take good care of our daughters,
And when they go wrong, we labelled them defaulters.

Why can't we give them pen and not penis?
Why can't we ask for their books and not their boobs?
Why can't we pay their school fees and not bride price?
Why can't we be there for them and not only be dear to them?

They need education not ejaculation,
You don't expect them to see stars just like their elder sisters.
You don't expect them to be so clean
When to them you're so mean.

We just have to adore them, the same way we do to women,
Let there be love and care to render to them from we, men.
Let's teach them the right thing now they're adolescent,
So when they become adults, their lives will shine like a florescent.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Friday, February 10, 2017


After he published 1000 hard copies of his first book in 2014 titled Ikenna and the zebra (prose), he wrote down a motivational book "Virtues of good living" ending of 2016 and decided to publish it on his birth month being February 2017


 Virtues of good living is a motivational book that is channeled toward building all living organisms about the essence of living life in a proper way, to stay healthy, be at peace with neighbours and observe its norms. 
This book has six chapters that will build you as a reader in the path of living a good life, its chapters are well written with edification from research and the scripture which is considered the egg of life. Chapters like;  Good living,  Love the greatest gift, Ethics of Life, Life’s Etiquettes, Being  Trustworthy, Power of Silence are duly discussed in this book to help guide you towards the essence and virtues of good living.

 This book is the property of Sunsampaul Egwu which happens to be his third published work. Virtues of good living is not just an ordinary book, it is a book that will motivate, inspire, educate, advice and groom you in the proper way to live a good life. Remember what you read determine how you will lead. What you cook determine how you look and the way you live your life determine things what motivates you. Make virtues of good living motivate you as you read and share it


 Sunsampaul Egwu popularly known as Philosopher is a poet, a published motivational writer, an instrumentalist, a vocalist, a graphic designer, a computer scientist and a blogger. He's the award winner of ‘join me write’ poetry contest hosted by the poetry court and also winner of talented poet contest. 

He’s the President and Chief Sacristan of Armed forces Altar Servers Association. He was interviewed on metro FM 97.7 Lagos, 15th November 2015 where he performed one of his poems titled PASSION WITH NO ACTION and he was also interviewed on rhythm FM 93.3 Lagos, 28th February 2016 three days after his birthday 25th February where he also performed his poem titled FULL OF STRENGTH- FOS. Both interviews and voicing were under vividverses. 

He's the C.E O of Citadel of Life, a pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry, an active member and contributor of Peregrine Reads, Poets in Nigeria PIN, Figure of speech FOS, the poetry court, writers connect, talented poets, transformed family, 633 academy, words, rhymes and rhythm, LiteraNation, writers lodge, doveline poetry, ODP-African poets and vivid verses. 

You can reach him through Tel: +2348180861170and +2349098285261 Facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu, Twitter: @sunsampaul Instagram: @sunsampaul, Gmail:, Pinterest: Sunday Egwu.

 Sunsampaul has written many books to the nation such as W.O.S(words of salvation),W.O.T(words of transformation),W.O.W (words of wisdom),W.O.E(words of encouragement) that are undergoing editing. He's the writer and author of the African folktale ‘IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA’ (2014) with grammatical construction that aid the English of children and youths with graphical and artistic illustrations and glossary. He has released his audio poem album titled ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’(2016) under the influence of Prince Ifeanyi Dike in Greenage Studio Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and an anthology of poems titled ‘SAVE THE WORLD.’ Sunsampaul is a youth with much zeal to help other youths and also a teacher.

¶¶¶ To get the eBook version call +2348180861170
or send a mail to

Keep reading, keep sharing

Thursday, February 9, 2017

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 10 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Their love grew stronger and deeper as time goes on, it is the third week after their wedding and Agnes never for once deprived Maxwell of love making, they do quarrel but no one get to know because they always settle imperceptibly.

Both of them always have devote time to go on recreational centres, visit families and friends, and above all go for prayers and Sunday programs weekly.

Two months later Agnes found herself in the pool of her own vomit, she has been doing this for the past two days.

When Maxwell returned and found her sleeping and tired he took her to the hospital  due to her high temperature as well. The doctor ran some test on her and requested she return next day for the result.

In the morning of the subsequent day, Maxwell drove his wife, Agnes to the hospital when he arrived the doctors office, he was congratulated by the doctor who told him his wife is eight weeks pregnant.

Maxwell leaped for joy as he continue singing praises to God. It was indeed a call for celebration as he drove his wife to a Chinese restaurant after collecting the result from the doctor. They both spent good time together in the restaurant as he continue plastering a joyful smile on his wife's physiognomy.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 9 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

On the wedding night, Maxwell was perplexed when he found the bed sheet stained with blood after performing his marital duty on Agnes by making love to her, he never for once believed all this while Agnes has been telling him she is still a virgin.

"So this my wife is truly a Virgin, who could have believed this, a fully grown lady still remained a Virgin till her wedding night" he said faintly to himself.

Agnes after enjoy three   round of love making for her husband immediately got tired and slept off unclad. Maxwell was overjoyed not only because he's married to a good woman but also that she was a Virgin till her wedding night.

Sleep vanished from his eye, he was busy in reminiscence of how him and Agnes met and all that happened on the long run, he was still on this thought when he eventually dozed off

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 8 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

After a month the while hullabaloo on social media about Maxwell seized and he quickly prepare arrangement for the traditional and church wedding.

They both travelled down south to visit Agnes's parent, the visitation was lovely. The parent welcomed them wholeheartedly and approved their marriage by blessing them.

In the morning of the subsequent day they set of for another journey to visit Maxwell relatives living in the east. Also they were welcomed and treated like King and Queen.

The following month they did the traditional and church wedding that became the talk of the town. Reporters from several medias came to cover the ceremony. Their photos again flooded social medias and even those that threw insults on Maxwell, congratulated him for being a changed man taking a bold step settling down.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 7 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

As soon as Agnes approached Maxwell, he found him in the pool of his own tears. Maxwell, who is now a changed man and decided to settle down is now being haunted by his ex- lovers.

"Maxwell, I deeply understands how you feel, I read most of the comments on our pre- wedding photos. Tell me the truth, were you that bad" Agnes asked feeling pity.

I've been through hard times when I was a child, as I grew into a man I lived a wayward life, changing women like clothes, tasting them same way I taste different kinds of soup. That was actually the same thing I wanted to do to you, but when you came into my life, the addiction  of womanizing you halted. I fell head over heel for you, you transformed me and I vowed to desist from womanizing" Maxwell explained while Sobbing.

After all Maxwell said, Agnes made up her mind to be with him come rain come sunshine, for better for worse. She took to her social medias to express her untouchable love for Maxwell, defending him and promising her fans that they'll forever be one.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 6 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

After Maxwell proposed to Agnes they both went on having nice time with each other, they went to the beach, pool, eateries, game house, cinema and other recreational centres.

They took lots of pictures that went viral online. Many of which caused a pandemonium on instagram and Facebook.

Many of the girls Maxwell had used and dump open a fire online that attracted many others to join in calling Maxwell all sorts of names and lambasting words like " Oh! My God, is this not Maxwell that used and dumped Alice. Now he just engaged a new girl, thunder will fire him" other posts were as worst as " Maxwell your generation will be womanizing till infinity , so you think you can taste different soups and settle down comfortably with a new one again".

Agnes was speechless when she saw all these      comments and posts online. They really speak ill of Maxwell. She decided to confront maxwell so he can explain the hidden part of his past to her.

Monday, January 16, 2017

BOND OF LOVE-Episode 5 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell and Agnes remained good friends for two weeks, she mostly visit Maxwell to keep him company. Maxwell do call her most of the nights she was with her friends in their room and they will talk like lovers for hours.

Ever since Maxwell found Agnes, his life changed. She always take him to church every Sunday, they go clubbing once a month, they pray together each time she pays him a visit.

 Agnes spent most of her nights in his place. And all these killed the Playboy lifestyle in him. He became responsible and they both told each other about their families, friends, schools, lifestyle and flaws.

Two month later, Maxwell expressed his love to her that he no longer have the desire to lust after her but to make her his wife. He proposed to her for marriage. Seeing that she has changed his life for good. He said countless sweet words to her that left her agape.

Agnes knowing fully that she has fallen deeply in love with him, not for his money but for his hardworking, gentle heart and care. Maxwell seldom shout  at her even when they have big quarrels that she is at fault. He respects her and concur to her positive decisions all the time.

All these made her have no choice to say no. She hurriedly said yes and hugged Maxwell. They both engaged in a deep long time kiss and went out after a while for a mini celebration of the engagement.

Do you think Agnes made the right decision by accepting Maxwell's proposal, do you think Maxwell will be a good husband. Drop your answer in the comment box below

BOND OF LOVE-Episode 4 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell promised her he won't do anything funny with her and she  will sleep in his guest room. He apologized to her and said sweet words to her and she concurred.

While Agnes was on the bed sleeping she had a dream. In the dream she saw a man in white telling her to be at alert that she has a gift that the gift will begin to manifest when she have her first son. And the boy will be great and will be powerful enough to save souls from being hurt.

Agnes woke up from sleep and prayed about it. Though she loves clubbing. Looked hot as the wayward call it but she's also God fearing a times and goes to church a times. She went to Maxwell's room and woke him up at the earlier crack of the dawn.

"Good morning Maxwell, hope your night was lovely and nice" she enquired while she moved her hand to demonstrate.

"Good morning and thank you, my night was exactly what you wished" he replied in shock.

Agnes later asked him for his kitchen so she can make something for both of them. Maxwell was still perplexed with her attitude like a good wife material. Without wasting time he showed her the kitchen.

Agnes made a good meal, they both ate, laughed, made funny jokes about the incident that occurred last night and Maxwell began to see more of a wife in Agnes than just a club girl. He thought she's like other girls but to his greatest surprise she's not.

I'm sure you're deeply following the story so far. Do you think both of them will get married. Drop comment below in the comment box pls.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

BOND OF LOVE-Episode 3 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell took Agnes who has been intoxicated to his car and he eventually drove quickly to his home. Maxwell is a hardworking young man even though he's still a player. His building is a comfortable home for a young man, there's a packing space that can accommodate five cars. The surrounding inside is wide enough to dig a large swimming pool.

 The flat has four rooms and two big sitting rooms, Kitchen, toilets and Two guest rooms. His apartment is in Bovack Estate that's not too far from the club he saw Agnes.

He hurriedly took Agnes out of the car and took her straight to his bedroom. As he laid her on his bed and about making her unclad, Agnes suddenly woke up.

"What are you trying to do" She enquire amidst a great shock. "I'm sorry angel I only wanted to change your clothes, since you messed up this one by vomiting on it" he lied.

I see, so where am I, for crying out loud ?" She shouted as she hurried to get up from the bed. Before Max well would explain she quickly buttoned her buttons that were unbuttoned by Maxwell and banged the door behind her, leaving for her home.

"Where are you going Agnes, don't you think it's risky, it's late and you might not get home before twelve midnight. The vigilantes will start interrogating you if  found outside this estate" Maxwell warned.

Caught the crap Maxwell, so you know all these and brought me here, it's even an estate, why didn't you take me to your own state or better still uniter state because you want to satisfy your libido with a Lady you barely know". She barked

Maxwell being a player has lost all his prowesses in making her halcyon. He quickly grab her from behind and started pleading in a soft tune that tend to make a woman's heart soft. He pleaded for five minutes until Agnes accepted to stay back.

Drop comment what will happen next and how well is the story going

BOND OF LOVE Episode 2 By Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell said to her " hi! angel, I've been sitting there since watching how you dress, your beauty is indeed a blessing to this generation, you're a bundle of uniqueness, sitting there I could perceive the angelic fragrance that comes from your skin. See how your face radiate light into this entire place. You're no doubt a classic Lady"

While saying all these Agnes was busy smiling and blushing at the same time. Maxwell took her then something happened

Maxwell could read the meaning on her physiognomy that he's making a good impression in her and that in no time she will succumb when he propose to her.

Agnes amidst ecstasy said. Oh! Thank you dear for this unending accolades, I'm Agnes but friends call me Agy. With joy Maxwell  came closer to hug her saying I'm Maxwell, nice meeting you Angel, he then kissed her hand.

While in the club they both talked about many things ranging from life to love to lust to sin to school to clubbing .

They both drank and danced together, suddenly Agnes became tipsy, she have no knowledge of what is going on with her. She was reacting to the alcohol. This made Maxwell happy he said to himself "Wow I'm glad she's tipsy, I'll take her home quickly and enjoy myself, I can't afford to miss this huge hip. So he took her home and to her, he............

Let's see what happens next. Drop comment of your guess in the blog pls

Friday, January 13, 2017

BOND OF LOVE By Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher Episode one

Maxwell who's popularly known for his reckless way of livelihood, though he's  a brilliant young man with the tongue of wooing any Lady to his bed. His wayward lifestyle as a player continues even after he graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka  as a political science student.

His mode of dressing is so exuberant to the extent many ladies were thinking his father is the richest, but no he was only being the fashion type.

During his numerous catch of ladies, one day he met a young girl, vibrant and beautiful, whose beauty can't be resisted. She's Agnes but fondly called Agy by her friends and colleagues in her office.

Agnes a mass communicator who graduated from University of Calabar. She's from cross river, her waist side is so wide and her hip is large and always combating with any skirt and trouser she put on. She has an attractive smile and barely frown. Her attitude is not too wield ad she is not a player like Maxwell.

Couple of times Maxwell has met her in a club but decided to study her before taking a step.

Unlike his other catch, he doesn't think twice before wooing any of them. But Agnes's case is different as he kept thinking on how to capture her heart with his romantic way of wooing a girl. After about 10 minutes Maxwell walked up to her and to her he said.

ANOINTING IS NOT ALGEBRA (a poem by Sunsampaul)

Stop this Anointing parade
For anointing is not a masquerade
Why must you pull your bra
When anointing is not algebra

Stop bending your waist to fake pastors
As if they are even sculptors
Stop drinking oil just to get high on words
You might end up stabbing someone with swords

Stop bathing in river because you need anointing
You might end up getting the wrong thing
Stop giving in to be ravaged
You might also be savaged

Stop the madness of biting your tongue
Anointing doesn't come to those who don't long
Anointing can not make you a clown
So why clad with different gowns

Believe in God and pray
So you won't be a prey
But bask in God's anointing
That will definitely leave you with something

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I AM THIRTY - THREE-TEN(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I am always strong
No wonder I barely go wrong
My bones can't be cracked
My brain can't be hacked

I am the apple of God's eye
No wonder I'm called the son of the most high
You want to know my dream
Then be ready to dive in the stream

To my rivals I am untouchable
To my foes I am invisible
I am thirty-three-ten
My prowesses are more then that of Ben ten

My destiny is on God's foundation
I will be the best in this generation
I am thirty-three-ten
I am not the lad you used to know then

I am always peaceful
That's why my peace is full
I am always tenacious
That's why since I clocked ten, I am still voracious

I am thirty-three-ten
I am always ready to learn
I always love to write
That's why I am always right

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

HOT GIRLS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Some girls are so hot,
Even the sun is jealous of them
I said some girls are so hot
In fact their hotness started global warming

They prefer dressing to kill
Their words can never heal
Only dogs galloped to their thighs
When I see them I give a sigh

Most of them are night workers
They even pretend to be cat-walkers
They call themselves money makers
Yet they look like undertakers

Their hotness can melt a metal
Their eyes, different men see as petal
But to me, their lips taste like iodine
When they see money, they are ready to dine

Their hips can uplift  weak men to Everest
Even on the bed they can never rest
One might make you see her as a diva
So you will never leave her

These hot girls can cause a volcanic eruption
When they tweak the weak men, they instantly get high erection
These hot girls can cause earthquakes
They always leave weak men with heartbreaks

They're beautiful outside, but inside they're all beauty-fools
They will make you swim in sin and call it pool
So let all weak men, wake up and be strong
Before they ask what is wrong

And to you my beloved sister
Stop being a hot girl, lest you see star
Dress moderately and decent
So you can look like a real saint

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher