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Friday, January 8, 2016


Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

The dark lad I saw
Whom said her name is Juwon
I never knew was Adams
I never knew it Hard Arms
Now grey and white matters lodge in your vacant brains
Truncating the main grains in your terrain
In the arena of love I see my self engaged to her
Then you came hijacking the weapon of my fertility
You inculcated a philanthropic scene of anger
The moment i learnt you were in love with Juwon
My heart was in search of how to hit you


Oh – my friend Paul, I wish to know
Why you did such harm to my name
With many lies you made me foe
Of all who with me – once played the game
Of love – friendship – and others so
But this i want you to know

A spilt jar – oils the ground
Fallen bread can still be dusted
What goes around – surely – comes around
We were once better, and our friendship lasted
Now you disparage me all around
Forgetting, that before this Juwon came
We stood together on a level ground
Now our love died and is wasted.
I swear – come sun come rain
To destroy you I will try
For I have lived with much pain
From your attitude, which I now decry
Which you must pay for, again and again
Before we meet – up above the sky.
For joy which do not last forever
My dear friend became my rival

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

To you my rival.
We were once brothers In the Mission of Patrick
Now you made a lady
Make us rivals of more trick.
Leave her to me for she is mine
I dined and wined with Juwon
And that made her fine
Why do you choose to stab me in my spine?


Now my rival, once so dear
I remember how we used to live
Before this era of hatred and fear
Just before I came to conceive
That our friendship had begun to tear

For love of Juwon– yet we lived
Under the same roof – so near
Deceived – yet could not believe.

My name you aimed to destroy.
For a love that will not be yours

 Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

The last time I woke you up
You sounded like a bard that lost his baton
Murmuring in phantom
All in sweet tongue
I laughed because I knew
You were trying to be Plato.
But am still Socrates
My thought conquers your thoughts
You broke the bond of our friendship
All for the sake of Juwon
I can't count how you raped me of my joy
Leaving me to sow in turns


You lie.. because I cared for you and loved you much
But Your tricks – you never ceased to employ
Yet my affection for you it did not touch
Of me you lied – to my dear Juwon
Yet my feelings for you it did not crush.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

I can't believe a beautiful lady like her
Will make us fight at night
Like we were never knights
Of the holy Constantine
In seminary we were reared
Why after leaving there , should Juwon separate us?
Adams my dear
You now made yourself my foe

Brain teaser .
Basking in basket of nemesis
Pharisees mocked you in their mistiness
You wander the part of mine to gain my lover.
Mimicking my muse of amusement.
But now.
Just like a bull without horns
I wish we continue in the love we shared
And do away with this lady who came to separate us.

Her beauty rang like a bell deafening our ears
But now she runs with our wealth to her true lover


Oh Paul. dear Paul
We were once tied together
Now we struggle separately for survival
To gain a lover – you lost someone dearer
My Juwon – that later showed you denial.
And now you seek my attention
Hope you are returning with a better intention.

TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES(a duet by Sunsampaul and Silva)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Drums beating in my heart more than heart beat
Sounding more than sound and beat
As I saw the sweet sexy silver passing by my side
My ergo rise
My eyes wide
That the first day I saw her
Love at first sight.


Love's a casting of colors
Danced to me like a flood of rainbow
Filling my hungry soul
He showed me love
What a blessed hope is mine
For this love is mine.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

My face cleared
Mouth wide open
My closed-open eye gnashing in the sight of your hip
Your stunning beauty captured my stunning look
I can't count how many times
I leak my lip because you are so sweet
Thoughts, alone in the citadel of your skin
My mind fell to your lips
Feeling like giving you a deep kiss
But I realise I just saw you for the first time.


Never felt love like my lover's
Never to fade or fall
No heart like ours
Its filled with tender love
My love is strong like the wall
So strong he holds me should I fall.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Silver I wish I could take you to the altar instantly
I fulfill the mission of reproduction
Just to taste that meal you have been keeping for me
The meal that my father Abraham ate in Sarah that brought forth Isaac
Silver , you are indeed a Silver
Glowing and Growing like a tycoon
Flowed in flowing citadel of my skin
My hair stand firm the moment you kissed me
I fill like am in heaven
When I found out that you are getting more closer
To the extent you hugged me firmly
The hug we both have longed for
The kiss we both have been shy to do
The touch we were unable to encounter
All has happened today
Before the daylight of the unseen wind
As I look to the heavens
I saw the hand writing
Which says "She belong to you"
Then I know true love never dies.


He's fine like Jerusalem's City
Others are lost in pity
He's my knight in shiny armour
His armour shines like a Phantom's
Whenever my heart flies I know then he smiles.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Silver is her biological nomenclature
I thought it is her sobriquet
Now I see you are as sweet as bouquets
Your beauty makes me swim in sincerity
You made me puke each time I think of you
A puke of  nature .
I falling in love with you
Silver , I found true love in you
Each time I try to forget about you and move on
More thought and re- appearance of your beauty
Swift and soft sexy  hip
Ring a bell in my ear so deep
I wish I can have you in my arm
As I watch cold reap me of your kiss


 Philo, my sweetheart
My love
My gold
Your touch on my skin
Is on its own a vision of heaven
Flatteringly caressing my worries
You gallantly steals my fears and gave me love
So lucky I've got you
That I wish to sing a hymn
 Ah!!!Philo are you a wreath???
You've been standing so infallible In your love for me
Are you an angel???
Cause you're outstanding amongst men and poets
Can I claim you to be mine???
My one and true love.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

My philosophy is no doubt that you were sent
From above to be my true love
I live in pains, searching for love
You brought me more than just love
I will be loyal to you
For your are more than royal
As a lover. I won't be a player
But will be in prayer
So no homo sapiens will put asunder
By fire, by thunder
I cast all the evil senders to yonder
Where there will have no choice but to surrender
That you are mine forever and ever.


Its coming yea its coming
I can feel the pleasurable eyes of him who love me
Can you feel it to my admirers
I hunger for one of his smiles
I yearn for the teasing things his kiss does
Please Philo hold my hand and caress my body
It catapults me to the end of the rainbow
Please kiss my lips
Am shivering just at the thought
Will you be called handsome???
Nay!!its a far-cry
Mother indeed gave birth to a god
I leap in joy
Because am the idol that caught this god's fantasy
Philo I will love you for ever and ever

HAPPY NEW YEAR(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Happy new year to those cows,
That were marked to please the stomach.
Happy new year those lads and lasses of the year,
Who only eat chicken once in a year.
Happy new year to those blind bergers,
Who wish to see and become Cheerful givers.

Happy new year to those crippled young poets,
Whose pen walk down the hills to erase fear.
Happy new year to those witches and wizards,
Who performed witchcraft to show they have craft.
Happy new year to those souls in soka,
Whose bloods are stored in beaker
Happy new year to those wicked bosses,
Who refuse to give us freedom.
Happy new year to those sadists,
Who made others live in boredom.
Happy new year to those leaders who failed to lead by example yet they create false samples.
Happy new year to those patients with HIV/AIDS,
For the lord will come to their aid.
Happy new year to those women that are pregnant,
For their foetuses will never be stagnant.
Happy new year to those killers,
Who think they are our pillars
Happy new year to those innocent children suffering in the slum,
Who tend to their lives by drinking alum.
Happy new year to those paupers,
Who wander in search of helpers.
Happy new year to those innocent souls, Who were taking by Ebola, even when they were loyal.
Happy new year to those ones with wealth,
Who left the poor ones in bad health.
Happy new year to you still strong and healthy,
For the lord will make you wealthy
Happy new year to me, That my ink will continue to paint pictures that will fixture our future and terminate every featured suture.
‪#‎Sunsampaul‬ d Philosopher


Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
Briefly introduce yourself

 Kolawole Paul:
I am Kolawole Paul Taiye.From a family of eight children.I love to
'read and write,' and presently studying English and literary studies
at Kogi State University,Anyigba.You should definitely know it is in
Kogi state by virtue of the 'naming' after the state.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
How did you come about writing?

 Kolawole Paul:
 Hmmm.I did come about writing from cradle.Because i have been writing
from when i was an infant.But to deal with question from a microscopic
view: I started 'writing' when i was in secondary school having been
influence by my literary master who was/is a writer(a poet).He
initiated me into the literary world.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
What type of writing are you engaged in?

 Kolawole Paul:
 Poetry especially.

 Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
Are you a published writer?

 Kolawole Paul:
 Yes...In print and online...You can't afford to be a writer without
being published.The name 'writer,' automatically draws 'publishing.'

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
Where do you draw your insight of writing?

 Kolawole Paul:
 I draw my insight right from myself,people like you (or maybe not
like you),the society at large and even the world in its entirety

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
 Who are your favourite authors?

 Kolawole Paul:
 It is a difficult question for me because of the department in which
i found myself in school.In the department of English and literary
studies,every author recommended should be your favourite whether you
like it or not.But for the sake of you and your question.I would read
any title from Charles Dickens,Dan brown,Chinua Achebe,Wole
Soyinka,chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and others that memory and time would
not permit me to mention.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
 What are your plans for the future in writing?

 Kolawole Paul:
 Having a mind nourished by books,i meant good books.I also intend to
bring writers together under a personal platform(name reserved).Also i
intend to make publishing a thing at every writer's finger tips...

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER:
Thank you so much sir. We're pleased to have you

Kolawole Paul:
 you're welcome.I am pleased to be your interviewee.