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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I'm taking us today on the topic DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BECOME STEAMING STREAMS
We all know when any one hear the word DREAM . what comes to his/her mind is. Wish , hope, future.
But today I'm not talking on that. The dream I'll talk on is the one we see while asleep. Day or night.
Most people's dreams has destroyed their future but they're too blind to know. They need justice but the dreams they dreamt are telling them to just ease.
Today every bad dreams you had that has caged you unknowingly to you. We break such dream in Jesus name!
Let's me bring to our notice again the dream I shall talk on today.
Dream: Imaginary events seen in the mind while sleeping.
There are two types of dreams. Bad and good. The bad as the name implies are harmful to one's future. While the good hasten you to a better future.
I'll list and explain ten dreams people dream that are bad and can be detriment to their future by killing the skills in them if delay is observed and if quick action isn't taken
These ten dangerous dreams may look nice in their name or features but consistence dreaming of such leads to steaming streams rubbing off the skill in you that are needed to be shown as light. I'll use the letter 'A' for them; i.e they'll all begin with letter 'A'
and I'll proffer possible means of avoiding such dreams.
To dream of Abalone can symbolize diving into unfamiliar territory.
Abalone has a beautiful, decorative shell and is also a substantial food source; to dream of the Abalone whole may represent someone in your life that is beautiful externally, but also has inner worth.
Dreaming of Abalone can have a sexual connotation due to the appearance reminiscent of the female reproductive organ.
For dream of Abalone one need to avoid sexual taste. Especially youths. Embrace your career not your girl friend. Prepare for courtship when you're ripe for it. Not relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend. Such relationship triggers dream of abalone. Avoid such and accept agape love and friendship.
One's own abandonment in a dream indicates the need to relinquish previous emotions and traits that are impeding personal advancement. Insubstantial beliefs and thoughts must be abdicated. This dream could be naturally analyzed as illustrating your phobia of being left behind, forsaken or double-crossed. Do thoughts that others disregard your ideas or beliefs frequently visit you?
Recently experiencing or fearing the loss of a loved-one could trigger this abandonment dream. This phobia may subconsciously embody itself in your dream and thus serves as a vital component of dealing with and surpassing losing someone you cared about. Struggles from your youth or uncertain emotions could also be the cause of this dreams' appearance.
If you are the one deserting others in your dream, this illustrates your being overpowered by your own conflict and struggles
A dream in which you are abused can foretell some chicanery on the part of a rival. A dream in which you abuse someone signals trouble with a friend.
Such dream can lead to steaming stream that cab drawn the dreamer. That's why one should follow peace with all men . you don't know who's who
Prosperity as a result of good health and vitality is represented by an additional adverse dream if dreaming of affliction in this area of the body. If, however, you dream that your abdomen is uncovered, the opposite is true and forewarns betrayal and disloyalty. This may stem from an individual in whom you confide and cherish. Maximum care should be taken
To dream about being abducted means that your situation, or some person, controls you.
To dream about seeing someone being abducted connote negative thing likely to befall that person. Immediate prayer is required
To dream that you abhor someone means that you dislike that individual when you are awake because he or she has not been forthright and honest. To dream that other people abhor you indicates you're starting to become selfish.
Seeing an Aborigine in a dream is a sign of your primitive, interior self, as well as your more naive side. It can also signal that you are overindulging in something or being too emotional. Which cab lead to harm.
To dream of being in an accident can be a warning for you to avoid whichever situation was involved in your dream, regardless of what it is. Lives have been saved by heeding this advice. If your dream involves a car, you may want to walk whenever possible and use extra caution when surrounded by traffic. If your dream involved an airplane, take a different flight for at least two days after your dream. If you're not planning on traveling by sea, yet your dream involved a boat or sea accident, this could mean love affair problems. Business venture reversals could be signaled if your dream had to do with accident or outdated mode of travelling.
To dream you are an addict could signify that you've lost control of a circumstance. You have given up control and denied all responsibility for your actions. This kind of dream can also fear and low-self esteem.
To dream that you are enduring an affliction of some kind denotes a potential catastrophe heading your way.
To dream that an affliction affects others means you'll be envelope by bad fortune or polished anguish. Immediate prayer and communication with such person is needed.
I want to believe you now know dreams that can become steaming streams, if proper prevention is not taken care of. Such dreams can deprive one of his/her destiny. We should always be prayerful. Pray when you wake and before you sleep. Pray without season. This generation are too lukewarm in prayer. I pray God help us so no bad dream will becoming a steaming stream to rub us off the skill in us.


THEME: Unleash the skill in you

DAY 1 (Monday 28-03-16)

TOPIC: Don't let your dreams become steaming streams

TUTOR: Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, a published writer, an instrument, a vocalist, a graphic designer, a computer scientist and a blogger. He's also the President and Chief
Sacristan of Armed forces Altar Servers Association. He was interviewed on metro FM 97.7 Lagos 15th November 2015 where he performed one of his poems titled PASSION WITH NO ACTION and he was also interviewed on rhythm FM 93.3 Lagos 28th February 2016 three days after his birthday 25th February where he also performed his poem titled Full Of Strength- FOS. Both interviews and voicing were under vividverses.

He's the C.E O of Citadel of Life, a pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry, an active member and contributor of Peregrine Reads, Poets in Nigeria PIN, Figure of speech FOS, the poetry court, writers connect, talented poets, transformed family, 663 academy, words, rhymes and rhythm, literaNation, writers lodge, doveline poetry, ODP-African poets and vivid verses.

You can reach him through Tel: +2348180861170
and +2349098285261
Facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu
Twitter: @sunsaint96
Pinterest: Sunday Egwu

He has written many books to the nation
Such as W.O.S(words of
salvation),W.O.T(words of transformation),W.O.W
(words of wisdom),W.O.E(words of
encouragement) that are undergoing editing.
He's the writer and author of the African folktale IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA (2014) with grammatical construction that aid the English of children and youths with graphical and artistic illustrations and glossary.

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher has released his audio poem album titled I WEEP(2016) under the influence of Prince Ifeanyi Dike in Greenage Studio Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Tune in to participate in this stylistic and sizzling tutorial from Sunsampaul

Date: 28-03-16

Time: 8pm

Venue: Citadel of Life(whatsapp class)

To join send a whatsapp message to
Sunsampaul- +2348180861170
Akindele- +2348176370504

Day 2(29-03-16)
TOPIC: Realizing your full potential

TUTOR: Chinonye J. Chidolue (@Nonyewrites)


Chinonye J. Chidolue is a motivational writer/ speaker, poet, script writer, self-development blogger, and an all-round Lover of arts.
She is also the founder and CEO of Peregrine Reads , an online fast-growing literary platform that promotes creativity and passion in arts by brings together different works of creativity and engaging her audience with motivational life-changing articles, inspiring words of poetry, creative stories and stories on those that have achieved success in their different fields of expertise.
She also uses Peregrine Reads to help literary enthusiasts enrich their craft and promote great literary content, by organising creative contests and campaigns some of which are “12 Days of Christmas poetry challenge”, “Patriots for change creativity contest” and “Child-Hero” short story contest (a part of her campaign for the less-privileged children which she initiated as a means of creating a widespread consciousness of the needy children in the society).
She has shared her works and has been interviewed on different literary and motivational platforms as “Poets in Nigeria” and “The Pink Network’s “Woman to watch”. She also shares insights at different gatherings of creatives and online groups.

DATE: 29-03-16

TIME: 08:00pm

VENUE: Citadel of life(whatsapp class)

Don't even miss this tutorial, for it is going to be interactive

To join send a whatsapp message to +2348180861170

Day 3(30-03-16)



Kagombero is a believer in Christ. He is a young medical student at Makerere University, Uganda. He is completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Language Therapy.

Kagombero is also a speaker, writer and musician. He loves poetry, reading a wide variety of literature and nature watching. He loves children. He also loves empowering people in his community.

Kagombero is a member of Medical Face International, an organisation that provides medical services through camps and conferences in Uganda

Kagombero is an ardent supporter of the Uganda Cranes. He also supports Manchester United.

DATE: 30-03-16

TIME: 8pm

VENUE: Citadel of life(whatsapp class)

Don't dare miss this life changing lecture. It is just what you've been waiting for all along.

To join send a whatsapp message to +2348180861170

Day 4(31-03-16)
TOPIC: THE MIND; The writer's creative workshop.
TIME: 8pm

TUTOR: Edwina Neofloetry


Edwina 'Neofloetry' is a PH based spokenword poet. She is mult-talented, a Professional freelance beauty consultant (Makeup Artist) and a total Arts lover: a Playwright/Scriptwriter, stage/screen actress. She is one of the Co-founders of the fast rising poetry movement; Figures Of Speech (FOS).

Edwina is an ardent observer of the principles of life. She considers herself a life coach/motivator towards teenagers and young adults alike

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Cause Of My Cause(a poem by Akindele Akintola)

To the mother of mother, 
I say a trillion thank you,
For giving birth to my mother,
She who takes after you,
How u took care of ur children,
When young was a story to my ear,
Mama you are rear,
Seeing the way you labour for your grown up children, I pray thee long life with healthiness,
Am ready to fulfill ur dreams of a house in ur prominent city Ibadan,
Mama I pray God grant me the power so I can,
As he has power and control over everything,
Shout out to Mama olanike,
The cause of my cause
To you iya mi,
I remember your weekly Friday gift back then,
My body not usually the same on Saturday morning,
Yet you still prepare dishes on Monday morning,
Even though another set of gifts await on Friday,
Countless money kidnap to purchase horseman and soldiers,
Yet  you act like you don't know,
After threat of me washing my clothes myself,
If I put on more than 5 clothes a day,
I disobey coz I know you will wash it,
Mama you took care of me till now,
You taught me how to cook,
I can't pay you back in this universe,
But hopes God will help me pay the little I can while you live.
A billion years shall be one for you my magnificent QUEEN👑 .

LET'S MAKE LOVE BEAUTIFUL(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

When your love is divine, it goes with the vine.
Its mouth speaks peace more than a mouth piece.
It embraces the truth with solid root.
It becomes beautiful not a beauty fool.
Its face glows and dodges every blows.

Love is unique, when it has the Godly ink.
Don't burn love in sex and call it phone sex
Don't stain the immaculate garment of love with lust.
Send the oesophagus of love to the poor not Paul.
Embrace the cloud of giving without season.

Love is God, and God is love,
why lock your lip with another without observing matrimony?
Love shouldn't be purchased by magic money
Or do you think it's for one to get horny,
Or be called honey cos you're with money.

Love is divine, taste and see it's a tasteful wine.
Let's dine and wine as one not swine
Let's be united and we shall stand.
Let's help those in the slum.
Let's make love beautiful, for love is divine.

I'll accept love in the best way.
Love begins with me.
I'll extend my hands yo the needy and show them what I need do.
By putting a smile on their faces
Cos love begins with me.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, instrumentalist, published writer and a computer science student. He's a pioneer of Ghetto City of Poetry and the founder of Citadel of Life, a  lover of children and a life changer with the zeal of helping souls in the slum,  he also  lecture lads and lasses in writing. He started writing when he was six years. He has written motivational books, such as words of wisdom to the nation, Turning your plight into your flight,  Words of  Encouragement to the Nation etc. But yet to publish them. He has published one of his novels titled IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA. it is an African folktale. He loves reading books like prose, poetry, drama, bible etc and he love blogging. He blog@
Email: facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu. Tel: 08180861170
Twitter: @sunsaint96

Friday, March 18, 2016

I WAS SOAKED(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I was soaked by the sound hissing water,
Falling from the clouded sky with haste.
Whipping me with whips that paste,
Leaving me to shiver like a busy river,
Creating zebra crossings with no rival,
That clustered my face like a closed louver.

I was soaked by the forlorn promises
Of those honey badgers.
Whose Spittles painted my lips pink.
Those Spittles are lies that taste like ink,
Leaving me in the thighs of regret,
As they gallop and wink.

I was soaked by the acidic deceits of those wolfs.
Who are poly thieves in politics,
Clapping their hands to cover the truth,
Sitting on lies to kill the root of truth.

I was soaked by the pathetic sufferings of those gaffers.
Whose progenies have deserted them,
Leaving them to burry their heads in the dungeon of poverty.

I was soaked by the blasting wails of those little girls,
Who passed through excruciating pains.
Their prides become places of rides,
Thunder clap shying from their faces in shame.

I was soaked by the sizzling sermon
Of one man one woman,
When one woman can't satisfy one man.
Same woman fail to produce a male offspring,
And the man can't chop, if he fails to be in his workshop.
Can one woman produce Fourteen offsprings?
Man need to taste different soup,
Same way their predecessors did.

I was soaked by those banging sounds
That proceeded from Buchi's room.
Those sounds gave me sleepless night,
Coupled with the moaning and groaning caller tunes.
That kept me wondering
What they might be doing.

I was soaked by those blasting booming sounds of boko's alarm.
That almost deafen my ear drum,
Putting many souls in low syndrome.
Fear killed many,
Those blast injured many,
And many were buried in the catacombs unprepared.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

WHAT IF(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

What if
I decided to bring back my childhood play,
And jump up and down
In the dirty river in the slum
With my buddies.
Would you've labelled me a dirty pig?

What if
Those moment past,
Reminds me of the goodies of life.
When I don't know the torment of heart break
Until she left me for another guy,
Just cos she is in need of money and not to be called honey.

What if
Those moment when Chelsea used to be blue sea had past,
It's now time for them to feed from their faeces,
And suffer the sufferings of suffer heads.

What if
The boom boom sounds of boko's alarm,
Turned overnight into the angels' trumpet of rapture.
And out of fear you all went to hide yourselves,
Leaving only me to be ruptured.

What if
I galloped to the part of Cleo patra,
And sounded like Shakespeare.
Same voice my father used.
Landed him in the judiciary.

What if
The wind sings,
And the zincs play the sound of ocarina.
Even my bed hugs me and I'm in the cold arm of cold,
Shivering like a baby with high fever,
When the rain, rain heavily.

What if
Night comes and we all waited for day.
Day refuse to surface
Only for us to notice, it's the end time.

What if
After writing all these poems,
I still didn't live to witness my name being celebrated.
Same way Achebe's name is being celebrated in his absence.

What if
My prowess created a muse to you
And you hid them in your cocoon.
Just to prevent me from knowing I've touched souls with my prowess.

What if
I'm not a poet,
Would you've been my friend,
Or even glance at my pieces?
Would you've even listened to my audios
Or demanded for my voicing?

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

CHANGE HAS COME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Now that change has come.
I'll sail through the deadly moon of our ancestors,
to appease the gods of the forest.
So our sisters will return to us not with horse.

I'll raise my fist to punch the cloud,
and rain down thunder to strike those who decide to put asunder,
and those who refused to surrender.
I'll paint an ugly smiling face on those hooligans.
Whose noses are longer than their hands,
to smell the progress of others and cause a heavy downfall.
Now that change has come.
I'll send the bomb blast of my bomb
to bomb those boko bombers;
whose boom boom sounds are giving us heart attack.
I'll gallop into the catacomb of those sages, maestros and gaffers,
whose works are yet to be accomplished.
And I'll swallow the stars to become a shining star.
I'll change the changes of those who need change.
And bend the oesophagus of those in poly-thief.
To vomit our money they deposited in their rainbows.
Now that change has come.
I'll cause the rain to rain down acid rain on earth.
And wash away the scene-full sins of sinners.
So the sun will doff its hat and the cloud bow in respect.
I'll raise my placard in the market at night,
until my eyes taste the lip of light;
where peace will be with no pieces
And unity will surround our smiles,
As nemesis crush those boko bombers.
I'll raise my voice to the heaven
as my knee kiss the floor.
Chanting incantations in supplication,
to behead the strength of those evil doers, leaving them in shambles.
Eradicating the rate of babies breastfeeding babies.
And the taste of sacred nonsense in fornication by the youth.
So the change will be positive and we'll all live in unity, purity, humility and sincerity

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A MAN OF HIS PEOPLE(Dedicated to Prince Ifeanyi Dike) a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu

Like a blowing wind
Bringing fresh air 
Making the mind halcyon
leaving us in good health
This man has portrayed his benevolence
He's a man of his people

He's a true man of his people
His apparel shine bright
It made me saw him even in darkness
His action can't be mention
His words are straight forward
His promises he always fulfilled
He's a man of his word

He's a true man of his words
He's a lover of art
He's a supporter of intellectuals
He's a maestro 
His heart beat the drum of philanthropy
His stunning teeth always shine
He's a man of joy
He's a man of laughter

He's truly a man of laughter
A man, many men should emulate
He's humble and gentle
He barely disregard others
He loves youth and old
He's a lover of human

He's a true lover of human
The shoulder many wish to lean 
The mouth many which to use 
The eye many which to have
The character many struggled for
He's an epitome of goodness

He's truly an epitome of goodness
His goodness he extended to many
Lucky for me, his goodness touched me
More closely, his kindness embraced me
I felt warmth, like a chick under the feather of a hen
He guide me through
He kept to his promise
He's the way to a blissful promise land.

He's truly a way to a blissful promise land
Like a rain drop he showed me love
What many couldn't do, he did for me
His apparel is indeed an immaculate white
No wonder he's called "THE PRINCE"
I'm very grateful 
I'm elated
I'm overwhelmed
You indeed showed me you're a man of his people

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

NNEM (Dedicated to My Mother, Mrs. Leticia Egwu) a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu

Before now, you washed me clean
Even when I gave you sleepless night
You never deserted me
You cuddled me 
You played with me
Those play I always love
You nursed me

Before now, you always plant a kiss on my forehead
You find pleasure in locking your lip in mine
You caressed me in romantic style
Your succulent breast I sucked with great pleasure

Before now, with every measure 
I bounced n your belly at night
When the milk get little 
I bite those succulent breast
My soft tender hands 
Squeezed those juicy milk 
Out of your succulent breast
Still they never fall flat like slippers
They were always bubbling like bobby

Before now, you always chase me to read my books
You told me readers are leaders
You helped me solve my home works
I remember in primary five you taught me Pythagoras theorem
You're indeed a good teacher to me

Before now, night use to be moonlight tales for me and my siblings
I remember that wonderful folktale
You and Nnam told me in the dark
Same folktale inspired me to write and publish my own folktale ' Ikenna and the Zebra'

Before now, you always force me to morning masses
You never fail to report my misconducts to Rev.Fr.Richmond
You scolded each time I erred
Those lashes created zebra crossing on my back
Same lashes drew me back to normality

Before now, you celebrated your 54th birthday
Silver nor gold I couldn't give to you
But I remember I did planted a hot kiss on your forehead
I cracked jokes with you
And reminded you of those lovely folktales 
You always present to me.

Before now, you sucked the liquid bombs out from my nostrils
You refuse to sleep when I'm awake
You put on me a crucifix
You taught me how to say the CATENA 
You always remind me to recite the ROSARY
You always draw those soft ears of mine
That I shouldn't forget to say thank you to God and humans.

Now I promise never to let you down
You must reap from your labour
You must see my children 
You must never look sad
Your days although must be halcyon
God's provision and protection will be upon you
All the days of your life
And you shall dwell in the house of the lord
Forever and ever

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
#Happy mother's day

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


While poets all over the world will be celebrating World Poetry Day on the 21st of this month, they shall also be enjoying two sizzling poems by Graciano.
This is because on that same day, "12 Million.Nonsense" and "What Nigerians Want", all by Graciano Enwerem shall be released that same day. When asked why he chose the date for the release of the twin warriors, he revealed that it is not really down to just the World Poetry Day celebrations but he chose the date to honor his friend, Ife Olujuyigbe whose birthday falls on same day especially after her conquests at the flash fiction challenge, "Blackout".

Graciano Enwerem {Grrraciano} is a Spoken Word poet, writer and teacher. A graduate of English And Literary Studies, Imo State University. He's the winner of War Of Words 3, YouPoetry Slam, 9 times winner of Sea View's Poetry Challenge, Winner Of War Of Words Online slam 1 and cofounder of Figures Of Speech {F.O.S.}, the first online creative group on whatsapp. 

He's been proffered so many awards which include the SPIC Most Outstanding Achiever Of The Year, 2014, IFA's Atonisona Of Poetry Award, 2015, Creative Writers' Association of Nigeria's Literary Critic of the Year and was also voted the number 1 poet 2016 at the EGC rankings.

      "What Nigerians Want" by Graciano Enwerem is by all standards one of the most hilarious satirical poems of all time. It elucidates almost all the very funny kind of prayers most Nigerians say. Nigeria, being a very religious country is captured in this poem as a country whose sense of humor is limitless as it extends on to the kind of prayers her citizens most likely say. This poem garnered a whopping 10-10-9.5 points in the first round at War Of Words 3, a poetry slam organized by i2x Media in Nigeria. Veekthur the LyricPoet, one of F.O
S.'s finest lyricists is featured in the audio content.

        "12 Million Nonsense" by Graciano Enwerem is one of the most popular poems that made waves in 2014, especially in Nigeria. The poem bares not only the futilty of the National Conference in Nigeria in March, 2014 but also highlights the curruption fecundity embellished therein. The poem, "12 Million Nonsense" amassed a perfect score (10-10-10) in the final round at War Of Words 3, a poetry slam organized by i2x Media and till date has remained one of the fans' favorite of all Graciano Enwerem's poems. MTN subscribers can SMS 046502 to
4100 to get it as their ring back tunes.
Published by Sunsampaul Egwu

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

What if I told you
I'm not you-man, but human,
Cos if you remove the you , I'm still a man.
For you- man isn't human.
I'm fearfully made with the powerful hands of God.

What if I told you
I'm not a Nigerian,
Even though my accent sound like that of a Fulani cow boy,
And my complexion tally with that of the talented igbo lad.

What if I told you
I'm one of those angels
Sent down from heaven,
To help write about freedom with their pens.
To deliver those in captive,
To behead those sadist
And make the world halcyon.

What if I told you
The evil they're doing
Will lead to  their early grave.
For no sinner shall go unpunished.
And theirs might be worst
If they refuse to desist
Since they find no means to resist.

What if I told you
Black doesn't mean Bad,
Even though they both begin with 'B'.
So let's stop judging by complexion
But by the content of character.

What if I told you
My pen is philosophical,
Penetrating deep into the heart of evil doers,
Devouring your devourers,
Tormenting your tormentors,
Fighting your fighters,
Deceiving your deceivers,
Giving peace to peace makers.

What if told you
Those children in the slum
Die every hour of malaria,
Mosquitoes now their neighbours,
Poverty waving in melancholy,
Cholera beating the drum of bad breathe on them,
Measles and acne smiling  at them.

What if I told you
Our hospitals are downtrodden,
Schools fallen,
Student engaged in malpractices,
Laboratories no where to be found,
Good teachers barely paid.
Yet they need the students to be leaders of tomorrow.

What if I told you
That our daughters suffered from excruciating pains,
Their glory-holes become penetrating holes.
They were raped in pains,
Bounded with chains,
Beaten with canes,
By those wicked women traffickers.

What if I told you
Our brothers who graduated with first class degrees,
Hunting for job for the past six years.
Yet ended up being  bus conductors,
Cos they were not given the chance to prove their intelligence.

What if I told you
Being nice to a girl
Doesn't obligate her
To be romantically attracted to you.
Some are for the money,
Whilst some needed to be horny.
They may even call you honey,
Whilst you're still moaning.
But at the end they'll leave you mourning,
While it's still morning.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

I'M WITH MY PEN (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I'm with my pen,
My philosophical pen,
Filled with ethics,
Directed by logic,
Lodging in the thighs of epistemology,
Whose metaphysics are unique,
Aesthetics her buddy
That begot different imageries.

I'm with my pen,
My bleeding pen
That speaks of freedom,
Leading us out of dungeon,
Giving life to those in boredom,
Who sanctified those in Sodom
And gave them a new dawn.

I'm with my pen,
My blazing pen,
Whose inks are halcyon,
Painting words with diligence,
Sparking without negligence,
Raping the minds of sadists without resilience.

I'm with my pen,
My touristic pen of hospitality,
Who bears witness to the injustice,
Rendered to the poor populace.
Whom the sun gave a gloomy smile,
Who punctured and tortured the wicked heart of  the wicked ones.

I'm with my pen,
My crafty pen of prowess,
Who devoured those with witchcrafts,
Making them crash like a plane crash.
She flies high like an aircraft,
She's filled with different crafts,
She's never daft,
She's always my map
That begot different maps.

I'm with my pen,
My enthusiastic pen.
Filled with vibrant grease,
Enveloped in succulent fragrance
That muse and fuss her friends,
Abuse and fuse her foes.

I'm with my pen,
My advocative pen,
Who speaks on feminism,
Giving breath to the breathless lasses,
Bestowing hope to our hopeless daughters.
Who fought against rape,
And destroyed those sex tapes.
Who solicited for the end of women trafficking,
Making sure women are treated equally as men.

I'm with my pen,
My halcyon pen,
Whose eyes are open at night,
She neither sleep nor slumber,
She keep on inspiring others.
She's a penfreak,
She's a punster,
She's a ghetto lass,
She's a feminist,
She's a realist,
She's a solicitor,
She's a philosopher,
And I'm Sunsampaul.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher