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Sunday, May 22, 2016

BOMB IN MY HEAD by Sunsampaul Egwu

Like a glowing blow on my face,
Blasting thunders and drums.
Same way the atilogu dancers beat their drums.
That made me shiver in the slum;
Symphony and synchrony created in my head.
Restless I was.

That sound was a hit,
It was very firing with fire.
But I couldn't feel the heat,
Cos I was lost in pains.
My heart was punctured,
Striking the drum in my ear drum,
Another booming sound came with pains This time on my chest
I couldn't rest
It was very loud
But I couldn't hear its sound;
I only felt the beat.

Like a heavy downpour,
Ready to cause flood.
It rained on me,
Graduated down to my food barn.
I began to feel different sound of keyboardist,
Playing grand piano in my store-mark.
I wasn't at rest
It inches me like the bite of a pest.
My head began to telegraph with death,
I was like "what's left?"

I was scared,
I began to wonder
If it will hijack me to yonder,
So I ponder
If I'm to surrender.
I strive to overcome the bomb that exploded in my head.

This bomb killed a great woman in me,
It killed my muse.
My sight became blur,
And I began to see blood.
Everywhere seems to be in flood.
I was deceived by my sight,
Cos of the the bomb in my head.

I began to shiver like a busy river.
This bomb has got no rival;
That night I travelled to yonder for a minute.
Mama screamed in loud voice for minutes.
I saw another bomb already in flame,
It was burning in me but my body was cold.
My hands were extended to hug the shuffled sky.
Night turned day,
The moon lost it sight in my mind
And left me smiling with comatose.

Blameless I was;
This bomb sent in euphemisms in my thighs,
And it smelt like  sweet poison with choking fragrance.
It left my head to my eyes,
I couldn't think of how to cry.
My teeth were clung.
Suddenly, strong blazing silver spoon find its way in my locked mouth.
It went dip, struggling with my teeth,
My canine died;
Shamefully my face was covered with Olive
It became an expert to taste countless salt.

The salt played scrabble with my eyes,
And my sight died.
This bomb in my head cost me my sight.
This isn't a lie
That sunny night turns into a dark morning for me.
I found myself
On a white bed,
A long thin rope from up sent down watery drops to my vein
I was on drill-hip;
My blood became void.
I suffered from excruciating pains,
The bomb in my head
Swallowed my lung
But I conquered the punches of death.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

SO PAINFUL by Sunsampaul Egwu

It was a rainy day, as the sound of heavy downpour was heard combating with the roof. Daniel a young intelligent man who has been married to Lucy for more than twelve years was in his parlour thinking why he's childless for years.

"Daniel my son it has been more than twelve years now you married Lucy, yet she haven't given you a children" His mother said furiously. Daniel made her halcyon, assuring her his wife will give her a grandchild at the appointed time. With the sweet and calm words that proceed from Daniels mouth, his mother nodded in acceptance to his words. Lucy was in the kitchen when this conversation took place, she never uttered a word.

 Daniel and Lucy, who still look young, were not discouraged by their present predicament. They were still prayerful to God for a child. Two years later Lucy became pregnant and she bore a son called Isaac. Her mother-in-law was happy. After three month, Lucy was traveling with Isaac to show her mother. All commuters were visited by gun men and ordered to drop their belongings.

 Suddenly one of the criminals caught Lucy hiding money in Isaac's diaper. He snatched Isaac from her, removed the money and smashed him on the high way. Isaac's head was shattered as vehicles climb on him. Lucy cried all through the journey. When she got home the entire family of her husband accused her of killing the baby, they called her all sots of names, while others spat at her to stop her crocodile tears. Lucy passed through excruciating pains from the death of her baby coupled with the insult and accusations from her husband family.

Beloved, trust you're doing fine. Are you being trustworthy? This is a wake up question you should ask yourself, but before I tell you about being trustworthy. I'll say that 'Trustworthiness' is the act of total reliance, dependence and commitment on someone without fear or doubts."
But what we are to digest today is being trustworthy.
Have you ask yourself if you're trustworthy?

However, there is a marked difference between being worthy of trust and being trusted .
Being trustworthy is a conscious choice that must be affirmed by your actions every day. Being trusted is an unconscious by-product of your past interactions with individuals. You may be trusted by one person and not another after the exact same conversation or interchange.
Proving you are trustworthy requires external validation. Proving you are trustworthy begins and ends with you. So what are the small choices we can actively make to be worthy of someone's trust?
Trust is a function of two things:


Includes your integrity, your motive,your intent with people. 

✅Competence includes your capabilities, your skills,your results, your track record.

🔰Let's talk on five steps on being trustworthy

1⃣ Set aside daily creative time and stick to it.

This may seem unrelated, but having a daily creative time is integral to monitoring your internal landscape. Being trustworthy begins with being able to trust yourself. To trust yourself, you must take the time to explore yourself.  

Your creative time can be five minutes or two hours; it can encompass meditation or journaling or doodling or going for a long walk. Whatever it is and however long it is, do it consistently. The lessons you learn about yourself through your creative time will continually inform your capacity for empathic communication.
That empathic communication will then prove to others that you are trustworthy.

2⃣ Listen before you speak. 

We all want to be heard and accepted. When you(earnestly) listen before speaking, you prove that you value the person you are talking to. You do not prove you are worthy of trust by talking over someone and don't jump into conclusion easily.

When was the last time you lied in your life. My boss Ifeanyi Bernard Prestige will always ask.
That's why he's the lie detector and truth man. And it makes people trust him. So this will take us to next step

3⃣ Always tell the truth. 

This may seem obvious but can be so difficult to uphold.
This means not saying something to appease the other person.
This means setting your boundaries about exactly what you can do and what you really aren't the right person for.

This means doing everything you say you are going to do and not doing anything you’ve said you wouldn’t do. This means having the courage to speak the truth, even when you are the only one in the room who will do so.

Now i ask, When was the last time you lied?
If you make sure you’re telling the truth, you won’t ever have to worry about people listening to you. When people don’t listen, it’s usually become the speaker’s got something else he or she is communicating besides the truth.

So learn to always say the truth.

4⃣ Right wrongs.

Shielding missteps with white lies always seems so easy and beneficial initially, no matter how many times we have seen the repercussions. Inevitably, though, those small breeches of trust spin into a web that we cannot escape without serious pain to ourselves and the persons we lied to.
When you make a mistake, own up to it immediately. And then fix it , regardless of the cost (financial or to your reputation).

5⃣ Extend trust.

Extending your trust first proves you value integrity and trust  and therefore you are  trustworthy.
Whenever you have a creeping feeling in your gut that you don't trust yourself or that someone else doesn't trust you, look at the last three things that you did and ask yourself:

1:  Am I taking the time every day to explore my creative self?
2: Am I listening before I speak?.
3: Am I telling the truth to myself and others?
4: Am I making my mistakes right?
5: Am I extending trust even when others aren't?

If any of your answers are no, do everything you can immediately to make those answers    "yes!"
For every action there's always an equal reaction.
I rest my case here. Learn to live a good life worthy of trust. And people will trust you as they trust Mr Truth.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

SAVE THEIR SOULS by Sunsampaul Egwu

They're suffering,
They passed through excruciating pains.
They were beaten, battered, shattered,
scattered, and battered by illness.

I'm tired of waiting for the melancholic news,
our tears and blood has failed to break.
Our truncated imaginations failed to
trace their agonies that split at dust.
But turns our eyes to oceans of sorrow;
Our homes a graveyard to mourn our children dying of illness.

As scatterings of stars all over nation watch night race.
Our closed-open eyes harbour the sorrowful pains of our love ones.
Let our love ones receive their healings.

I'm optimistic that I'll fight those who steal sleep out of our eyes
and making souls suffer in illness.
I'll sail through the deadly moon of our ancestors, to
appease the gods of
the lands.

Cholera dancing in their midst;
Many clustered with leprosy.
Mentors can't be seen;
yet talents are found hovering in the air,
While others are dying of cholera.
We all need to save their souls ;
We need to save the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Sickness hijacking their lives.
While the rich are with wealth, they're been bombarded with bad
Sending email as grotesque dust to
We need to whisper healing to them and cancel every
cancerous cancer in them.

Sunday Samuel Paul Egwu popularly called Sunsampaul d Philosopher is a
poet, prose writer, instrumentalist, blogger, CEO of Citadel of Life,
graphic designer and 300level Bsc Computer Science Student. He has won
join me write competition and Poetry Challenge organized by The poetry
court and talented poets respectively. He has written over 700 poems
and 40 stories publish on several online journals.

HOME MEMORIES by Sunsamapul Egwu

Naked bellies round with last night's yam
Rise up from thread thin mats
Like stubborn goats pulled
Each step dragged to welcome an intimidating sun.

Tobacco coloured teeth
Greets in flashing black smiles
The earth moist from dew
Palm fronds wave shrubs from tall views
Beaming smiles as sonorous sounding birds' sing
Here, every member is a king.

See the afternoon sky welcome
Khaki bags follow sons of the soil
In his pockets, palm nuts to catapult his lizards
As catarrh ports to his chest,
Onward he trots to father's heart
To fondle mama's slippers-like  breasts.

Bright light dull as fireflies
Skinny frames gather round papa's bulb
To welcome the august visitor's electricity
Watching buzzing energetic dances from flying insects.

Pounding sounds accentuating 
Tonight’s food will have no lump
Swallowing, stealing pieces, smiling
Bare buttocks kissing cold earth
To listen to tales of ancestral birth.

Mud houses, thatched roofs
Planting seasons
Harvesting baskets
No day is ever the same
These sweet scents of home
Closed in every open game
Are memories I won’t forget

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, prose writer, instrumentalist and blogger, he blogs at He was the winner of join me write poetry contest.

I REMEMBER HOME by Sunsampaul Egwu

I remember my lovely home;
how mother cuddled me and refused to leave me alone,
how she pressed me to her bosom
and makes my soft tender mind blossom.

I remember those nights
when father will call us out under the moon light,
making us learn many lessons from his folk tales.
I remember how the clever and selfish tortoise trailed without a tail
in the tales.

I remember those lovely smiles of grandmother
that made me to always ask
why she found pleasures in singing me melodious songs.
I remember how 'hide and seek' made me sick
when that poisonous scorpion stung me after dodging Daniel's stick.

I remember how I shivered like a little boy under the rain,
when Uncle returned home,
telling us he was going soon,
how his eyes were clustered with tears
that brought me lots of fears.

I remember home,
how it made me learn my lessons without ceasing,
how father's cane designed zebra crossings on my back in the name of
discipline cause' my ball broke his new car's windscreen during the
raining season.

I remember how sweet those nights was,
when grandfather will tell me not to fight
but to always kneel and pray, so that my life won't be trampled upon
when I play.