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Friday, July 8, 2016

PRAY FOR ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Pray for me;
Cos my veins draw lines of solitude
That travel east to beat the sinner's gong,
Which must not be labelled to be wrong.

Pray for me;
As I wore lenses of idiosyncrasies.
That act as placard of justice;
To padlock the lips of those that just hissed.

Pray for me;
So I'll raise my fist to heaven
To punch the cloud,
In order to rain down acid rain
On those executhieves in politricks.
Who pretend they didn't hear the voices of the children in the slum;
Who are dying of diseases and fear

Pray for me;
So my knees will travel to the dungeon,
Where rats are our neighbours,
To pay homage to those unborn,
And to behead those who behave like honey badgers.
So our home can be our own,
And not a hut for miscreants.

Pray for me;
So my poetry will make a poet's tree.
Where fruits of imageries will grow,
And leaves of euphemism will abide.
As branches of metaphor extend,
Together with root of personification.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

LET ME FIGURE YOUR FIGURE( a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Baby; seeing you make me ponder,
Each time your hip sweeps, my eye lid wonder.
The water melons on your chest are indeed a figure to behold,
I wish to have a taste of them the way I won't be told.

Let me figure your figure,
Let my spine dine and wine with you like a vine.
Let my thought calabash in your small pot,
Let my rod break the bridge that enclose your pleasurable ban;
So we can both bang and bank in sweet sensational sound system.

Precious; anytime you pout your lip,
It made my sense of humour high.
Your dazzling beauty is swizzling,
I can't wait to bask in your thighs of hyper boil.
To conjugate a relationship in your butt with symphony.

Precious; let me welcome you to my abode,
So you can be happy as you behold.
I've not come to make you feel loved,
I've come to make you feel at home.
So you can let me figure your figure.
Let me play a romantic sound of ocarina with my fingers on your skin;
So you can moan and never again mourn,
As my veins dramatize sensible touch in your spiritus.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher



Hello! Dear lovers of the Art bringing to you for a more stabilized and fun-catching time in the CITADEL we're introducing our "Weekly Activities" so wherever you are you'll be conscious of what's happening in the group and make adequate preparations if we're to expect anything from you.

Below👇 is our programmed activities


SUNDAY:   Foreign gist anchored by Rati or any Foreigner assigned  by Philosopher (7pm-8pm).  Picture Galore Contest (PGC) 8pm-9:30pm (male most finest bags the King of Citadel for that week,female most finest bags the Queen of Citadel for that week too) (Judges are admins of the group to avoid favouritism)pix of boy and girl winner .would be pixmix together and use as the group profile pix for 2 days.note: participant are to send one full pix or selfie. Recently taken.

MONDAY: (morning) Plans for the week discussion. Kick of with quote by (9am-10am)and the 1st 5 audience will rate their work. The winner becomes the quote leader of the week.
Lecture on any aspect, taken by a speaker (7:30pm-9:30pm)

TUESDAY: Hey! Show us your Talent on Debate.  Participant will be informed before the D-day and topic would be decided by the house (7pm-8pm)
 Health Matters (8pm-10pm) by the Group's doctor or invited guest

WEDNESDAY: Anagram/ Riddles Session (7pm-9pm). Matters of the youth. How do we youth change Africa. Topic would be decided by the house. Before the D-day (9pm-10pm)

THURSDAY: Hi!! Lovers of Music time to exchange and talk about music, share the spirit (11am-12:30pm)
Quiz! Quiz!! Quiz!!! By an Admin who will give the price to the winner (7pm-10pm)

FRIDAY: Time to receive counsel from any literary field bugging you(6pm-8pm) ..its Storytime!!! (8pm-10pm) the story teller is informed on Monday and as such prepares on time

SATURDAY: Success of the now fading week is discussed (9am-10am)
Smooth talk with Sunsampaul.. He'll invite a guest and having a smooth talk with him/her.don't miss this (8pm-10pm).

Citadel Daily News Headlines by the editorial body. Comes up (9pm)
General Prayer for the coming week, the group and other prayer points mentioned by the officiating head(10pm)

Note: The Editorial board gives us the World news headline by 9am and Citadel of Life news headlines by 9pm daily. The Editorial body is made up of Omokaro and Beatitude .any one with a headline meets them before 9am(for World headlines) and before 9pm(for Citadel of life Headlines) daily to have them compiled and broadcasted

Admin 1...Sunsampaul d Philosopher(Nigeria)
Admin 2.....Akindele(Nigeria)
Admin 3......Barati(Botswana)

Courtesy: Citadel of life
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Twitter: @sunsaint96

Thanks for reading
We're grateful............

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1. Respect views of everyone: all members have equal right.
2. Insults and use of vulgar or harsh word(s) against anyone is not allowed.
3. Any post not pertinent to the objectives of the group should be avoided (Pictures, videos, text,audios or all combined) and if there's any you wish to share, admin should be contacted.
4. Disturbance during any program will not be tolerated (no posting of anything unrelated to that moment)
5. All adverts shall be coordinated by admin or anyone appointed to do such.
6. Any suggestion, observation related to piloting the plane of the group successfully should be directed to the admin.
7: Only admins are allowed to change group icon to agreed one base on days activity. Any member who change it would be removed instantly
8: No use of foul languages, excess vernacular  and language not English
9: Everyone are expected to respect all members and themselves; for respect is reciprocal
10: All ads should be directed to admins for screening before been posted by admins after approval. Who go against this for three time will be out. Other pieces can be posted by any one except ads

Note: all rules are to be adhere to strictly. To break the rule is to be removed.

1: To bring out the best in youths.

2: To enhance idiosyncrasies and modus operandi of youths in the Africa
Through writings such as poetry, prose, drama, dance,drawing( painting) etc. As a means of stopping mayhem and turmoil in our society.

3: To raise the banner of peace in Africa and the world

4: To advocate for one another and to be our brothers keeper

5: To learn and teach one another with the talent given to us by God

To write our name in a grand style on the globe. And be leaders to our generation as regard our dealings and charisma

Signed by:
Founder&Admin 1: Sunsampaul Egwu(Nigeria)
Admin 2: Akindele(Nigeria)
Admin 3: Barati Ntuo(Botswana)