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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

HOME MEMORIES(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Naked bellies round with last night's yam
Rise up from thread thin mats
Like stubborn goats pulled
Each step dragged to welcome an intimidating sun.

Tobacco coloured teeth
Greets in flashing black smiles
The earth moist from dew
Palm fronds wave shrubs from tall views
Beaming smiles as sonorous sounding birds' sing
Here, every member is a king.

See the afternoon sky welcome
Khaki bags follow sons of the soil
In his pockets, palm nuts to catapult his lizards
As catarrh ports to his chest,
Onward he trots to father's heart
To fondle mama's slippers-like  breasts.

Bright light dull as fireflies
Skinny frames gather round papa's bulb
To welcome the august visitor's electricity
Watching buzzing energetic dances from flying insects.

Pounding sounds accentuating 
Tonight’s food will have no lump
Swallowing, stealing pieces, smiling
Bare buttocks kissing cold earth
To listen to tales of ancestral birth.

Mud houses, thatched roofs
Planting seasons
Harvesting baskets
No day is ever the same
These sweet scents of home
Closed in every open game
Are memories I won’t forget

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, prose writer, instrumentalist and blogger, he blogs at He was the winner of join me write poetry contest.

I REMEMBER HOME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I remember my lovely home;
how mother cuddled me and refused to leave me alone,
how she pressed me to her bosom
and makes my soft tender mind blossom.

I remember those nights
when father will call us out under the moon light,
making us learn many lessons from his folk tales.
I remember how the clever and selfish tortoise trailed without a tail
in the tales.

I remember those lovely smiles of grandmother
that made me to always ask
why she found pleasures in singing me melodious songs.
I remember how 'hide and seek' made me sick
when that poisonous scorpion stung me after dodging Daniel's stick.

I remember how I shivered like a little boy under the rain,
when Uncle returned home,
telling us he was going soon,
how his eyes were clustered with tears
that brought me lots of fears.

I remember home,
how it made me learn my lessons without ceasing,
how father's cane designed zebra crossings on my back in the name of
discipline cause' my ball broke his new car's windscreen during the
raining season.

I remember how sweet those nights was,
when grandfather will tell me not to fight
but to always kneel and pray, so that my life won't be trampled upon
when I play.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LOVE LIKE A LIE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

And when I say I miss you
You say I am full of misery
And when I say I love you
You laugh and say fool
But one day when I leave you
You'll look to the memories
We built like an empire
And miss the one you pushed away

The one you made cry
You beat me and my daughter
Day and night without rest
The one that felt loving you
Was a prison in the abyss
With the torment you put in my heart.

Still I loved you unconditionally
If love was a prayer I'll be on my knees
If love was a flavour I'll drink from fountains of
touch a heart with nature
Two made one
Glued with love a bond so strong
Our love is forever,you and I apart Never,I feel
this love's fever taking
me higher.

Was it a song that we sang,
the first day that we met
In your eyes I saw the stars and your smile lights
the sky,
was it love that I felt my heart held in your hands
Every minute I spend miles away from you makes
my heart stop
A body without a soul.

A heart without a beat
Far away from your reach that is like not existing
all I want is to be with you.
Don't conform to conformity
Be unique let your talent speak
Loud enough to be a bridge to a world of art.
Like words you the artist
Words are your paint

Imagination are your inspiration
Don't force it let it flow remembering
Inspiration to be like respiration
Be unique don't conform to conformity
It was a lie that caused man to fall
It is a lie that has no light at all.
It was a lie that shook nations
Bringing revolts not controlled.

It is a lie that makes us blind
Sometimes binds us in ignorance.
A lie's a disease
The truth is the cure
Even in love, one tends to leave
Look with light, you’ll see lies
Creeping like a mere shadow
Unnoticed it can destroy
Even things we really adore.

The fun talks, the crazy laughs
The words whispered
The kiss shared
The touch felt and your arms in mine.
The gaze at the stars, the smell of food in the
air signaling your presence
In our home...

Your goodnight jokes
Your good morning kisses
Your wake up call whispered to my ears
Your every touch brings memories
And tells me of a bright future
Never I alone without you.
you always in my heart.

Words are razor sharp to our souls.
Words are flaming arrows to our being
Words can build or can break.
It is great, but not always the same.
Words can bring the worst or the best.
It will either bless, or make you less.
"Its on my desk stop being a pest"

Pause, watch!, you've hurt someone's heart
See just like that words can be dangerous
Be careful not to get your mouth full of words
that's not cool
Seeing the world as words
Bridges of truth, lines of lies.
Oceans of love, rivers of sorrow
looking At how people sleep like the breeze.
Never to rise again.
It's a world of art painted with words
Its a sword of truth crafted with wisdom and

Its the spirit of poetry
Like the rain cooling our thirst
Looking with this eye to spy
A world of words
That continues to no end.
The rain of Love comes unexpected, might bring
pain,yet the thirst of your
heart is quenched...Love stays the same.
Love like a lie
Homo sapiens lie that they love
All are infatuations.
Only true love is the truth

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

DEATH APPEARS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I have been full of tears
Growing a lot of fear
Making my heart to tear
Like a divided pear.
Forcing people to swear
Day by day, right here
Taking others over there
Few are now the heirs
Many sent to hell

Yet you are not tired to appear
Cause you always take people's ghost and
I no you don't care
For you are not my dear
Yet you snatch my peer
And truncate my affairs

I never knew you were to be severe
Until when daddy lodge in your tent of despair
And grandma slept in your arm that is unfair
Now you are back with a spare
To take my love as an affair
They can't stand your site when you appear
Even though they were not prepared
You took them to prepare
A judgment of their affairs
So high over there
Where their sins will be very clear
Now I render you a plea
That you don't come into my affair
To make me lodge in fear
Nor drop an acidic tears
That will put my brother in despair
Making him to shared tears
And sharing
The love we always share
To people of the air
While I am suppose to be the heir.

In this state of affair
I refuse to be aware
That death has appear
To disappear with my fears
And put me over there
Where I will be judge based on my affairs
The spot you made on me
The spot is hostile on me
You beheaded me
And make me weak
You put me in a wheel

And made me sail to the stream
Streaming my heart like beam
Making your name wide and fame
And my name dashed in the same
Yet many people you took in shame
Surrounding the past event

You danced to my rhymes of Bullet
I fired at you, but you dodge in silence
Pestering me in pestilence
Putting me in forlorn affluence
Making me a bard of influence
Even though you are our
Worst sickness

That wouldn't leave us to witness
The bright morrow sun and day's business
I thought you once exhibited your meekness
Now I know you are portrayed more wickedness
That sucked human blood with it's thickness
And made many sleeping naked
After few months of been buried in a golden

Some you slaughtered with machete
Others died holding their chest
Tahh! You are not blessed
But you are to be sent
Back to where you should rest
And let us all to be at rest
And leave the rest of our life without been

To enjoy the goodies of this earth
Even though we know there are few saints
That are living decent
So the rest of us won't faint
At the blown of the trumpet
Which might take place at sunset
Or even when we are not set
To go with the rest
That will be taken by the leaving death "rapture"

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

FAERY TALES(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Faces are different
So I  don't believe in faery tales
Wearing mask like skeleton
but seeing you in that merry veil
has made my heart sink in happy hails
like an extinction of fear and doubt
Faces become dark and strange.

Like a rejuvenation of unending love
Faces weeping out tears turn blood
like a heart with sudden pulse from happy
endings that fuels eternal
beings. i know Being with you completes me.
even though i don't believe in
faery tales

In the cold of one's heart there's flickering lights
of hope. dawned from
the one they hold in the hands of love.
What more can one desire than this orchestrated

What more can one ask for, than this
unforgettable dame.
The manuscript to happiness is concealed in her
The pathways to blissfulness is engraved in her

The road to eternal love is mapped in her eyes...
Though i'm a saint.
I still make mistakes.
The stake of Drake everyone waiting to prove
that i'm a fake.
they say its fate
Life always catching you high in a state
Ups and downs hope not to drown
Always worrying what tomorrow will take from
Never adding a light of smile in my dark tunnel of
so called happiness.
I'm a saint, I still make mistakes.
The puss of hatred seeping through the hearts of
germinating youths.

Taught by ignorant fathers to live in a world
where milk and coffee does
not mix.
separated by nothing but blinded ambitions of
superiority based on the
paintbrush used by God.

Man's love for "perfect “art blinds it to The
masterpiece of unseen beauty
in the hearts of each individual on earth.
Don't judge by what you see.
Look deeply at the face before you leap.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

SALVATION WE SEEK (Duet by two Ghetto City of Poetry GCP Leaders)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Homo sapiens genuflecting in hyper dulia
Hormones spread out in full demand
Melancholic scene turns into serenity
Catastrophe without apostrophe
Bent in severe dignity
Like a simple fugitive
We long for extended eternity.

Ashele Grace

I concur
Salvation we seek through the depths of sin
soaked self
Looking far and beyond to be made whole
Leaving a life daunted with spots and infirmity of

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

I, Paul join force with my gracious buddy, Grace
To render renditions to dignified trinity
Seeking valve to escape the instincts of SIN
salvation we seek
Waving the placards of the meek
All for the benefit of we and the sick
That has no strength but wait for eternal milk
Because the salvation we seek is not weak.

Ashele Grace

You wave your placards
I'll raise my red flags
Waving and calling frantically like a mother
looking for child
Wailing and waiting for visitation
O God of salvation
Turn not deaf ears to our salty rivers of

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Spitting out lullabies to his majesty
That we might gain salvation
From his royalty
In loyalty we trade the part of simplicity
Christ our banner we follow your manner
Walking in His foot print
Leaving no traces of ugly print
Alone in the dungeon of our SIN
We have been led astray to a bin
Now we are coming back as kin
To seek the salvation u mean
In unison we hail thee
Our backs raping the feet of our iniquities
In SIN we were all conceived as kin
Now we longed to live no more in the bin of SIN
Graveyards of abject persecutions
We know we shall face
But we love to face the face that will add
taste to our tales.

Ahele Grace

Sin left us bedridden
Lust left the beautiful downtrodden
Pleasures pulled us down the valley
Our voices came not past our bellies
Seeking you inside and outside
Everywhere and nowhere
Save us! Save me!
This I seek...salvation from my tragedies
A new line to my melodies
If Sunsampaul sought salvation
Then I the grace upon the nation
Seeks salvation for a better destination
Let it be known that we sought and fought
Hand in hand
For the salvation of our land.

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER

Basking in the Basket of Baskateers
I throw away the veil that covered my sight
And fight the light of darker might
Know it a light from the dark
That penetrated into sinners like a flight
Grace o my Grace
I longed for salvation
That I will be in the nation
Of eternal nomination
That can give me a noble portion
In the Lord's own Condition of many
I, being a poet
I, SunSamPaul ,
Like Saint Paul
Write this to the nation
Telling them
In any condition
I will seek Salvation
Like I initially mention
Taking Grace my Gracious weapon
To the mission of Sanctification.

Ashele Grace

We made new
We trampled limitations to find you
We sought salvation and found it on the hills of
my valleys
It danced before our grasp painting our eyes
Salvation from the Lord of saints
We have found ours from whence it trudged me
out of the valleys of my iniquities
We have found you alongside peace
At last am at ease
Salvation we seek.

©All rights reserved

THE JOURNEY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Upon this road, we drafted tears with pains.
Our stony veins gushed out blood in disdain;
Wetting our sorrowful lives like rain.
Every time, now, again and again.

We hawked our success to get fame;
Our nightmares we only see as games,
As we punch the cloud, so our lives won't
remain the same.
Even when our tears become flames

This lonely road we passed through,
Each time we speak, we labelled it to be true,
Day by day we launch through,
To make sure the journey won't make us rude.

Our children dashed their feet on deadly ground,
After passing by so many rounds,
They felt they endured a pound,
That traveled on the road, when thieves are around.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Thursday, July 14, 2016

OUT OF BONDAGE(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

    There was a certain rainy season that swept the joy of many inhabitants of a dilapidated village, their huts were swallowed by flood, their properties destroyed, like a dream in their eyes; the roofs left its root to another hood. Some were slightly noticed to be flying over the air. It was indeed a terrifying and terrible experience for Uchenna and his brothers, whose Uncle lives in Port Harcourt; yet he had been adamant in helping them.

       Uchenna and his brothers being orphans, passed through excruciating pains in the chronic hands of poverty. They lost their parent at a tender age. And every since then their Uncle refused training them.

      Uchenna being the senior among his two brothers, decided to travel to Port Harcourt to live with his Uncle, so he can be able to send some money for his brothers as he work. His Uncle agreed after he read Uchenna's letter. Unknowingly for Uchenna that he will be use as slave and maltreated to the core.

    When he got to Port Hacontaining s Uncle didn't put him in any of his shops or businesses. He started using him as house maid to wash dishes and do all house chores including cooking and washing the toilets. As if that was not enough. The wife always beat him up each time he woke up late for the Day's chores. This maltreatment continues and Uchenna was not happy with it. Due to he barely eat enough food. After cooking it, his Uncle's wife will hide the pot of food for him not to eat.

   He bothered how his brothers will be fairing in the village. He decided to write back home to one of the village Elder he entrust his brothers to, he explained to him why he haven't sent any money back home to care for his brothers as promised. He further explained how his Uncle and wife maltreat him, that he is living in bondage. No freedom and they use him as slave while their children enjoys and mock him. Mazi Kenneth read the letter and write back to Uchenna, assuring him his brothers are well taken care of. Mazi being a kind man, though he has no riches. He assured him that he'll take him out of bondage, that life and kindness isn't about riches. That he'll save him before they cause harm to his health, because health is better than wealth.

    Two days later Mazi travel to Port Harcourt in the early cry of the cock. He reported the case at the police station close to Uchenna Uncle's house. After reporting to them about the case at hand; that it is child abuse for such age of Uchenna to be maltreated by his own Uncle. He further lamented that they are at the height of killing the little boy, due to the little boy is fourteen years old, striving to help his little brothers because  they are orphans.

    Three police men followed him and entered the apartment of Uchenna' Uncle with Mazi and found the Uncle flogging Uchenna mercilessly while his children mock him. They caught his wife with a saucer containing grounded pepper and white substance which was noticed she used it on Uchenna's eyes and face that made his face white as her husband randomly flog him. They were all arrested and charged for child abuse.

     Uchenna was taken to hospital he was properly treated and his brother were properly taken care of by Mazi. When he was discharged, he registered his appreciation on Mazi who delivered him out of bondage. Mazi decided to take him and his brothers as his children, while his Uncle and wife face the full wrath of law.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

ONCE UPON A TIME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Once upon a time;
Father will always take a selfie with son.
Now father and son contest for height,
When the night is gone and next comes the light.

Once upon a time;
Milk and honey flowed in our surroundings.
Our peace wasn't thorned into pieces,
We didn't sleep with one eye open, but we slept in peace.

Once upon a time;
Rats and mosquitoes were not our neighbours.
We were all united; even in our labours,
Our hearts were not raped by boom boom sound.

Once upon a time;
We were all our brothers keeper.
Robbers doesn't rob day and night,
The old told us tales by moonlight,
When it was night we use candle light.

Once upon a time;
Parents lived to see their children's children.
Our eyes didn't cry out a river,
Parents didn't burry their children nor shiver.

Once upon a time;
We didn't live with looters.
Our leaders were the servant and knights,
They served us with all their might.

Once upon a time;
We paid homage to old ones.
We bowed as we greet them,
We didn't keep hands in pocket as they advice us.

Once upon a time;
There was no sex before marriage.
We didn't taste her secret pot before saying 'I do',
We didn't flirt around with different ladies having one as boo.

Once upon a time;
We didn't kill to make money.
We didn't trick to get position nor honey,
We always wished our neighbour safe journey.

Once upon a time;
Our daughters didn't return home with unwanted pregnancies.
They didn't open their legs for boys to taste and see,
They didn't surrender their lips to be licked, neither did they go for D and C.

Once upon a time;
These were the words found in my father's book.
This was the poem he left for me to take a look,
These were the syllables his father carved out for him to hook.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

THE RIVER DIED(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

The river died
When the fishes we kill
No longer swim with skills
And too weak to swim deep
For the fear of sighting a heep

The river died
When Titus sucked her dry
And children jumped in after giving a pry
Mothers washed clothes that are dirty
And Fathers placed their foot that are filthy

The river died
When the hummingbirds lied
And the hissing animals cried
For the many atrocities
That happen in our local cities

The river died
When the greatest iroko
Fell down imperceptibly at eko'
And its widely spread branches
Were heard making a sound called branch-hiss

The river died
When the hungry shark
Swallowed the dark looking spark
Who passed through excruciating pains
So his descendants can reign

The river died
When Ikenna pour out his spittles
That were not little
They deflowered the river
And made it shiver
Like a dying diva

The river died
When its surface became a tide
And the wind decided  to hide
From the reminiscent gong that travel by night
And the tales hidden at moon light

The river died
When Ikechukwu failed to strive
The moment destiny arrived
Yet he decided to build his pride
That made people took him for a ride

The river died
When it travelled to north and never returned
Even after many ships turned
She was found dead clustered with thorns

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

SHAKESPEARE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

He was as old as the old rugged cross,
Even though his voice sounded like that of Rick-Ross.
He's still very strong and vibrant in action.
His words make proper direction.

His punchlines punched our minds to follow his land mark,
Our subconscious minds were made conscious; glory we didn't lack.
We now write with his hands,
Hopefully to be by his right hand.

He never came to fight,
But he left as a knight.
He never fought with guns and spear,
But with his words called Shakespeare.

Aye! he still lives in us,
Even though he never traveled by horse.
His accent is so decent,
It sounded same as a new saint.

His pen of wisdom, I'll suck,
His prowess never get stuck.
I'll find my idiosyncratic prowess in his vein,
So I too can live and reign.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

SING ALONG WITH ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Sing along with me
That solemn song of sorrow
So we shall have a better tomorrow
And let's every evil arrow
That is sent to our marrow
Never get to us today or tomorrow

Sing along with me
That joyful song of praise
So our voices will be raised
And let the heaven hearken to our cry
And come down to give a pry

Sing along with me
That lovely song called lullaby
So our night we be like that of a baby
Even the when our hearts are troubled
We shall never grumble

Sing along with me
That song we always sing at war
So our enemies will never rejoice over us
But victory will be rendered to us
As our voices yearn for glorious victory

Sing along with me
That peaceful song of peace
So our lives will be at ease
No matter the bomb blast and sound of a siren
That make our environment not to be serene

Sing along with me
That song of unity
So there'd be no segregation
No religious diversity
And no tribalism
So that peace will reign
And justice will prevail

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

MUMMY WHY(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

   Henry was only twelve years old when his mother died of  cervical cancer. CC as it is mostly called by Umunze inhabitants; it is said to have been the disease that killed most of the women and girls in Umunze. Henry and his only brother Gabriel were left to be trained by their poor father. Their late mother has been the bread winner of the family before she died. Mr Njoku, Henry's father lost his job six years ago and ever since then he has been finding it difficult to get another job.

     Henry decided to stop schooling so he can assist his father in putting food on their table. He contemplated into working as house help. After discussing it with his father. His father agreed and so Henry decided to give it a start

     Henry got a job as a house help in the subsequent week. He was working in the house of Mr. Elias Nwafor, who happens to be a good man, though he travelled after employing him. Mrs. Elias happens to be a wicked woman who find pleasure in maltreating Henry. Henry still took her as mother, no matter her hatred to him. Less than a month she added many scars and stripes on Henry's skin that made his skin look like that of a zebra.

    The children of Mrs. Elias barely do anything in the house. The torture became worse to the extent she barely feed Henry. Henry always sleep in the small apartment given to him and at the end of the month, after collecting his salary he always send 50% to his father to train his younger brother and take care of himself. Henry will save the remaining for future use. Henry never mentioned how he has been maltreated by Mrs. Elias to anyone not even his father. Each time he returned home by month end the for weekend visit, his father always ask him about the scars on his skin but he always lied to cover up the truth in its root.

   One day when Mr. Elias returned, one of his younger sons reported to him how their mother always beat Henry and that she's guilty of child abuse according to what their teacher taught them in school. Mr. Elias confronted his wife who blatantly denied the allegation. She continued her wickedness to Henry each time she is alone in the house with him.

   Though the little boy always take her as his mother and call her mother, but she's not comfortable with him calling her mother. She bit him the more telling him to go look for his dead mother. Her wickedness became obvious that the husband easily notice it each time he returns from work and neighbours began to notice it each time they hear the scream of Henry. She decided to remove Henry from the house since the husband now have great love for Henry. Mr. Elias noticing this maltreatment, enrolled Henry in a good school to continue his education which brought out the devil in his wife.

    One day after she finished preparing dinner, all the family are on the dinning eating. Henry was in his room reading. Though Mr. Elias travelled for two days meeting. She served Henry his food in his room which she had already poisoned. But Henry decided that he will eat after studying. One of the sons of Mrs. Elias entered Henry's room as he always do to play with him but Henry told him he's studying. Danny as he's called decided to taste Henry's food. He said "Henry can I taste your meal, it seems mum even added enough meat for you today, can I as well take a bite" Henry who didn't know the secret behind Mrs. Elias food, gave Danny a go ahead. And Danny started eating the food. After he took a full spoon the third time. He started screaming and vomiting blood and he died almost imperceptibly. Then the mother rushed in, she found Danny lying  dead with his mouth clustered with blood. She accused Henry of killing her son. She wept , wept and wept bitterly. Henry was astonished and devastated.

   The sad news get to Mr. Elias who immediately took the next flight. On getting home he found police arresting Henry. He knew Henry can't do such a thing. He threatened his wife to confess and say the truth since she cooked the food and Henry haven't touched the food then she killed her son. She became speechless and tears gushed out from her eyes. She didn't know when she muttered in her words saying " I didn't know Danny will eat Henry's food. I prepared it for henry to eliminate him, please forgive me". Having heard her confession the police took her away and Mr. Elias with tears hugged Henry. And decided to train henry and his brother as his own  children

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

IKENNA RETURNED WITH A ZEBRA(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

      It was a rainy Sunday evening in the village of Umayi  in Enugu state. The village happens to be a poor village as many famers, hunter, and traders are living in poverty no matter their hustles. Ikenna is a little boy, the son of  Ikechukwu one of the fearless and skillful hunters in Umayi. That Sunday it rained heavily as the roof of every huts were found combating with the sky. The sound made by the rain was terrifying as the rain whip many youths  who were still playing football outside; not minding the cold that will batter them thereafter.

    Ikenna was only eleven years old and his mother and father were the only one that care for him. He loves the work of his father who his growing old due to he had late issues. Everyday Ikenna will watch his father Ikechukwu practice his hunting skills at the back of their hut. The little boy always gave a pry to learn from his father. Subsequently he continued without his father's notice.

     One day Ikechukwu went to hunt but his trap didn't trapped any grass cutter nor did he set his eyes on any animal. He was devastated and weak when he returned home, which made the family slept without eating. This made Ikenna sobber, he contemplated telling his father to teach him his hunting skills and give him the paraphernalia he needed for hunting. He later slept that night with this thought in his mind.

      At the early crow of the cock, Ikenna woke up and before his father could set his gun, traps, paraphernalia and hunting bag to go hunter, he went to him " father I've watched you hunt all the time and last night you didn't come back with any which gave us no option than to sleep without dinner, father I desire to assist you in hunting" he said. Inexhaustibly Ikechukwu looked him in his eyes like he was going to devour him, he did that to see if his boy has bravery in him, then he said "my boy; hunting doesn't make you a hunter, I want you to be a hunter before you join me in hunting, so don't worry when you get to the rightful age I'll groom you to be a skillful and fearless hunter than me". Ikenna smiled knowing he'll win his father's heart with his next word, without any hesitation in order for his father not to quickly hurry to the bush he said to him " If Ikechukwu didn't teach Ikenna his son how to hunt who will fire his gun when he's gone or who will check his trap when he's trapped."

      Hearing this Ikechukwu laughed loudly and said to his son " Okay my boy; you just proved that your words isn't that of a child but an adult, now listen. Firstly you must be brave, fearless, skillful, and humble, then you must always practice the hunting skill not to get killed by some wild animals, lastly you must be vigilant. They both smiled and Ikechukwu took Ikenna to hunt with him. That day, they both returned with two grass cutters each.

    Ikenna wasn't satisfied he wanted to be the greatest hunter that will return with what no one had caught. He went to a bush in the other close to his village; the village happens to be knowns as Ukachi. In the subsequent day. That hot afternoon while he was in the bush he saw some animals fighting. Then he fired his bullet and it hit the Zebra on the left leg. The other animals which were kangaroos, deer and antelopes took to their heels. Ikenna was lucky the wildest animals like lions, elephants, and tigers, wasn't among. Though he was brave and skillful. He dragged the Zebra out of the bush and summoned two hunters to assist him. They were astonished due to his age but they assisted him by taking the Zebra to his village which happens to be close to Ukachi village.

     Seeing Ikenna and two hunters, the villages of Umayi were afraid but when they enquired from one of the hunters carrying the Zebra with him they became amaze, and many started singing and praising the little Ikenna for being the first to return home with a Zebra. Many who held the song, quickly join the movement. His father saw him and smiled he was speechless, then he hugged Ikenna and tears of Joy rolled down his chin. The poor mother said "Indeed Ikenna is now stronger than his father though like father like son," and the crowd laughed and all went happily spreading the great news.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

LET HEAVEN BEAR ME WITNESS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Let heaven bear me with
That the change we voted is not what we have seen
Even when we are innocent, they claimed it is our sins
Our children are dying of cholera
No safe water to drink in this ghetto's era

Let heaven bear me witness
That our eyes no longer sleep
Even the moon is afraid to take a sip
And the sun is hidden in heaven
So its duty won't be thrown into a coven

Let heaven bear me witness
That our parents now cry at night
They've all loose their sights
No tales to be told at moonlight
When there is no kerosene to make the lamp light

Let heaven bear me witness
That the good now die while the bad still lives
Our universities are now vast cities of atrocities
No guidance for the students
No job for the graduate
No pension for the old ones

Let heaven bear me witness
That this excruciating pains
Have travelled through my veins
There's no chance for the young to reign
Those executhieves in politricks still loot our money to overseas
Yet they claim we can't see

Let heaven bear me witness
That one day will come
When acid rain will rain on them
And then we shall know the truth
As all their lies will leave their roots
And all evil doers will definitely loose their hoods

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


A woman's beautiful face attract a flirt, a
woman's beautiful heart attract a lover, a
woman's beautiful character attract a man.
# Ambassador Mary
Show to me a pure virgin and I will tell you under
her skirt lies a thousand hands of sex!
Even if you are a virgin under, your lips has been
defiled by words, your eyes has been defiled by
things you see...
©Philosopher SSP
Not every skirt put on the table is meant for your
heart. Choose wisely
Not everything that makes your mouth watery is
good for your stomach
Poison can also look sweet.
# Running#Gome
Not every skirt put on the table is meant for your
heart. Choose wisely.
#Running Gome.
You will always know what to do but you have a
choice to do good or do wrong. If I were you I'll
do good.
©Philosopher SSP
"Attitude is like a costume; it beautifies your
character and enhance the role you portray, so
choose the right attitude."
# decentgoogle .go
# GoodMorning
# StayConnected
Make peace with your past or else it will
automatically be in your present and destroy your
#Running Gome#
Life is not the measure of the treasures you
gather. It is the measure of our blessings to
©Amb. S.T.O Emmanuel
From the day I understood what life really is,
nothing freaks me.
©Amb.S.T.O Emmanuel
Your tongue is the richest on earth, it can buy
death and life.
# ChildProdigy
Insanity precedes sanity. Who has ever done
something sane without being relatively insane?
# Dark Genius
Blood money with time will take away it's blood
and honey. If you can't beat them, run away
from them, and reinforce to win them. Patience
is key.
# machenryspeaks.
Door Knocks Twice Insider asks: Who's There
Ans: Its Me "Opportunity" Insider: You Are Wrong
because Opportunity never Knocks twice.
Quoted by ...
Look! People differ, characters differ, mindset
Do not be a politician,in politics, rather be a
leader in politics. Politicians are rulers: they think
themselves,a Leader thinks his people.
©Abiodun O.A
Empowerment is knowing that the "RESTS" are
more than the "BESTS" then doing your best and
empowering others to be the Best in the test of
Abiodun O.A
Education is a race won by the survival of the
Abiodun O.A
A man of great vision,you can either be a
story. Your position in his story, would be
determined by how you positioned him, when you
were in the position to position, for better, his
Abiodun O.A
Love is like a true friend, its absence makes the
heart grows fonder.
Abiodun O.A
Every test in our life makes us bitter😔 or better
😊 , Every problem comes to make us or break
us, Choice is ours whether we become victim or
Every bad situation will have something positive.
Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day .
Think of this & lead your life. Splendid.
DREAM makes all things possible. HOPES makes
all things work. LOVE makes all above possible...
A dream not fulfilled is a dream not dreamt.
© chuqudee
Tick tock tick, our lives begin to end. Tick tock
tick, our graves draw more nearer till we shall
hear it any more.
©Amb.S.T.O Emmanuel
Anger is a small madness
So don't do anything when you are angry
Because what you will damage will be more than
what causes your anger.
Inspired by Blessing A. By Precious
The philosophies contradict. Yet, the teachers
expect a perfect life. What chaos is more than
the misleader and the misled working by
# AdelereAdesina
Best may be for the rest,
but I shall hold on to good, for good better best.
©Amb.S.T.O Emmanuel
If perfect love is impossible, then I prefer to
pursue the breeze. What will be my gain after all,
when I've sacrificed my dreams to give imperfect
It is good to get it all messed up at first. It is
good to be undefined. It is good to be unsure, to
feel there is a vacuum knowledge should fill in
one's life. It is this goodness that the wise
delight in, and the unwise only lip.
# Adelere Adesina
Don't be so sure with a guy who walks into your
heart with a smiling face, calls you 24/7, send
sweet text messages and grace you with
colourful gifts.
You drive into conclusion with him who baths
you with ten thousand words, penetrating into
your scared heart.
Ladies trust me;
You can never differentiate a guy's left hand
from his right until your heart is broken in pieces
or used as kiddies toys. 'lol'
"They say; women will always remain foolish to
men until they are married"
I am not a love doctor,
Neither am I a spiritualist,
So these are my simple advices:
Love, don't be drown.
Trust, be vigilant.
Sex, use protection
and above all;
Care at all times.
I pray you find that someone!!!!!
# BeInspired👆🏽
First they said only love does it; then, trust, too;
then selflessness, too; then... Eventually, they
confuse he whose heart is simple. How will he
understand that love is all that it requires?
First they said only love does it; then, trust, too;
then selflessness, too; then... Eventually, they
confuse he whose heart is simple. How will he
understand that love is all that it requires?
#Adelere Adesina

THIS ROAD(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

On this road
Patience died,
Pains increased,
Matters worsen,
Dreams shatter,
Destinies truncated,
Souls punished,
Lasses raped,
Lads tortured,
Parents brutalized,
Homes downtrodden,
Schools fallen,
Hospitals collapsed,
Evil seen,
Good lost.

This road was same many rode,
Their chariots went down the grave,
Their lungs telegraphed with their kidneys,
Fears killed them.
They passed through excruciating pains,
Same road which their predecessors couldn't
Same road they still suffer from.

A road like hell,
A pathetic road,
A road of hardship.
This road left me in the dark.
Head shattered, humans scattered,
A road where things are hard,
A road where ghosts were found dodging bullets,
A road of torment.

A road where criminals use as means of living.
They hijacked our belongings,
And smashed the little baby,
Whose head was shattered
And my clothes stained with blood.

This road has a sour taste.
I thought it just a paste.
Many move on it with haste,
And ended up loosing the race,
Their eyes couldn't see the mace,
Which this road has made.

Our belongings taken.
Hands on our head.
No one to rescue us,
Our journey truncated,
Hopes fired with fierce bullets.

This road is of no go record.
This road paint us with evil,
Where trees laugh and giggle,
Wind blows bad breath of grotesque.
Night becomes day,
Day becomes night,
Same road my muse was stolen,
And no where seems halcyon.

This road vomit my metaphor like bad breath,
My simile gave a smile in disguise,
My face turn red
When irony speaks of melancholy.
The sun on this road is crying,
Whilst the moon is dead,
And the stars are all sick.

My philosophy is the only one alive,
Whilst my epistemology was beheaded.
This road of night journey.
A journey on a lonely road

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, spoken
word artiste,
instrumentalist and computer science student.
He resides at 42,
Anthony Agboje Street Ajegunle, Apapa,Lagos.
His phone number is
his email is

WHEN A POETESS WOO A POET(a duel by Ikkky and Philosopher)

Philo, I can't keep wondering who you are.
Are you an angel sent from above?
Your eyes shines like a star,
Your voice; I engroove,
Your smile always enchanting.
oh!my prince charming where are you  going?
If I have the power, I would have bewitched you to stay not to leave.
Because just for you I can stay awake all day.

Oh! I know you love me, but I don't want a heart breaker;
I'd have loved to give you my heart,
But it is too tender and soft.
If only you'll promise me
That you'll always be available to make me smile,
To give me joy as I desire.
Then I'll accept you as  my love.

Break your heart?
You know I will never do that.
Your heart is safe with me,
I will cherish it always,
With you I will be with always.
Yes! I promise to make you happy and smile.

These were the promises made by a desperate lady.
Tell me you love my money and I'll give you;
Tell me you love my soul I'll examine you,
But if you tell me you love me, I'll tell you to think it twice.
Hope you've not come to make me horny?
Or to call me honey, cos of my money.
I pray these promises of yours
Won't be the trick that lay on women's vein.

Am desperate to have you but not because of your money nor to make you horny.
I love you with all my heart,
I don't want your money all I want is your love and care.
Am not here to trick you my love but have you love me.

Ok, I'll love you as you love me so the world will be loved,
Care for you as you care for me.
Let's not bask in short time love,
But remain together, since you ain't in for my money but my love.
Your beauty reflects all over your body,
You're really endowed with figure eight.
So I pray we stick together like glue
And be the best poet and poetess we wished.

#Duet by
#Fakunle Ikky
#Sunsampaul Philosopher

VICTIMIZED VICTIMS(a duel by Philosopher and Writehand)

Men of the underworld have tortured us,
We passed through excruciating pains.
They created zebra crossings on our back,
Which added sorrows and sent us aback.

We are like a music band, headed in one direction.
The unknowns of a distorted race,
The chemtrails of bifurcations,
We know only how to say the grace.

Our tears are now singing,
Singing songs of solemn sorrow.
Our hopes are sobbing
Sobbing sobs of critical crisis.

With throats washed with steam,
And necks made for guillotines,
Faces booked as victims,
Eyes blinded to the real thing.

Our Spittles couldn't even tell the tales;
Tales of how we were made slave in our land.
Our neighbours are mosquitoes;
Mosquitoes that wine and dine on our dying souls.

We are voices lost in the silence of a pitchforked universe,
Hawks cawing names of the almighty and echoed instances of lost planets.
We are gutless vendors of things,
Imperfect endings of the influenced.

We've been made belittled in our sight;
Even when we strive, we can't fight.
Like a blind berger, we've been made to wonder;
Like a cripple, we couldn't move nor ponder.

We bare crosses of the infidels,
Nameless crimes of which the almighty repented
We are victims,
We are victims.

We are victimized victims,
We've be tormented and chained like thieves.
We passed through hardship, and pains,
Our smiles and now plastic, labelled without gain.

 We are Vic' things
 Stoned cold on reality,
We live once yet die daily;
Lost and left behinds; waiting for the transporter to get back.

#Duet by
#Susampaul Philosopher
#Toby Writehand

PASSIONATE REVENGE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Like tribal marks, they planted tattoos on my chest,
They created zebra crossing on my palms and I couldn't rest.
They whipped me with whips
And sent thunder to paralyze my ribs.

My soften tender voice  cry for revenge,
My drop down blood is ready to avenge.
My throat of life will never be retrenched,
Even if they all lay on one bench.

Today I'll catapult my dazzling anger to their homes,
Even if they run to Rome.
I'll behead those who beheaded us,
I'll never allow them run away even with a single horse.

I'll not allow them see tomorrow,
They will all sing songs of sorrow.
Because I'll prepare my deadly arrow,
That will fire and put them in hollow.

I'll quench my their sleep,
And make them weep.
I'll make their day become night,
I'll fight them like a Knight.

I'll catapult nemesis to their deities,
And make them foolish in doing their duties.
I'll summon the sun to strangle them,
And make sure they loose their breaths.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

TO MY UNBORN CHILD(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

This poem was found in the skulls of sages who are dead.
They painted lines of reminiscence with their sweat that are red.
They passed through excruciating pains
For you my unborn child to be great and have gain.

To you my unborn child;
I'll make you smile with similes.
I'll tear my garment in pieces so you can live in peace,
I'll scribble and scrabble on the dabbled marble.
I'll dive and drive so you can ride when others hide.
I'll teach you how to shoot the gun of poetry when I'm gone.

This poem was also found in the brain of my father's father,
Who had a father that once had a father.
He refused to be slave during the time of slavery.
He drew a land mark which my father followed,
He painted a generational future with his blood;
He died for us at the battle field in Biafra war.

To you my unborn child;
I'll strive to make sure you never drink from river marah.
I'll make sure your blood won't be tasted by mosquitoes,
I'll fight to make you live more than my father's father lived.
I'll blow the trumpet and your enemies will bow to you.

I'll make you a poetic philosopher
Cos I'm a philosophical poet,
I'll prepare the way for you as a forerunner.
I'll make your path straight and make you the head and not the tail.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


HONEY MOON(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I've seen many ladies
But among them all
I've this special one in mind
She's unique in nature
She's always my honey moon

I've made friends with many lasses
But among them all
This lass will not be the last
Cos she added smile on my faces
Her accent is so decent
She's always simple
She's lives without a pimple

Today I celebrate her
With my fans
I dedicate this poem to her
Like poetic gems; we met at arthub
Like love birds; we perch on the seats
Close to each other; we chat and laugh

It wasn't long; we became best of friends
She's from my home town
Which tells she's barely frown
So I present to her this poem
As her birthday counts

Like a dazzling creature
She's unique in nature
Her skill has no suture
She has not been tortured

She's God's favourite
In everything she's right
In his arthub she bubbles
And smile like my honey moon

She's a great woman
Very caring to humans
Knowing her added grace to my prowess
Today I celebrate with you
Edirisma Abiyone Sissy
Happy birthday, wishing you many more years in life

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

UNITED STATE OF AFRICA(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

This poem was found,
In the skulls of sages that were dead.
They painted lines of unity,
With their blood that were red.

They passed through torment,
So many times and different moments.
They were labelled bad,
Because they were black.

Africans passed through excruciating pains,
Every fight brought no gain.
But we still live as one,
Even if our slave masters won.

Babies now breast feed babies in the slum,
All they sucked tasted like a plum.
The bombing and killing,
Beheading and destructive mining.

All these things happen, yet we are still strong;
We refused to be wrong.
Even if we were denied our right,
We'll still fight in the night like knights.

We'll embrace one another like our wife,
We live a good life.
And sharpen our knife,
So we can be able to strike.

Our mouth will speak peace,
More effective than that of a mouth piece.
We all will be united in all states,
Even in season and out of season.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is poet, blogger, writer,and 300 level computer science student of National Open University of Nigeria. He's the pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry and CEO of citadel of life. He was the winner of poetry court join me write poetry competition and talented poet annual duel together with figure of speech first winner duel in Lagos. His poems are publish on several hard copies anthologies and blogs. His email is and his number is

MISS BIMBO(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Like a stunning angel
Your smile brightens every nightingale
Your soft solemn voice echoes
And your sweet reddish tongue rolled

That very night I saw you
Your accent was decent
Your silence was salient
And you were so innocent

The two water melons on your chest
Stayed gallantly like don't even rest
They're sighted my sight
And I thought touching them is my right
They made me Loose my mind
That made me want to wind

Your stunning skin is captivating
A glance at it;my urge started activating
Your soft tender nails cuddled
As your back-side moved like a saddle

Your frenzied driving lip
Is all I want to see
I thought of giving a leap
Each time you go too deep
Oh! It's too much
You don't have to do such

You drop an atom of your spittle
Which wasn't even little
I knew it would be liquid
Though it was also placid

Your little whitish spittle
Mix with mine that wasn't little
It cleansed me and I wasn't belittled
It removed the stains in my soul
And eliminated all my foes

I became whiter than snow
And every time I sowed
I blossom and flourish
I can never be weak nor perish
Oh! Miss Bimbo
A day with you is always
A divine appointed day

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

FREEDOM(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

This poem was deposited in the bellies of those who need freedom,
They were all placed in dungeon.
They passed through excruciating pains,
Their Spittles were made little,
They were all belittled.

Freedom from this dungeon they seek,
They were meek, yet they were all mimicked.
Let's blow the trumpet of freedom with our blood,
Let's bring back our glory, so victory will flow like flood.

Let's fight like Knight tonight for freedom,
And hug our lives as we do to our wives.
Let's blow the trumpet of peace,
And tear every evil garment to pieces.

Let's beat the drum of freedom,
Let's tell them we are free born.
Let's flee from free doom,
And sound our drums like free boom.

Let's heaven scream for joy,
As we break the chain.
And every oppression and disdain,
Today we are free from sins and sufferings.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


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Friday, July 8, 2016

PRAY FOR ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Pray for me;
Cos my veins draw lines of solitude
That travel east to beat the sinner's gong,
Which must not be labelled to be wrong.

Pray for me;
As I wore lenses of idiosyncrasies.
That act as placard of justice;
To padlock the lips of those that just hissed.

Pray for me;
So I'll raise my fist to heaven
To punch the cloud,
In order to rain down acid rain
On those executhieves in politricks.
Who pretend they didn't hear the voices of the children in the slum;
Who are dying of diseases and fear

Pray for me;
So my knees will travel to the dungeon,
Where rats are our neighbours,
To pay homage to those unborn,
And to behead those who behave like honey badgers.
So our home can be our own,
And not a hut for miscreants.

Pray for me;
So my poetry will make a poet's tree.
Where fruits of imageries will grow,
And leaves of euphemism will abide.
As branches of metaphor extend,
Together with root of personification.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

LET ME FIGURE YOUR FIGURE( a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Baby; seeing you make me ponder,
Each time your hip sweeps, my eye lid wonder.
The water melons on your chest are indeed a figure to behold,
I wish to have a taste of them the way I won't be told.

Let me figure your figure,
Let my spine dine and wine with you like a vine.
Let my thought calabash in your small pot,
Let my rod break the bridge that enclose your pleasurable ban;
So we can both bang and bank in sweet sensational sound system.

Precious; anytime you pout your lip,
It made my sense of humour high.
Your dazzling beauty is swizzling,
I can't wait to bask in your thighs of hyper boil.
To conjugate a relationship in your butt with symphony.

Precious; let me welcome you to my abode,
So you can be happy as you behold.
I've not come to make you feel loved,
I've come to make you feel at home.
So you can let me figure your figure.
Let me play a romantic sound of ocarina with my fingers on your skin;
So you can moan and never again mourn,
As my veins dramatize sensible touch in your spiritus.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher



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MONDAY: (morning) Plans for the week discussion. Kick of with quote by (9am-10am)and the 1st 5 audience will rate their work. The winner becomes the quote leader of the week.
Lecture on any aspect, taken by a speaker (7:30pm-9:30pm)

TUESDAY: Hey! Show us your Talent on Debate.  Participant will be informed before the D-day and topic would be decided by the house (7pm-8pm)
 Health Matters (8pm-10pm) by the Group's doctor or invited guest

WEDNESDAY: Anagram/ Riddles Session (7pm-9pm). Matters of the youth. How do we youth change Africa. Topic would be decided by the house. Before the D-day (9pm-10pm)

THURSDAY: Hi!! Lovers of Music time to exchange and talk about music, share the spirit (11am-12:30pm)
Quiz! Quiz!! Quiz!!! By an Admin who will give the price to the winner (7pm-10pm)

FRIDAY: Time to receive counsel from any literary field bugging you(6pm-8pm) ..its Storytime!!! (8pm-10pm) the story teller is informed on Monday and as such prepares on time

SATURDAY: Success of the now fading week is discussed (9am-10am)
Smooth talk with Sunsampaul.. He'll invite a guest and having a smooth talk with him/her.don't miss this (8pm-10pm).

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9: Everyone are expected to respect all members and themselves; for respect is reciprocal
10: All ads should be directed to admins for screening before been posted by admins after approval. Who go against this for three time will be out. Other pieces can be posted by any one except ads

Note: all rules are to be adhere to strictly. To break the rule is to be removed.

1: To bring out the best in youths.

2: To enhance idiosyncrasies and modus operandi of youths in the Africa
Through writings such as poetry, prose, drama, dance,drawing( painting) etc. As a means of stopping mayhem and turmoil in our society.

3: To raise the banner of peace in Africa and the world

4: To advocate for one another and to be our brothers keeper

5: To learn and teach one another with the talent given to us by God

To write our name in a grand style on the globe. And be leaders to our generation as regard our dealings and charisma

Signed by:
Founder&Admin 1: Sunsampaul Egwu(Nigeria)
Admin 2: Akindele(Nigeria)
Admin 3: Barati Ntuo(Botswana)