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Saturday, December 24, 2016

SAVE THE SLUM(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Words give me wings
Wings to fly so high
Wings to fly more than the birds of the air
Wings to fly than aeroplane
Wings to be creative and not to create thieves

My words come with punchlines
To punch your mind
So you can focus on those in the slum
That need your help

Our children are suffering
They cry everyday even night
They couldn't sleep after telling them tales by moonlight
We light up the candle in the night
Yet they cry because they're hungry.

We are tired of waiting For the melancholic news
Our tears and blood have failed to break
Our truncated imaginations failed to trace their agonies that
split as dust.

But turns our soft swollen eyes to ocean of sorrow.
 Our home a graveyard to mourn our daughters.
As scattering of stars all over nation watch night race.
Our closed-open eyes habourd the sorrowful
stories of sambisa gods.

Let placards embelish streets and shrines to
bombard square.
Let the echeos of our voice not be withhold by hiccup.
Let our drop-down tears don't fall on deaf ears,
So they wont say they
didn't hear all because of fear.

I, Sunsampaul am optimistic
That I'll fight those who steal sleep out of our eyes.
And even if our dreaming sleepless night
Refuse to achieve its aim
I will sail through the moon of our ancestors to appease
The gods of the land.

The slum is where you find dirty lads,
Eating dirty food with dirty hands
Living in dirty places
Playing with dirty things and dying of dirtiness.

The Slum is where you see
Babies breastfeeding babies
And protegees with no mentors.
So let's join hands to save the slum

COLD SITUATION (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Night turns into black blood of evil
Humans running in mistiness.
Dying on the damp earth lie a laddie,
who for comfort could
not care less.

Warm, caressing weather freezes quickly
On a lonely path and lifeless way…
The gloomy stars of present year,
Fade from the eye that will forever sleep.
He will yet, let out a whisper,
and groan faintly.

The defender of the resolution,
They will bury in grassy hill,
So that comrades of our time
Can no longer count on him for help…
So that in the tales of apple blossom, it’s young.
By land light our girls write letters to their
to marry them in time.

They are tired of the life in their parents house
The urge to be a mother is in most of them
Which makes them get deflowered.

Thinking of their own life,
Learning no trace from their predecessors,
The birds no make mockery of their
cold situation,
Just as the chameleon refuse to show its true

Thursday, December 22, 2016

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Every heart has got a separate problem,
Why must Ejike kill himself
Because his mansion
was set ablaze.

If darkness refused to over power light,
Why must humans still commit evil in the dark,
Why are they afraid of the light.

Every body has right to live,
Why treating
Obinna like a slave Just because he's not from your clan,
Yet your wife called him a clown.

If mallam Saidu refused to remove his cap
During prayer, when he was in church with a

Then why force mazi Obiora to remove
his sandal when entering the mosque.
When you know he don't remove sandals in his church.

Every mallam has got his own kettle.
Why must Usman complete his ablution With Sani's own, by washing his legs that has trekked
From Abattoir to Bolafadi.

Every woman is unique
Whether poor or made  with a Godly ink.
Why must Baba labelled his wife as someone
Who belongs to the sitting room, kitchen and other room.
Wasn't she supposed to be in the bulk room too.

Can someone tell me why

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

GIFTED HAND(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I've seen a hand so wide,
It contains peace both outside and inside.
Gifting blessings from above,
Sprinkling graces like a dove.

I've seen its nails so white,
Sparkling and dazzling bright.
Blessed is the hand that giveth,
Than the hand that taketh.

I've seen a hand widely stretched,
Trying to pick up favour  farfetched.
A hand that took nails for our nails,
A hand that is ready to send goodwill mails.

I've seen a hand that took lashes for our lashes,
Yet it appearance still flashes.
A hand so innocent
Just like a decent saint.

I've seen a hand of giving,
A hand that can never be stingy,
A hand that never lack,
A hand that doesn't crack.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

WHAT MAMA TOLD ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Mama told me to never leave the presence of Christ,
For He gave me bright sight.
Mama told me He's Christ the King,
For with him I'll be able to sing
Mama told me He's Divine mercy
For He's more skillful than Lionel Messi
Mama told me I'll find peace when I'm with Him
And my eyes will never go dim.

Mama was right
Mama may have seen the light
Mama's vision was so bright
Mama told me all these like a knight
Mama said don't go away from him even in the night
Mama knows Christ is my sight

Mama like other women stood by my side
Mama took me to meet Christ inside
Mama want Him to bless me both inside and outside
Mama's prayers placed me at His own side

Mama want me to be like Christ
Mama said "my son you must rise"
Mama brought me someone that will make me wise
Mama brought me Christ and said son "Arise"

Mama said read so you can lead
Let your dream flow like a stream
Motivate and cultivate
Be creative but don't create thieves
I told mama to take me home
Mama said son your home is in Christ
For with Him you're always right.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher