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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

TOPIC;WHAT DOES YOUR MIRROR REFLECT? 7/12/2015.(a lecture by Temitope Juwon)


Its the 21st century...Where
On a bed of heightened insecurities, complaints,grumbles,etc, there we lay.
Where there is a crazy need for everyone to rush.We live in the world
where we all want to be *BURLY and SLENDERLY*.
   When you peer into the mirror, what do you see?Do you see a
MADE-SUCCESS or a Failure in human clothing?.Do you see a
handsome,pretty,multi- talented guy and girl or a Sucker to the
core?What exactly does your mirror reflect?
   When I say MIRROR,I don't literally mean your Mirror.I refer to
your mind,soul,conscience, your thoughts,your judgements, your
decisions and overall,your conclusion....conclusions about your
  At the mention of God's name,every knee bows,they say. Now,I put it
to you.At the mention of your name,what strikes your psyche?Its either
you see and address yourself as a WHAT or a WHO!
  Our insecurities, we unconsciously allow get the best of us.We turn
them into some Priced assets but the truth is,they lack the ability to
add value to our lives.
Redefine your thoughts-"you are what you think".whatever you ruminate
upon consistently over time will enter into your heart and whatever
enters into your heart definitely will enter into your life and
whatever enters into your life is what becomes your reflection".This
relates to the principle of GIGO(garbage in,garbage out).What you
photograph and envision in your heart put forth an output,positive or
  I know of a Lady that died due to the fact that she envisioned her
slim body as a framework full of blunders performed by God.She was an
epitome of an immaculate black beauty.Due to pressures posed at her
flat chest by friends who thought life was all about humongous boobs
and butts,she comitted suicide and her chapter was closed.

 Change your self image,You seriously need to dictate what your mirror
reflects. Speak into that mirror and watch it switch its reflection in
accordance with your dictates,Be your GENIE,be your MAGICIAN....Become
a success,proactive, beautiful and all you crave because at the
cleansing of your retina,everything becomes new.

 Are people negative or positive about you?Do you think their
judgements should be shunned or held? Evaluate, weigh and make your
conclusions wisely.Let no one put you down. You owe yourself a
debt...and that debt is SELF LOVE!Acknowledge the fact that you are
great because you cannot rise above the level of your knowledge.

1.You don't like my looks,sort out your grouch with God.He made Me.
2.My greatest fear isn't that I am incapable,weak or a failure.My
greatest fear is that I'm powerful beyond measures.
3.You use your word to create your World..
4.You are not your hair nor your skin.You are a beautiful Soul deep Within.
5.What you say is who you are.
Why do you think we all nurse insecurities?

"I AM MONEY"(a poem by Silva Ebieme)


Life's so difficult; it's not fair.
I break the rules so I dont care.
I keep doing my own thing,
Pressing the bell and letting it ring.
Hurt not this hot pot...
In my life, life has built a cot
I am Money!

At times I think my shawarma isn't done yet,
Many a times my rice gets burnt.
The mass masked man's name's money
Keeps your clothes on; pulls it off.
Leaves you in the lurch; brightens your torch
Hold your breathes, breathes in the air.
I am Money!

Power flows through the vein of a thing so lifeless;
Takes the voice from the voiceless;
lends credit to the clueless.

Hi, hi, I... I... I am the high heights that doubles and cuts your vision.
I still am the "stay with the man",
" the man with the say".
More, more and more!
I am the 'or' in the 'more'
that takes you to the mall.
I make you horny, funny, cunny…
I make your boo call you honey.
I am Money!

Hi hi I can hijack your wedding like the fuel price on a hike.
Your life could be miserable than the muddy waters of Oyigbo
The guttural gutters can testify of your relationship.
Your life could even be sorry, gory if you have no money.
I am Money!

The idea is getting the idea from the idea.
My idea is I'm your ID.
Are your teeth still milky teeth?
Cause my tits tempt you sore leaving you insatiable till you think am
See your hands sweating cold as you caress my limp lively body.
I am Money!

Your car keys are a carcass
if your briefcase doesn't reward a brief case
from the men on black.
The road you ride gets nude
when I am to ride to your pocket.
Are you thankful when I bless your tank with a fool's wand?
See I climb time when time flies.
I am Money!

I am a fashionista with a star in fashion.
I've been known as the roots of evil-
May I tell you that I am the
Root, stem, leaves, branches and even the chlorophyll of evil.
Yet daily am the spice that spikes up your table
making you look nice.
I come in two fits
I "counter feats" when I'm original.
I burn bridges when you're making ridges.
I am Cunny.
I am Nanny.

®Dearly Reserved
Miss Word

LOVE IS WITHOUT SIGHT.(a poem by ©Akinlade Oluwaseyifunmi Sky™ )

Love was meant to find a way
Walking confidently into the confines of our hearts
Seamlessly joining our souls like Siamese twins.
Love was meant to be a map
Guiding us all through life
While we tour this world of ours.
Love was meant to be the spice
Spicing our homely home
Tantalizing our humble abode.
But. !
What happens when love missed its way?
'A walking weakling walking wearily down the lane'.
Then its true, love is blind.
Love begins to lose it longitudinal altitude
Soiled its attractive attitude
Which attribute would you then attach such attrition that cannot be attuned?
Love is without sight I insist
This isn't just about someone's painful plight
For I've seen lust clothed as love.
Let me then, chip in this cheap expensive piece
If ever you fall in love, get a glove
Never get your hands soiled.

©Akinlade Oluwaseyifunmi Sky™ 2015.