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Thursday, February 18, 2016

CHANGE TO MAKE A CHANGE by Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A

Days and nights passed away making some ages,
Our forefathers had glow in the freedom mirage of changes,
They fought earnestly for the change of this great land of ages
Although their sage of change was applauded with rages.
Our freedom fighters struggled for where we are today
But what has happened to us?
Why have we decided to disrupt the tune of freedom obtained by the blood of our forefathers?
Why should the echoes of suffering and enslavement be pronounced?
The world is dancing to the rhythm and melody of perdition
While we get set on track to run the race of poverty and starvation
Our ho-hum journey of governing has been through stargnation
we cry in pain and agony with tears flowing like rivers of rain
While we sit back and look for our freedom to be hunted and deraigned
Our government in diaspora is lost in slavedom lane
As what we have now is a freedom feign
Why should we allow the freedom hunters pull their triggers
Into the marrow of our nations system?
Why should we allow our victory be trampled upon by sycophant?
When are we going toget the antigen from our mudded mentality?
Our laws and customs of change is nothing but immorality,
Corruption has moded us into the shape of irresponsibility;
Forgetting that we own a duty of responsibility to morality.
who will revive our hope of a true ambiance of humanity?
Change has come to America was the cry of Martin Luther King,
When the sacrifice of revolution was offered.
But why has the struggle of our revolutionist not be rewarded with our dream destination as a nation?
We have rendered useless their spirit of Jingoism,
And we have relinquished the government of nationalism;
Still thinking we are flying high the flag of patriotism.
But wait, enough of this sleep and slumber from skepticism
We cry day and night for change and freedom,
Forgetting that we're still enclosed in the embryo of slavery mentality.
Change is invisible without our changed personality
We speak of change without effecting changes to our personage
We cannot get the desired change until the change start from within
The change for change is the change of age
we have to leave the path of lawlessness for this change in exchange
Let's declare the new era of commitment to be self engaged
Nothing will change with our entralling enrage,
Until our spoken words of change is granted for action.
The costly sacrifice for change cannot be for rentage;
We're the change to make a change
It's the right time to be change agents and not as borachio of opprobry.

CHARITY OF IWALEWA (a poem by Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A)

I was entrapped to write to this piece
Going on a voyage of rumination.
I finally fell into ocean of thought of the woman of my dream
Have not seen one but I saw someone like her.

At this sight, I became a diligent student in the school of romance
I was seated in the class of Angelology
I offered Angelus with my hands crossed for your fate to cross my way
A fortiori, I almost mistaken you for Angeleno.

Ask me a woman of substance and clarity,
And I will show the Angelic Charity.
Ask me a lady of great fidelity,
And I will show the Angelic Charity.
A woman of virtue and quality
Inestimably complex and full of capability.
Her passion lies in the strength of her capacity.
Let me tell you of her ability
She is a vault of pure heart and sincerity
Her state of reasoning is nothing but sagacity
Her actions and thought are the outplay of her fecundity
My heart travelled in gravity
At the sight of the rapidity of Charity's essentiality.
I still cant believe this sight of angel in reality
Iwalewa Charity, the dream of all men,
The helmswoman of the virtue's vault
This is my telic that Richard should work hard before men do him hard.
Let my quail stop dancing before I find myself entangled with agraphia.

MY LAWFUL LOVE(a poem by Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A. )

Who shall I make my wife was the beat of sanity my heart was dancing to when she scantily catwalked by, with her skimpy, micro mini numbing bum short.

I could tell of her the sweetness of death in her eyes as she dazzlingly lure my emotions to pitfall.
She seduced my mind as I almost became her Samson, with my dreadlock to be shaved off.
She was the Delilah of time wastage.

But how many will I tell of this invisible lust?
The lust that lost me in the land of lost.
But on my journey to the lost-full catacomb of the lustfulcomb,
The Love-full which is lawful is what beckons on me.

How many will I tell of this love?
How many will love this love I love?
How best can I expressly express this feeling?
My lawful Love-full is not a fool
My heart is full of this love;
Give me a console to broadcast this iconic love that is not crazy but filled with beautiful craze.
This is an angelic love,
My Dulia, My SuPerWoMan

Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A.
18/2/2016 2:53pm