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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

HOME MEMORIES(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Naked bellies round with last night's yam
Rise up from thread thin mats
Like stubborn goats pulled
Each step dragged to welcome an intimidating sun.

Tobacco coloured teeth
Greets in flashing black smiles
The earth moist from dew
Palm fronds wave shrubs from tall views
Beaming smiles as sonorous sounding birds' sing
Here, every member is a king.

See the afternoon sky welcome
Khaki bags follow sons of the soil
In his pockets, palm nuts to catapult his lizards
As catarrh ports to his chest,
Onward he trots to father's heart
To fondle mama's slippers-like  breasts.

Bright light dull as fireflies
Skinny frames gather round papa's bulb
To welcome the august visitor's electricity
Watching buzzing energetic dances from flying insects.

Pounding sounds accentuating 
Tonight’s food will have no lump
Swallowing, stealing pieces, smiling
Bare buttocks kissing cold earth
To listen to tales of ancestral birth.

Mud houses, thatched roofs
Planting seasons
Harvesting baskets
No day is ever the same
These sweet scents of home
Closed in every open game
Are memories I won’t forget

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, prose writer, instrumentalist and blogger, he blogs at He was the winner of join me write poetry contest.

I REMEMBER HOME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I remember my lovely home;
how mother cuddled me and refused to leave me alone,
how she pressed me to her bosom
and makes my soft tender mind blossom.

I remember those nights
when father will call us out under the moon light,
making us learn many lessons from his folk tales.
I remember how the clever and selfish tortoise trailed without a tail
in the tales.

I remember those lovely smiles of grandmother
that made me to always ask
why she found pleasures in singing me melodious songs.
I remember how 'hide and seek' made me sick
when that poisonous scorpion stung me after dodging Daniel's stick.

I remember how I shivered like a little boy under the rain,
when Uncle returned home,
telling us he was going soon,
how his eyes were clustered with tears
that brought me lots of fears.

I remember home,
how it made me learn my lessons without ceasing,
how father's cane designed zebra crossings on my back in the name of
discipline cause' my ball broke his new car's windscreen during the
raining season.

I remember how sweet those nights was,
when grandfather will tell me not to fight
but to always kneel and pray, so that my life won't be trampled upon
when I play.