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Thursday, May 4, 2017

I'M EVERYWHERE (a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Don't look for me in only a place of worship,
I'm everywhere, anywhere you call on me, I'll be.
I'm in your small dark room that lacks proper ventilation,
Even though it is not like a palace;
Just call on me.

I'm in the market place where noises are cooked and served to passerby,
No matter the sun and rain,
Flood and swamp in the market;
Just call on me.

I'm in the coven of your enemies that plot to kill you,
When they mention your name,
And invoke your image in a mirror,
My image will definitely appear to defend you.

I'm in the brothel, anytime you are there to win souls for me,
When temptation comes,
When seduction occurs,
I'll stand by you to keep your faith strong.

I'm in your kitchen and other room,
Inasmuch you call on me,
Made your knees kissed the ground just for me,
Stretched your hand in prayer,
You'll notice my presence.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

DON'T ASK WHY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Don't ask why the echoes from children of the streets still crack walls, break bridges, open ground, divide the cloud; yet couldn't rain down blessings.

Don't ask why the drop down tears from the eyes of our sick mothers caused heart attack for our poor fathers, deprived us our sleep, punctured our hope; yet couldn't   make the sun smile at us.

Don't ask why our graduates comb the streets in search of job, after spending more than four years in tertiary institution, yet couldn't set their eyes on a single placard of job opportunity.

Don't ask why our children in public schools don't have seats to sit, but still plant their buttocks on the floor, just to gain knowledge; yet find no devoted teacher to impart knowledge.

Don't ask why our economy is downtrodden, leaders backsliding, hospitals fallen, churches bombed, daughters kidnapped; yet no kerosene in the lamp to make us see the light of a better tomorrow.

Please don't ask why, don't make your worries become punchlines to punch minds, just go down on your knees and pray for these intentions, don't pretend they were not mentioned, lest your hope be placed under detention, just put your trust in God not in man

Strive to make sure there's no religious diversity, don't cast stone on the leaders but pray for a godly change of selfless interest, not a political change of selfish interest.

Put on a smiling face, let your physiognomy be radiant, don't make the excruciating pains put your back on the ground. Don't stoop so low just to go so low, but rise on your feet and make the sun smile at you.
Please don't ask why.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

POETRY IS LIFE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Poetry is the heart of art
The ladder that take a person of exceptional talent to the top
The light that brightens the life of human
The echoes of children of the street

Poetry is the prophecy of a prophet
Poetry is not only what I do
Poetry is who also I am
I write poetry, speak poetry,preach poetry
I am poetry

Poetry is the Mouth piece that speak peace more than a chief priest
Poetry is the hope of the wussies
Poetry is the future of the boys and girls who went and never returned
Poetry is the calabash that can never be broken
Because Poetry is life

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher



Sir how do your find a mentor as a poet ?  Someone to train you


I started writing poetry in pidgin English. I was my mentor until I started writing poetry in English language. It was then I shared my works with the current President, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Denja Abdullahi. He should be appreciated for being the very first person who showed seriousness in my works and guided me accordingly on the way forward.


Generally, both the English Poetry and the Naija Language puem dem, when did you started writing poetry.


 I started writing poetry in my secondary school day.

However, poetry writing consciously for me started in Abuja, Nigeria sometime in 2006


At times, people write poems and we think it doesn't look like one, WHAT IS THE RUDIMENT OF POETRY, SIR? What makes a work a good poem?


 Every beginner poetry writer doesn't see his or her poem as a poem until encouraged to do so. Meanwhile, the rudiments of poetry writing rests on the consciousness and ability of the poet to deploy poetic features or devices as some would want to address it.


Wow! Thanks for that concise answer Sir.

_To finally drive the point home, Sir, what is/are the chief POETIC DEVICE OR FEATURES one can employ in one's work to make it meet up with the qualitative works?_


Talking on poetic features and those to use, I will simply say they come handy depending on situations. Meanwhile, all are ok. None should be deliberately recommended.


How well can a page poet win a poetry slam? What are the important steps to take Sir


 Every slam/poetry challenge has its rules or guidelines. Poetry reading isn't poetry performance. A page poet as you want to call it, has the chance if the rules are so spelt out in such a way that the page poet would be considered differently. Meanwhile, I page poet could win if he performs his poem like a performance poet. A slam is a poetry challenge demonstrated on stage.


What are the necessary imageries and figure of speech to be used in a poetically written prose


 None recommends poetic features or devices. As earlier mentioned, they are deployed as at when necessary. Poetically written prose is a prose work written brevity; conscious of embellishing it with poetic features. In this case, reading the work would tell any reader that, it was not just a prose work, it was one carefully written to prove a solid point for creativity. Don't forget that, poetry is the heart of art.

It's not a compulsion to have a Pen name. Personally, I dislike it. I want my name to be me, and me till eternity.

Eradicating plagiarism is likened to eradicating corruption. Not possible. We can only check against it or work towards reducing it. How do we do this? The writer should always sign off his or her work. And keep good records of drafts in such a way that, they could be easily retrieved in evidence.

Which platform do you desire that you are not getting? This is a wild remark. Look out for platforms. They are all over and non debars you from making the best use of them.