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Thursday, February 9, 2017

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 10 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Their love grew stronger and deeper as time goes on, it is the third week after their wedding and Agnes never for once deprived Maxwell of love making, they do quarrel but no one get to know because they always settle imperceptibly.

Both of them always have devote time to go on recreational centres, visit families and friends, and above all go for prayers and Sunday programs weekly.

Two months later Agnes found herself in the pool of her own vomit, she has been doing this for the past two days.

When Maxwell returned and found her sleeping and tired he took her to the hospital  due to her high temperature as well. The doctor ran some test on her and requested she return next day for the result.

In the morning of the subsequent day, Maxwell drove his wife, Agnes to the hospital when he arrived the doctors office, he was congratulated by the doctor who told him his wife is eight weeks pregnant.

Maxwell leaped for joy as he continue singing praises to God. It was indeed a call for celebration as he drove his wife to a Chinese restaurant after collecting the result from the doctor. They both spent good time together in the restaurant as he continue plastering a joyful smile on his wife's physiognomy.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 9 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

On the wedding night, Maxwell was perplexed when he found the bed sheet stained with blood after performing his marital duty on Agnes by making love to her, he never for once believed all this while Agnes has been telling him she is still a virgin.

"So this my wife is truly a Virgin, who could have believed this, a fully grown lady still remained a Virgin till her wedding night" he said faintly to himself.

Agnes after enjoy three   round of love making for her husband immediately got tired and slept off unclad. Maxwell was overjoyed not only because he's married to a good woman but also that she was a Virgin till her wedding night.

Sleep vanished from his eye, he was busy in reminiscence of how him and Agnes met and all that happened on the long run, he was still on this thought when he eventually dozed off

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 8 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

After a month the while hullabaloo on social media about Maxwell seized and he quickly prepare arrangement for the traditional and church wedding.

They both travelled down south to visit Agnes's parent, the visitation was lovely. The parent welcomed them wholeheartedly and approved their marriage by blessing them.

In the morning of the subsequent day they set of for another journey to visit Maxwell relatives living in the east. Also they were welcomed and treated like King and Queen.

The following month they did the traditional and church wedding that became the talk of the town. Reporters from several medias came to cover the ceremony. Their photos again flooded social medias and even those that threw insults on Maxwell, congratulated him for being a changed man taking a bold step settling down.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 7 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

As soon as Agnes approached Maxwell, he found him in the pool of his own tears. Maxwell, who is now a changed man and decided to settle down is now being haunted by his ex- lovers.

"Maxwell, I deeply understands how you feel, I read most of the comments on our pre- wedding photos. Tell me the truth, were you that bad" Agnes asked feeling pity.

I've been through hard times when I was a child, as I grew into a man I lived a wayward life, changing women like clothes, tasting them same way I taste different kinds of soup. That was actually the same thing I wanted to do to you, but when you came into my life, the addiction  of womanizing you halted. I fell head over heel for you, you transformed me and I vowed to desist from womanizing" Maxwell explained while Sobbing.

After all Maxwell said, Agnes made up her mind to be with him come rain come sunshine, for better for worse. She took to her social medias to express her untouchable love for Maxwell, defending him and promising her fans that they'll forever be one.

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 6 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

After Maxwell proposed to Agnes they both went on having nice time with each other, they went to the beach, pool, eateries, game house, cinema and other recreational centres.

They took lots of pictures that went viral online. Many of which caused a pandemonium on instagram and Facebook.

Many of the girls Maxwell had used and dump open a fire online that attracted many others to join in calling Maxwell all sorts of names and lambasting words like " Oh! My God, is this not Maxwell that used and dumped Alice. Now he just engaged a new girl, thunder will fire him" other posts were as worst as " Maxwell your generation will be womanizing till infinity , so you think you can taste different soups and settle down comfortably with a new one again".

Agnes was speechless when she saw all these      comments and posts online. They really speak ill of Maxwell. She decided to confront maxwell so he can explain the hidden part of his past to her.