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Thursday, December 22, 2016

WHAT MAMA TOLD ME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Mama told me to never leave the presence of Christ,
For He gave me bright sight.
Mama told me He's Christ the King,
For with him I'll be able to sing
Mama told me He's Divine mercy
For He's more skillful than Lionel Messi
Mama told me I'll find peace when I'm with Him
And my eyes will never go dim.

Mama was right
Mama may have seen the light
Mama's vision was so bright
Mama told me all these like a knight
Mama said don't go away from him even in the night
Mama knows Christ is my sight

Mama like other women stood by my side
Mama took me to meet Christ inside
Mama want Him to bless me both inside and outside
Mama's prayers placed me at His own side

Mama want me to be like Christ
Mama said "my son you must rise"
Mama brought me someone that will make me wise
Mama brought me Christ and said son "Arise"

Mama said read so you can lead
Let your dream flow like a stream
Motivate and cultivate
Be creative but don't create thieves
I told mama to take me home
Mama said son your home is in Christ
For with Him you're always right.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

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