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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

THIS ROAD(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

On this road
Patience died,
Pains increased,
Matters worsen,
Dreams shatter,
Destinies truncated,
Souls punished,
Lasses raped,
Lads tortured,
Parents brutalized,
Homes downtrodden,
Schools fallen,
Hospitals collapsed,
Evil seen,
Good lost.

This road was same many rode,
Their chariots went down the grave,
Their lungs telegraphed with their kidneys,
Fears killed them.
They passed through excruciating pains,
Same road which their predecessors couldn't
Same road they still suffer from.

A road like hell,
A pathetic road,
A road of hardship.
This road left me in the dark.
Head shattered, humans scattered,
A road where things are hard,
A road where ghosts were found dodging bullets,
A road of torment.

A road where criminals use as means of living.
They hijacked our belongings,
And smashed the little baby,
Whose head was shattered
And my clothes stained with blood.

This road has a sour taste.
I thought it just a paste.
Many move on it with haste,
And ended up loosing the race,
Their eyes couldn't see the mace,
Which this road has made.

Our belongings taken.
Hands on our head.
No one to rescue us,
Our journey truncated,
Hopes fired with fierce bullets.

This road is of no go record.
This road paint us with evil,
Where trees laugh and giggle,
Wind blows bad breath of grotesque.
Night becomes day,
Day becomes night,
Same road my muse was stolen,
And no where seems halcyon.

This road vomit my metaphor like bad breath,
My simile gave a smile in disguise,
My face turn red
When irony speaks of melancholy.
The sun on this road is crying,
Whilst the moon is dead,
And the stars are all sick.

My philosophy is the only one alive,
Whilst my epistemology was beheaded.
This road of night journey.
A journey on a lonely road

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, spoken
word artiste,
instrumentalist and computer science student.
He resides at 42,
Anthony Agboje Street Ajegunle, Apapa,Lagos.
His phone number is
his email is

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