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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

WHEN A POETESS WOO A POET(a duel by Ikkky and Philosopher)

Philo, I can't keep wondering who you are.
Are you an angel sent from above?
Your eyes shines like a star,
Your voice; I engroove,
Your smile always enchanting.
oh!my prince charming where are you  going?
If I have the power, I would have bewitched you to stay not to leave.
Because just for you I can stay awake all day.

Oh! I know you love me, but I don't want a heart breaker;
I'd have loved to give you my heart,
But it is too tender and soft.
If only you'll promise me
That you'll always be available to make me smile,
To give me joy as I desire.
Then I'll accept you as  my love.

Break your heart?
You know I will never do that.
Your heart is safe with me,
I will cherish it always,
With you I will be with always.
Yes! I promise to make you happy and smile.

These were the promises made by a desperate lady.
Tell me you love my money and I'll give you;
Tell me you love my soul I'll examine you,
But if you tell me you love me, I'll tell you to think it twice.
Hope you've not come to make me horny?
Or to call me honey, cos of my money.
I pray these promises of yours
Won't be the trick that lay on women's vein.

Am desperate to have you but not because of your money nor to make you horny.
I love you with all my heart,
I don't want your money all I want is your love and care.
Am not here to trick you my love but have you love me.

Ok, I'll love you as you love me so the world will be loved,
Care for you as you care for me.
Let's not bask in short time love,
But remain together, since you ain't in for my money but my love.
Your beauty reflects all over your body,
You're really endowed with figure eight.
So I pray we stick together like glue
And be the best poet and poetess we wished.

#Duet by
#Fakunle Ikky
#Sunsampaul Philosopher

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