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Thursday, July 14, 2016

ONCE UPON A TIME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Once upon a time;
Father will always take a selfie with son.
Now father and son contest for height,
When the night is gone and next comes the light.

Once upon a time;
Milk and honey flowed in our surroundings.
Our peace wasn't thorned into pieces,
We didn't sleep with one eye open, but we slept in peace.

Once upon a time;
Rats and mosquitoes were not our neighbours.
We were all united; even in our labours,
Our hearts were not raped by boom boom sound.

Once upon a time;
We were all our brothers keeper.
Robbers doesn't rob day and night,
The old told us tales by moonlight,
When it was night we use candle light.

Once upon a time;
Parents lived to see their children's children.
Our eyes didn't cry out a river,
Parents didn't burry their children nor shiver.

Once upon a time;
We didn't live with looters.
Our leaders were the servant and knights,
They served us with all their might.

Once upon a time;
We paid homage to old ones.
We bowed as we greet them,
We didn't keep hands in pocket as they advice us.

Once upon a time;
There was no sex before marriage.
We didn't taste her secret pot before saying 'I do',
We didn't flirt around with different ladies having one as boo.

Once upon a time;
We didn't kill to make money.
We didn't trick to get position nor honey,
We always wished our neighbour safe journey.

Once upon a time;
Our daughters didn't return home with unwanted pregnancies.
They didn't open their legs for boys to taste and see,
They didn't surrender their lips to be licked, neither did they go for D and C.

Once upon a time;
These were the words found in my father's book.
This was the poem he left for me to take a look,
These were the syllables his father carved out for him to hook.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

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