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Sunday, May 22, 2016

SAVE THEIR SOULS by Sunsampaul Egwu

They're suffering,
They passed through excruciating pains.
They were beaten, battered, shattered,
scattered, and battered by illness.

I'm tired of waiting for the melancholic news,
our tears and blood has failed to break.
Our truncated imaginations failed to
trace their agonies that split at dust.
But turns our eyes to oceans of sorrow;
Our homes a graveyard to mourn our children dying of illness.

As scatterings of stars all over nation watch night race.
Our closed-open eyes harbour the sorrowful pains of our love ones.
Let our love ones receive their healings.

I'm optimistic that I'll fight those who steal sleep out of our eyes
and making souls suffer in illness.
I'll sail through the deadly moon of our ancestors, to
appease the gods of
the lands.

Cholera dancing in their midst;
Many clustered with leprosy.
Mentors can't be seen;
yet talents are found hovering in the air,
While others are dying of cholera.
We all need to save their souls ;
We need to save the lives of our brothers and sisters.

Sickness hijacking their lives.
While the rich are with wealth, they're been bombarded with bad
Sending email as grotesque dust to
We need to whisper healing to them and cancel every
cancerous cancer in them.

Sunday Samuel Paul Egwu popularly called Sunsampaul d Philosopher is a
poet, prose writer, instrumentalist, blogger, CEO of Citadel of Life,
graphic designer and 300level Bsc Computer Science Student. He has won
join me write competition and Poetry Challenge organized by The poetry
court and talented poets respectively. He has written over 700 poems
and 40 stories publish on several online journals.

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