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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beloved, trust you're doing fine. Are you being trustworthy? This is a wake up question you should ask yourself, but before I tell you about being trustworthy. I'll say that 'Trustworthiness' is the act of total reliance, dependence and commitment on someone without fear or doubts."
But what we are to digest today is being trustworthy.
Have you ask yourself if you're trustworthy?

However, there is a marked difference between being worthy of trust and being trusted .
Being trustworthy is a conscious choice that must be affirmed by your actions every day. Being trusted is an unconscious by-product of your past interactions with individuals. You may be trusted by one person and not another after the exact same conversation or interchange.
Proving you are trustworthy requires external validation. Proving you are trustworthy begins and ends with you. So what are the small choices we can actively make to be worthy of someone's trust?
Trust is a function of two things:


Includes your integrity, your motive,your intent with people. 

✅Competence includes your capabilities, your skills,your results, your track record.

🔰Let's talk on five steps on being trustworthy

1⃣ Set aside daily creative time and stick to it.

This may seem unrelated, but having a daily creative time is integral to monitoring your internal landscape. Being trustworthy begins with being able to trust yourself. To trust yourself, you must take the time to explore yourself.  

Your creative time can be five minutes or two hours; it can encompass meditation or journaling or doodling or going for a long walk. Whatever it is and however long it is, do it consistently. The lessons you learn about yourself through your creative time will continually inform your capacity for empathic communication.
That empathic communication will then prove to others that you are trustworthy.

2⃣ Listen before you speak. 

We all want to be heard and accepted. When you(earnestly) listen before speaking, you prove that you value the person you are talking to. You do not prove you are worthy of trust by talking over someone and don't jump into conclusion easily.

When was the last time you lied in your life. My boss Ifeanyi Bernard Prestige will always ask.
That's why he's the lie detector and truth man. And it makes people trust him. So this will take us to next step

3⃣ Always tell the truth. 

This may seem obvious but can be so difficult to uphold.
This means not saying something to appease the other person.
This means setting your boundaries about exactly what you can do and what you really aren't the right person for.

This means doing everything you say you are going to do and not doing anything you’ve said you wouldn’t do. This means having the courage to speak the truth, even when you are the only one in the room who will do so.

Now i ask, When was the last time you lied?
If you make sure you’re telling the truth, you won’t ever have to worry about people listening to you. When people don’t listen, it’s usually become the speaker’s got something else he or she is communicating besides the truth.

So learn to always say the truth.

4⃣ Right wrongs.

Shielding missteps with white lies always seems so easy and beneficial initially, no matter how many times we have seen the repercussions. Inevitably, though, those small breeches of trust spin into a web that we cannot escape without serious pain to ourselves and the persons we lied to.
When you make a mistake, own up to it immediately. And then fix it , regardless of the cost (financial or to your reputation).

5⃣ Extend trust.

Extending your trust first proves you value integrity and trust  and therefore you are  trustworthy.
Whenever you have a creeping feeling in your gut that you don't trust yourself or that someone else doesn't trust you, look at the last three things that you did and ask yourself:

1:  Am I taking the time every day to explore my creative self?
2: Am I listening before I speak?.
3: Am I telling the truth to myself and others?
4: Am I making my mistakes right?
5: Am I extending trust even when others aren't?

If any of your answers are no, do everything you can immediately to make those answers    "yes!"
For every action there's always an equal reaction.
I rest my case here. Learn to live a good life worthy of trust. And people will trust you as they trust Mr Truth.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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