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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A MAN OF HIS PEOPLE(Dedicated to Prince Ifeanyi Dike) a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu

Like a blowing wind
Bringing fresh air 
Making the mind halcyon
leaving us in good health
This man has portrayed his benevolence
He's a man of his people

He's a true man of his people
His apparel shine bright
It made me saw him even in darkness
His action can't be mention
His words are straight forward
His promises he always fulfilled
He's a man of his word

He's a true man of his words
He's a lover of art
He's a supporter of intellectuals
He's a maestro 
His heart beat the drum of philanthropy
His stunning teeth always shine
He's a man of joy
He's a man of laughter

He's truly a man of laughter
A man, many men should emulate
He's humble and gentle
He barely disregard others
He loves youth and old
He's a lover of human

He's a true lover of human
The shoulder many wish to lean 
The mouth many which to use 
The eye many which to have
The character many struggled for
He's an epitome of goodness

He's truly an epitome of goodness
His goodness he extended to many
Lucky for me, his goodness touched me
More closely, his kindness embraced me
I felt warmth, like a chick under the feather of a hen
He guide me through
He kept to his promise
He's the way to a blissful promise land.

He's truly a way to a blissful promise land
Like a rain drop he showed me love
What many couldn't do, he did for me
His apparel is indeed an immaculate white
No wonder he's called "THE PRINCE"
I'm very grateful 
I'm elated
I'm overwhelmed
You indeed showed me you're a man of his people

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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