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Friday, March 18, 2016

CHANGE HAS COME(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Now that change has come.
I'll sail through the deadly moon of our ancestors,
to appease the gods of the forest.
So our sisters will return to us not with horse.

I'll raise my fist to punch the cloud,
and rain down thunder to strike those who decide to put asunder,
and those who refused to surrender.
I'll paint an ugly smiling face on those hooligans.
Whose noses are longer than their hands,
to smell the progress of others and cause a heavy downfall.
Now that change has come.
I'll send the bomb blast of my bomb
to bomb those boko bombers;
whose boom boom sounds are giving us heart attack.
I'll gallop into the catacomb of those sages, maestros and gaffers,
whose works are yet to be accomplished.
And I'll swallow the stars to become a shining star.
I'll change the changes of those who need change.
And bend the oesophagus of those in poly-thief.
To vomit our money they deposited in their rainbows.
Now that change has come.
I'll cause the rain to rain down acid rain on earth.
And wash away the scene-full sins of sinners.
So the sun will doff its hat and the cloud bow in respect.
I'll raise my placard in the market at night,
until my eyes taste the lip of light;
where peace will be with no pieces
And unity will surround our smiles,
As nemesis crush those boko bombers.
I'll raise my voice to the heaven
as my knee kiss the floor.
Chanting incantations in supplication,
to behead the strength of those evil doers, leaving them in shambles.
Eradicating the rate of babies breastfeeding babies.
And the taste of sacred nonsense in fornication by the youth.
So the change will be positive and we'll all live in unity, purity, humility and sincerity

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