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Friday, March 18, 2016

WHAT IF(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

What if
I decided to bring back my childhood play,
And jump up and down
In the dirty river in the slum
With my buddies.
Would you've labelled me a dirty pig?

What if
Those moment past,
Reminds me of the goodies of life.
When I don't know the torment of heart break
Until she left me for another guy,
Just cos she is in need of money and not to be called honey.

What if
Those moment when Chelsea used to be blue sea had past,
It's now time for them to feed from their faeces,
And suffer the sufferings of suffer heads.

What if
The boom boom sounds of boko's alarm,
Turned overnight into the angels' trumpet of rapture.
And out of fear you all went to hide yourselves,
Leaving only me to be ruptured.

What if
I galloped to the part of Cleo patra,
And sounded like Shakespeare.
Same voice my father used.
Landed him in the judiciary.

What if
The wind sings,
And the zincs play the sound of ocarina.
Even my bed hugs me and I'm in the cold arm of cold,
Shivering like a baby with high fever,
When the rain, rain heavily.

What if
Night comes and we all waited for day.
Day refuse to surface
Only for us to notice, it's the end time.

What if
After writing all these poems,
I still didn't live to witness my name being celebrated.
Same way Achebe's name is being celebrated in his absence.

What if
My prowess created a muse to you
And you hid them in your cocoon.
Just to prevent me from knowing I've touched souls with my prowess.

What if
I'm not a poet,
Would you've been my friend,
Or even glance at my pieces?
Would you've even listened to my audios
Or demanded for my voicing?

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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