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Friday, March 18, 2016

I WAS SOAKED(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I was soaked by the sound hissing water,
Falling from the clouded sky with haste.
Whipping me with whips that paste,
Leaving me to shiver like a busy river,
Creating zebra crossings with no rival,
That clustered my face like a closed louver.

I was soaked by the forlorn promises
Of those honey badgers.
Whose Spittles painted my lips pink.
Those Spittles are lies that taste like ink,
Leaving me in the thighs of regret,
As they gallop and wink.

I was soaked by the acidic deceits of those wolfs.
Who are poly thieves in politics,
Clapping their hands to cover the truth,
Sitting on lies to kill the root of truth.

I was soaked by the pathetic sufferings of those gaffers.
Whose progenies have deserted them,
Leaving them to burry their heads in the dungeon of poverty.

I was soaked by the blasting wails of those little girls,
Who passed through excruciating pains.
Their prides become places of rides,
Thunder clap shying from their faces in shame.

I was soaked by the sizzling sermon
Of one man one woman,
When one woman can't satisfy one man.
Same woman fail to produce a male offspring,
And the man can't chop, if he fails to be in his workshop.
Can one woman produce Fourteen offsprings?
Man need to taste different soup,
Same way their predecessors did.

I was soaked by those banging sounds
That proceeded from Buchi's room.
Those sounds gave me sleepless night,
Coupled with the moaning and groaning caller tunes.
That kept me wondering
What they might be doing.

I was soaked by those blasting booming sounds of boko's alarm.
That almost deafen my ear drum,
Putting many souls in low syndrome.
Fear killed many,
Those blast injured many,
And many were buried in the catacombs unprepared.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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