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Friday, December 15, 2017

BEYOND THE COLOURS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Today is not independence,
So don't expect green white green on my skin;
For this nation has failed to grin, wine and grin,
This nation sags and her pant is exposed
All we see is red light, red light
We can't sleep with two eyes closed,
Please give us pink
So our soul won't sink.

Let us for once behold yellow,
So we can greet one another "hello",
This is not Biafra, so hide your scars;
Stand out and shine like the stars.

For if all we need is black and white,
Then there'll be sokoto in our shokoto
This is a land of success
So give us back our conscience.

So there'll be no blood on the street,
No child marriage and rape,
No nepotism and tribalism,
So there'll be peace and not pieces of human bodies. ©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher


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