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Thursday, February 23, 2017

BOND OF LOVE- Episode 11 by Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Two days later Maxwell decided to do all the house chores, he will
Cook the meal, sweep the house, wash the dishes, he refused his wife
doing anything.

"Sweet heart don't you think you are taking this too far, besides I'm
only pregnant not sick, why are you putting me on recess from my
duties" she asked.

"My dear, until you put to bed, then I can relax from the house
chores. I don't want you to stress yourself just eat, sleep and relax.
When I return from work I'll be with you more. He explained kindly.

"Honey but I think you should get a maid that will assist so you won't
break down" she suggested.

" Okay dear that a nice suggestion, I'll get a maid as soon as the
baby is born to be doing the house chores.

Maxwell continue to pamper his wife and their love continue to grow
stronger. He always took her out on recreational centres, cinemas and

 On a Saturday afternoon when the pregnancy is due. Agnes was having
excruciating pains, she scream and the husband ran to the room to help

She was taken to the hospital and straight to the labour room. After
sometime Maxwell who have been pacing around was told by the doctor
that his wife delivered a bouncing baby boy.

They went home and both their families came to rejoice with them,
friends and well wishers came as well on the naming ceremony and the
child was named Samuel by the father.

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