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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I AM FREE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

From the malicious malice of those sadists
Pretending to be in far East
With their fist ready to feast
From those mammals
Who tried to make me stammer
And put me in law of kama

I am free
From the struggled struggle of yesterday
That tried to deceive my today
From those pathetic path I match
Not knowing they're mash
That were very harsh and rash

I am free
From the loss of muse
That made me missed the track to amuse
From metabolic metabolism
That made me think there's no ink in my pen
That can free my fold from the enemies' den

I am free
From your caricatures and disguise
That made others lack guide
From your plotted plot of downfall
Which has been beaten by rainfall
And dragged to the pitted pit, until they'll fall

I am free
From your illuminated illumination of mischief
That tends to drag me like a thief
Not knowing I'm an invincible chief

I  am free
From those cancerous cancers
That led many to the dust
Made many to rust
Yet they don't want to get lost
Until I drew my sword and thrust
Coz to them I cast no trust

I am free
From those forlorn promises
That reside in my premises
As if they to be nemesis
Sent from overseas
Just to make me see
I'll be drown in the sea

I am free
From your critical criticisms
That failed to mold me
Yet they are constructive in disguise
Destructive like an evil guide
Unproductive to my side
Until they fell offside

I am free
From dreaming sleepless nights
That pretended to be knights
Trying to be right
But they are just to fright
Even when I don't want to behold their sight

I am free
From the booming booming sound of the boko haram
That left my legs touching my head in race
Panting to the brim of my pant
Clothed in blooded smell of sweat

I am free
From weakness and sickness
Wickedness of the wicked men
Weak pen and sick pen
Laziness and lousiness
Failure and brain loss
I am free from SIN

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
I am free

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