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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WORDS CAN GIVE YOU WINGS (an article by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Words are word, but not mere words. Words are
keys to a close door. Words are reasons to
reason. Words are soft touch, Words are long
way to talk about, Words are razor very sharp.

Words are life and spirit, words hurt, hurt heals,
words fly, words can be truthful or lies, words
can be bent or broken, words can be dozen or
burden, if don't express it, you might regret it.
Words can give u wings or pull you down.
Are you a word weaver or word Bender?
Are you a wordaholic or Wordshiver?

Let's talk words under two major categories
1: Spoken word
2: Written word

*As you know before a word is spoken it first
come from the heart*
But many people speak words from their mind
not their heart
Too bad
Are u among them. Pls get out from that cocoon
*Cos if you speak from your mind it will get to
people's mind but if you speak from your heart it
will get to people's heart. And you know what
ever get to people's mind can go easily. But
what's in their heart barely fade*

You will notice all i typed now are from my hear
not my mind. When you speak word(spoken)
from your heart. The message becomes clearer
and effective.

*Now let's focus on 7 keys to effective spoken
word, as a spoken word artiste, pastor, public
speaker, teacher , motivational speaker, Mc.
Even talkative*

It is the act of enunciating,
announcing, proclaiming, or making known; open
attestation; declaration; as, the enunciation of
an important truth. It is also the mode of
utterance or pronunciation, especially as regards
fullness and distinctness or articulation; as, to
speak with a clear or impressive enunciation.

*if you lack the power of enunciated words. You
lack the power of a public speaker, spoken word
artiste or teacher or Mc*

Enunciation is a life tool. You must not joke with
even in contest, slam or motivating people. If I
lie ask your pastor.

2: MODE:
This is one of the various related sets
of rules for processing your words effectively.

*you don't just rush your words cos your a
master or familiar with d audience. You must
follow certain process. And work on your self
even when you speak from your heart you won't
miss out*

 This entails if you are
making your words lively to the audience. Are
they seeing it dull or interesting like Korean
movie titled boys before flower

As you speak you must always ginger your
audience with punchlines. With puns. With
inspirational words even as Mc with comedy.
Then ad comedian you should even do more

 this is self explanatory . it
means you should place your eyes on the
audience as you speak

You are speaking to people not your self. You
are speaking to punch their minds, you're
speaking to motivate them, you're speak to heal
them cos words heal. You're speaking to tell
them the truth cos word are truthful most times.

You should cast your eyes always on them not
on person ad preach, teach and speak. Cos they
are your tagger, your listeners, your viewers

This is a range of artistic or
stylistic forms or techniques of words

Are your vocabs matured? Are they constructive?
Are they convincing, these are questions you
should ask yourself before speaking those words
to the crowd, audience or viewers, make them
balanced not fallen. Make them standing not
seated, make them awake not sleeping

This entails the quality
of artistry and persuasiveness in speech(spoken
word) or writing(written word)

As you speak, you should be eloquent enough,
you should be fluently, your words should be well
articulated, as you carry on always minds you
that words are alive and active, always learn to
impart. Let your words touch them. It might heal
a soul, cos words heal. With that you'll see how
your word will give you wings

This is an underlying theme or
conclusion to be drawn from something. What
can the audience derive from your spoken word
as a spoken word artiste, speaker, Mc, pastor
etc. In as much you speak words.

Did you convince them with something tangible
to take home? Yes you should do cos that's the
Essence of a speaker. Your message should be
sizzling, your message should be flying cos your
words have given you wings

So I believe I've inspired , educated and
motivated you with these few keys on the first
category of words can give you wings which is
on spoken word. See you next time on the part 2
of words can give you wings, which will be on
written words

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

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