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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

PEACE AT EASE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Before a perfect decorum and calmness of heart,
Peace at ease we need to miss the presence of
As we preach peace drowning in hopeless faith.
The heart is stiff to receiving advises from
As the armpit bleeds in sorrow, hoping for a
better tomorrow.

Our brothers from other dialects seem to be our
Seems to be those killing trust for man,
Gathering them to be one act of extinct trust;
We only rely in machete and cork actions,
And balderdash lambasting tongues.

Together we can make all the difference,
In unison we can move the Atlantic ocean.
Refine it in the Pacific,
Together we can halt violence and rancor,
We can sleep without having one eye opened.

Our night won't be truncated,
Our trust won't be downtrodden,
The aches of our wood will forever be
Our Spittles won't be erased by wind,
And justice won't be just hissed.

Let's raise our fists to the heavens
Even if we're not more than seven.
Let's our drop-down tears bring peace not piss,
Let the our cry summon angels to give a pry;
So in unity we can behold peace at ease.

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