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Monday, December 21, 2015

PASSION WITH NO ACTION(a poem by Sunsampaul)

Passion with no action
what is the reason for your loving
if loving was a thought
whats the reason for entertaining emotions.

For once to think of love as a disease.
making the mind unfruitful
setting the heart ablaze
consuming sound judgement and rational decisions.

A broken heart like a shattered glass
you cannot see,until you close enough to feel its sting of pain.
caused by love at best

I'm blinded by ambitions, I'm guided by emotions.
I don't know my destination, but i race to my damnation.

Like a blinded drive determined to reach a destination. I'm reckless
in love with you.
see my heart.. feel my hurt. Because loving you has become my downfall.

Before I expire, just a little I ask, inspired my heart
to breath the rhythm of love so that i go with some hope that you and
I are unfinished.

Here's today, gone yesterday
Life won't change,the same remains.
In the shadow of existence
Reflections of death never fades.

Let there be love,the words was said
and there was love,twined with hate
Let there be life,the words was said
And there was life,twined with death.

In the midst of happenings the good and the bad is birthed.
Your choice is you path. To the unknown I journey..with every choice

It's those words we refuse to say that matters most.
like a hidden fountain of life.
It's those moments we share that lives forever more.
It's those memories we hold that warms our heart.
It's those hugs and kisses that nurtures our well being.
It's the laughter we share that beautiful song of festivity
It's in those eyes one loses sight of fear.
It's love unsaid that kills one's soul.

hats the reason for your affection

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