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Monday, December 21, 2015

IN LOVE IS NO FEAR(a poem by Blueadonis)

Dedicated To Blessing Nena Precious
We know of the things
That make pearls precious
Here, Salt water
Reveals the savour in the nave of ocean.
Each moment we share these candles of love
Our hearty minds are illuminated
As the keys opening each stages of paradise.
Your smiles reveal the cities of Light
After a flowering balcony of colours.
Colonades of rainbow
Become the stilt of our laughter
Each door of paradise in our togetherness
Conquers macabre by revealing the days
We sat on the staircase of joy counting stars.
We knew of the things
That created the fire of admiration
Romancing our religion of Pulchritude;
White water's flow,
Gale in language of the saints
And we sit to learn from the spirit of their hearts.
The beauty of our minds are the revelations
And true descriptions
Of the Kingdom of Bliss.
So we know that the sky is blue
It's perfect humidity of humility
Calming through mother-nature.
Lets set the words on the tablet
Taking each wisdom to beach of glassy sea
Taking note on the paper heart of angels.
Our fear is downed and dusted..ephemera.
This is the knowledge
'Love is blue as the sky Blue
So as sky Blue covers the world
Love covers multitude of sin'
(In Love is no fear)

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