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Monday, December 21, 2015


The topic today is diabetes

 in a lay man's language,what is diabetes

 you can say its d excess of sugar in d body,some will say its wen u
use 56cubes of sugar to drink garri,some will say its wen your urine
and sweat is sugary

Diabetes can be traced from 67ad,wen athletes eat excessive potatoes
to stay in shaped

 Diabetes is a condition whereby the pancreas is unable to produce
sufficient insulin to break down glycogen
 there are two types of diabetes and also two classes

types include
1: diabetes and
2: diabetes 2

 classes include
1: mellitus and
2: insupidus

diabetes 1,is a normal type of diabetes wen your blood sugar is 5.9-7.0
diabetes 2 is a severe type ranging from 7.10.3

 Diabetes mellitus is a condition when the insulin is insufficient

Diabetes insupidus is wen d insulin is sufficient but its too weak
how can diabetes be harnessed
exercise burns calories

A diabetes patient will rely on d drugs prescribed to him till he dies
because it has no cure .

Diabetes can cause

1: retinopathy
2: gangrene
3: excessive urination
4: excessive taste
5: excessive hunger
6: fatigue

A person suffering from diabetes is said to be suffering from d sugar disease.
Because ants tends to gather round their urine
 A recent research shows that older people tends to fall the risk of
having diabetes

Retinopathy is a condition wen d excess sugar blocks the vein that
takes blood to d eyes,thereby causing blindness

Gangrene is a condition similar to ulcers,it is when you get an injury
that does not heal,and needs to be amputated
There are three types of gangrene namely dry,wet and gaseous.

What can one do to reduce d risk of diabetes?
 Exercise is the key


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