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Monday, December 21, 2015

HEART OF A CHILD(a poem by Lisa Banda).

Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Heart of a child,
So soft and tender,
Never goes wild,
Stays calm, hardly bitter.
Its a heart of gold,
So warm, never cold,
No grudge does it hold,
Joy is all you see when it unfolds.
A heart so small yet so big,
So little yet so precious,
So weak yet so strong,
Hardly sad, mostly joyous.
This heart may not hold much,
But the little it does is priceless,
A heart that's so forgiving,
So loving, so believing.
It is that heart that says;
You can do anything,
You are the best there is,
You are meant for the top.
This is the heart I need,
Sadly, as I grew up,
So did my heart,
But now I opt for a transplant.
Growing up may be fun,
But I'd rather stay young,
If that's what it takes,
To keep this dear heart young.
I've realized no matter how old I grow,
Or how strong I become,
I will always be much better,
With the heart of a child.


Lisa Banda is a Malawian lady, last born in a Christian family of five. She studied Business Administration but  has a passion for poetry.

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