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Monday, December 21, 2015

FAMILY AGAIN(a poem by Sunsampaul)

You rock on a chair with glue
and expect to move forward.
Don't stay in despair get up and take that step.
Skill without zeal is like a car without an engine.
Going nowhere in expectant of nothing,vanity its like insanity.

It's summer a new cry echoes in the streets.
As birds sing and bells ring.
A new life it brings.
War has ended three years of waiting
Sirens has sounded
Daddy has resurrected
After two years of demise
Joy fills our hearts
Death has not prey over him
Pain has not struck
Joy to see his little angel
Yes the thought that preserved him
From the land of the dead.
It is Love that casts out fear
Now at last a family again.

Death or life
Lies with soul ties
Pains like rain
I live with no complains
Respected yet devastated
No one walks in my shoes!
All rich,well dressed
Yet I envy a poor man

One thing he has, no money can buy
No power can buy,Love even peace
Something I wish I had even a piece.
Cursed with riches yet wretched
and drenched with sorrow

A peace of mind my money
Cannot buy truth
But I  live with no lies
My heart longed for a lovely family
United with unity
Fastened to a strong tendon
Held firm by a bundle of rope
We live in the salvation of our saviour

In my family
Words are like art
We paint pictures not seen with eyes but with minds,the paintbrush is
in you,create your world and sculpture your views.
Words are weapons.
Words are flowers.
Word are paintings.
Words are more than just letters its an art.
When I remember how united we use to be
I felt like been in heaven on earth
I love my family
The best family
Family again.

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