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Monday, December 21, 2015

PERENNIAL PSYCHOLOGY(a poem by Sunsampaul)

Thought flaunting like unseen alien
Deafens the ears of the sadist
Raping mind to sorrows
Like d humming bird causing melancholy to human dignity.

 Pains tormented
Joy dead in litmus paper
Vomiting fire like dragon lord
Lip jittering like bolster in anguished.
Enormous lingua franca formed.
Destinies truncated all for nothing

Deus unseen , worshippers worshiped
Night darkens. Eyes blinded. Day by day
Teeth gnashing. Souls raping destinies

My psychology in the philosophy of ecology
Has lodged in sociology of methodology

Aye I raped the thought of sadists
Leaving them like addicts
Spitting on them like real beast

I pay my due in dew
No time to count few
Because I live in real muse
To fuss my boo with much muse.

I lag in blanket in the market
Trading thought like jacket
Becoming an habit of sachets
All in the casket,machetes and bullets of sadist

I longed for righteousness
Just as Cleo patra long for immortality
Enjambments of my muse
Fell asleep in the thigh of fuse
Life is an irony that iron the sweet money in your family

Mayhap, many may have been psycho
But that doesn't stop them from behaving  like a hypo
I deduce my muse is sacrosanct
To exhume the slavering dam in your dungeon

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