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Monday, December 21, 2015

SAVE OUR NATION (a poem by William A. Beloved)

Insurgency has been the talk in town.
Outside not sleep a crown,
That's an hallucination in this Case.
I thought we are no longer at ease.
Soul have been dizzy and drowning,
Our brethren have been wailing and mourning.
We need the change Mr. President.
Brotherly souls have change their resident,
To where they weep no more.
Mothers of host are there in sore.
Save the nation,
And cease our people lamentation,
Puzzled in spirit and soul,
Buried In favour of the ghoul.
Save our people,
The victims of trouble.
Save our people from invaders.
Save our Nation from murderer.
Our people are innocent,
Save them from danger scent.
They've had enough of pains,
Our brethren are not to be slain.
Remember your word of fame,
There's no time for game.
Save our Nation,
From pest of carnation.
Save our Brethren,
From seas of barren.
Here and there, melancholy and  macabre,
Save our Br
ethren From the planet of massacre.
Save the Nation from bed of lies,
And thugs of corrupted flies.
Save our Nation from Slave of devil,
And rampant tales of evil.
Save us from poll rig tricks,
And filthy games of politics.
Our Nation needs transformation,
And exemption from corruption.
Save us from the snare of death,
And give us placid air to breath.
© Williams.A.Beloved
# Save the Nation
# 2015.

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