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Monday, February 29, 2016


A friend like you is more priceless than the most handsome  diamond. You are not only strong and wise,but kind and thoughtful as well as handsome. Your handsomeness I fell in love with. wish u llnp dear..when the world turns down on people around help restoring their hope and gave them are a great person and would always be...wish you llnp

Adding a year is not an easy task but also a great joy                       you are one in a million type with one in a million likes.                 You never discriminate but instead you impacted              
 For all the things you've done,the battles you've won,the way you deal with people and their problems by the ton,we thank you so much.
Party hard,feel they vibrations highs a bright we're feeling alright,happy birthday celebration.            
We know the key to unify all people is in the dreams that you had so long ago that lives in all of the hearts of people that believe in unity...we will make the dream become a reality. I know we will.                       Cause our heart tells us so. Happy birthday my love

Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching you with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity for you. Wish you a super duper Happy Birthday Dear.

Fine birthday  to you bro.
Blessed of the Lord finally your day is here. Happy Birthday to you and many fruitful returns. You will do exploit especially as you grow in wisdom and maturity. Men shall come to the brightness of your rising, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, Apex only shall  you be & not beneath, you will do better than your peers. With long life and affluence will your Heavenly Father sustain you. Happy Birthday day once again bro.

Let the God decorate each
golden ray of the sun reaching you
with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity 4 you
wish you a super duper mm birthday

A special person like you is just like a rare flower, it doesn't bloom everywhere, but wherever it blooms, it brings a smile every time! thanks for coming in my life.. Happy Birthday

To you Sunsampaul,
My friend I see not,
Got to meet you on Facebook,
You add me to your group and becomes my mentor.
You impacted me with great knowledge,
You make me get better.
I pray to God to give you long life,
Bless you with a supporting wife,
My brother keep on your strive,
And I see you winning a Nobel prize,
All I am saying is Happy birthday to you Sunsampaul


When birds whistle, be still,
When goats bleat, bleep not,
When owls blink, steer safe,
When dogs bark, fear not.

A large eye looketh upon the earth,
Pure as ice, enriches us with birth,
Fear not branch, for I am your stem,
That same courage that shot out the sperm.

Mama is big from love’s last stroke!
Long awaited thrust, new being unfolds
tough umblical cord, wetin man go do?
Sucked enough? One breast no go do.

Great creation, blue fusion of two,
less deception, the world awaits you,
Ask Graciano, he was caught cheating too,
Simple one plus one, they don’t know equals to you.

How beautiful it was, that celebrated day.
Ages past and it’s happy birthday.
Years ago gates of hell was let loose,
alas, tears of joy, mama has brought rain.
Happy birthday Sunsampaul d Philosopher

© Onwa Fc


Onwa FC is a graduate of chemical engineering FUTO. Whenever he's
not doing public speaking or writing poems/spoken words, then he could be somewhere molding fufu into egwusi soup. He has beliefs,  and rational but he hopes to inspire his generation with a new concept of art, check out "5th September spoken word video" on google. Don’t look too far when it concerns finding him. He  breathes oxygen too.
Hit him on instagram/onwafc, facebook/onwafc. twitter: @onwafc

Happy birthday to you Sunsampaul da Philosopher. Many happy returns, have a blast. You rock.

Bashiru Afolabi

Kick off your shoes, take a break, Crank the tunes, Dance & Shake, light the candles, cut the cake. Make it a day, that's simply Great!!! Happy B'Day..

A Quatrai Homage to The Philosopher

A day the tongued words adds a drop
An erudite sips from the taste of age
Those specs of his
A grammatical symbol of wisdom.

Ikechukwu Emeson.

HBD.. Birthday,birthday,birthday
On this very day,some decades ago:
Mama travailed whilst papa prayed
You were far too entangled betwixt life or death,disease or sickness.
Birthday could have never been without the grace of god and a destined lad to par:
A palatial personae of the creative sphere and a magnificent pillar of strength and wisdom.
He is a furtive of excellence and an embodiment of grace.
Many poems for the poet
Many lyrics for the singer
More tones for the instrumentalist
Many gold for the estate of invaluable treasures
But what i have is the homely recognition of this maestro
More than words to comprehend
More than wishes to find
I say happy happy happy birthday to a brother and a friend.

©Babatunde Odubanwo

I do not know if rain fell that day
Or if mama was in pain
I cant tell the precise look on papa's face
Or whether grandma chewed her fingers
But I know for sure
That when the little head of a boy so pure
Popped out
Mama smiled
Even papa hid his grin

Today we celebrate your victorious history
Many years of pain and misery
Washed away quickly
Days, months and years have gone by
But the stroke of your pen on scroll stays bold
Sunsampaul the philosopher,
Happy born day another day.
Here, I beam my silence

Ashele Grace Omolola
#Sunsampaul's day


01:18 am
25th 02 2016

So teach us to number our days
That we may apply our hearts unto wisdom
So says Moses in Psalms

The radiance of the day
The blooming of flowers
The blueness of the sky

The eagerness of the birds to sing
The whisper of the Holy Spirit
The joy of the Angels

The gladness of parents
The happiness of siblings
The congratulatory messages from friends

Is not far-fetched from the remembrance of a day
Connoted to be 'FEBRUARY 25'
Is all about a young and promising man

The man who makes me laugh
The man who is not partial;
The man who at the first instance was said to have 'no head'

Now becomes the head of organisations and unions.
In fact, it was indeed a joyous moment for me
Just because it's 'FEBRUARY 25'

The D-day a foetus of several months
Became a baby, today, a man
All is just to celebrate

My sister,friend, in fact, caring, loving, mentor,
A lady i learn a lot from & thought me thy way to go

How pleasant it is to have you?
How favored am I to have you?
How glorious God has made me to have you?
How wonderful it is to have you?

May we continue to remember this day and celebrate forever more. May you, who has been and is becoming 'head' never become tail. The whispering and the joy of the angels is just to shout:

                  Happy Birthday!
                  Happy Birthday!!
                  Happy Birthday!!

Crystal E Poet
©25th February 2016
All Rights Reserved.

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