nice poems

Monday, February 22, 2016

THEY ALL LIED by Williams.A.Beloved.

Promises and agenda are in vains.
We voted for them in the rain ,
In Sun harshness we aren't tired to vote,
The only ultimate gift we get from them is biscuit and note.
We are been lied to, yet we still follow them like sheep,
Our believe in them was so deep,
Yet, they all lied to us,
Without an inch clause.

Our road is now a pot of holes,
Our country is not whole,
Yet they tour around the globe.
Our hospital are with less probe,
And we have a lot of difficulties.
Our leaders are there ignoring their duties,
This is not the promise they made,
They all lied to us and make their promising words fade.

They all lied to us for a let go,
And they don't just listen to our boo.
Our right and dues is theirs,
No better days ahead for our heirs.
Suffering does not give us break,
Our development is still crawling to the peak.
They've hijacked our right of vote,
With lies that give us reasonable quotes.

They use our resources like free gift of nature,
Our land is fertile but no one to nuture.
Is this life to them or a torture.
They dismantle our money and create a puncture.
They all lied to us because they have to,
And they have nothing to offer us than to destroy and go.
This is a real scene of deciet,
After all their delicious talk, it is just a conceit.

They All Lied.