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Monday, February 29, 2016


Once upon a time when kings were kids
And princes searched for princess in the ball
With deeds I wrote my autobiography of love.
During my stroll through that intellectual park,
There I carried a sweet rose that picked me,
Gladly fell for a river with romantic tide
And boarded a ship whose captain is Love.
To worship in that temple with a virtous glory;
A virgin garden for my seed,with a hot altar
Where my flesh would sacrifice all night long.
She was a hive that dropped the sweetest honey,
Despite her hostile bees,I was an addicted fellow,
That laid on her green pasture yearning more
As an aloused calf,tantalized by her yoghurt.
Meeting her I knew a star has blessed me.
With the frame that can't seduce the eyes,
Yet came the spell;a force genius can't define,
And the magic penetrated through my ears.
In the early chapters of the genesis,I rebelled;
But she held me strong like knot tied by fate,
Now i wish,I heeded the verses of revelation.
With her,this poet in me was greatly reborn.

The virtous Siren happened to me,I was into her.
A sweet maze where I was losing myself,
Trying to find the diamond mine of her heart.
Deeply in love,and hers unknown was quite a pain.
I was obsessed,depressed, nearly possessed.
The ship sailed like a romantic roller coaster.
Freshman in the game,I played a wussy crew.
Failed to make great scores,the mark unattained.
She's a prize not won, never deserved or gotten.
Long gone to find,I was all alone in the ship.
Her presence just a fair cast of my imagination.
Her role in my story isn't over,why drew the curtain?
Exited like a mean actress without an epilogue.
She died to me yet lives in another ship of her joy.
I built a silver coffin in my heart to bury her.
Nay! Couldn't close it, now living with apparition.
Like Elisha,the magic is still in her skeleton.
It haunts me and her last words was a stab.
Memory of old love fades,doesn't die but lingers,
Stimulates Aphilia,turns a celibate to cassanova.
I landed in Lovelorn island, and my chest's locked,
The golden key rest with my true heroine.


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