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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I HAVE A DREAM(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

I have a dream that one day
My pen will write about freedom
And leads us out of boredom
Taking us out of the dungeon
Where our daughters are victims of child marriage
Forced to everlasting union
Perishing in undeserved communion

I have a dream that one day
My spoken word will speak of justice
With the right of removing the sack clothes
On our sisters' bodies
To make them leave in joy, peace and harmony
Without being pushed to undesired dreams
Of forlorn streams and everlasting beams

I have a dream that one day
These excruciating pains
They suffered will disappear and drain
Leaving them to be strong and reign
To resist every heat from every pit
Poverty will seize and anarchy ease

I have a dream that one day
Our leaders will lead and not rule
Our children will no longer eat in the loo
Our parents will no longer be fooled
Night will no longer be responsible for evil
Our character will be civil
Our ambition will be sumptuous

I have a dream that one day
My pen will spark and lead the way
Where many has lost turn
Some unable to return
Due to the massive thorns.
Alone in the confines of their heart
They always place their mat
And trade to the path
Of a greater act.

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, a prose
writer, a spoken word artiste and an instrumentalist, he studies
computer science and he's a blogger, a founder of Citadel of Life and
a pioneer of Ghetto City of Poetry. Email address: Tel: +2348180861170


  1. Wow....I'm so enticed by your work
    I'm also a peot
    I'm McGold

  2. I'm so enticed by your work
    I'm also a poet who loves writing
    I'm McGold

  3. Thank you honcho . you too keep writing and share the links of all poems here. let's promote poetry