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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ONE MORE RIVER TO CROSS(a poem by Decent Innocent)

The ocean was deep and huge
The wave so heavy and scary that crossing over flee my thought
But with my paddle and mini boat I hopefully paddled to this very last
moment despite the rocks and flood...

Moments when unemployment, failure, sickness, hate, poverty will be

This moment when pagans worship in His sanctuary dancing shakiti and
shoki fulfilling all righteousness

Chie, moments when we say farewell to Christmas songs, disco light,
sounds of bangers and rockets stoned to the sky

Wow,moments when we sit behind Ejebu's Palm Wine and Ishi Ewu corner
running bottles of magic moment

Moments when we stroll with friends, relations or lover sharing
stories of the previous moment

Moments when we light up tyres, roll round the burning flames
screaming Happy New Year

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers friends
It's  just a river to cross
The ocean then, It's now a river to cross over.

of employment, success, health, love and

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