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Saturday, December 5, 2015

MANNER FROM ABOVE(Poem by Sunsampaul)


Daily we live
We live life like  kings and queens
While others live like strangers
Drinking and eating
While we dine and wine
Making our body healthy
With the manner from above

Drinking spring water from fountain of life
Biting the apple of life
That started from Adam and Eve
We never seize to lick that juicy orange planted by the river side
That mustard seed has become bigger than
The mango of strength we do consume

We never fail to
Bask in the fleshly part of
That fresh banana
That increases the semen of our ancestors
I know we still eat wheat
For it fresh, smooth and salivating  nature
Manner from above

When we need no water
We ran to consume the
Water melon in our garden
Some even eat the white and green part of it
Saying it cures illness
Manner from above

Have you tasted egusi soup and correct pounded yam
Its sumptuous taste make you want to subscribe to its network.
The last time I ate it in Mrs. Alice Cartoon
I became her regular customer

What of B&B
Bread and Beans
I mean those watery beans that make you feel you are now in heaven
Try Aunty Glo's own
Then you will see how fast your growth will increase

Have you forgotten
Those nice taste of that
Popular Yoruba soup
That is been prepared by pounding it with an object of hundred legs
with long neck but no head
I mean broom.
That soup yorubas call ewedu
I licked my fingers for more than 7 minutes before I realise have not
paid for Iya Sukura's ewedu and amala
Manner from above

Haaaa! I almost forgot
That calabar soup called edi kai kor
The first time I passive the tempting  aroma
From my neighbours kitchen
I almost stumble and fumble while walking
Manner from above

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