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Saturday, December 5, 2015

DESTINY CHILD(A short story by Sunsampaul)

                                        DESTINY CHILD

      Once upon a time, in a dilapidated area, a village in the east called
Nkpe in Isi-uzo South Local Government Area in Enugu state. There
lived a young handsome man called Udoka.
Udoka has two handsome brothers and 3 beautiful sisters. His first
brother has four sons and Two daughters, his second has three son and one daughter.
     While Udoka and his siblings where growing his two sisters died of
leukaemia. Left with just only one sister named Oluchi. Oluchi is a
damsel that become the center of attraction in the village of Npke.
Touts in the village wooed her but she refuse, many plotted evil to
strip her naked forcefully and eject their erected manhood in female
sex organ. All this devilish taught run through the mind of four Npke local champion as well who planned to carry out the rape in the bush at ozala stream, where Oluchi always went to fetch water. Subsequently they tried carrying their devilish plan. But it was unfortunate for them because Oluchi always go to the stream with her friends. Out of fear of the heartless crime they were about to commit and the girls that never leave the sight of Oluchi while going to stream, they
change strategy of plans to rape her forcefully in the bush any night
they set eyes on her.
    Time wait for no man, in the subsequent days they failed in their plan
for oluchi is not an out door type. It is unfortunate that oluchi is the last girl in their family and still the last child. Ever since their father died of snake bite in the farm. Udoka the first son and first issue of   Ibe’s family, have been the father of his siblings and husband to his mother. Their mother, who had leukemia running in her blood, couldn't bear the pain of the cancerous illness and the sudden demise of her husband, kissed the dust one fateful night. She died without telling the children
about her illness.
     Time past. Wind blows, clock tick, things changes. Oluchi nieces the
daughters of her elder brothers died. The family was between the devil and dark blue sea. They don't know why their females die of the same illness. They went to several native
doctors to find out but all of them have no clear interpretation of
their familiar death.
    As time goes on. Oluchi had stopped schooling ever since her mum died. She is now growing fast
three years latter, when clock 15years of age. The battle between her and
village boys became higher. The more her puberty refuse to end. Her
boobs get larger and her hip becomes wider. The boys’ ego increase in
acceleration one melancholic night. Nobody is at home. The children of her two brothers didn't come to sleep with her as usual. And Udoka who had no child, due to his only wife died without an issue. Didn't come back from elders meeting on time.
     It was 8:02 pm and the owls are busy singing along with the Npke's
Nightingale. While others mimicked their song. Four shadows tiptoed into the hut where oluchi was sleeping with her short rapper tied from her burst to her knee. Indeed she wasn't putting on bra and pant. It has been her habit due to poverty has raped the mind of Ibe's family that they couldn't afford bra and pant for a teenager like oluchi. Oluchi who always sleep reluctantly like a pig , didn't know when she
was raped by the four heartless village local champions. The four lads were hungry enough to please their sexual need that they
had to do a quickie the little girl's private part was ravaged and forcefully ejected with their man hood as big as cucumber.
    When Udoka came back it was 8:46pm and the innocent girl oluchi was still sleeping like someone that has been drugged. Udoka stumbled on her feet due to the darkness of the room smelling of
blood shed. The odour of the room which has suddenly changed from the junked hut udoka used to know has become a hut smelling of fresh blood shed. He decided to find our what has happened. He lit an old Npke's atupka , a dwarf shaped lamp. He moved the atupka to different corners of the room until he get to the spot oluchi was busy sleeping like a decayed corpse. He found blood still dropping from oluchi's part
underneath the rapper. He checked and discovered her sex organ is now
scraggy .He cried out with a loud voice "who did this evil deed"
He quickly wake Oluchi up and scrutinize her. After which it was dawn to oluchi that her testis is scraggy and has been tampered with.
Oluchi was in trauma due to the pains that persist after that sinful
deeds of the evil boys accompany with her unknown leukemia that has
been killing all the female in Ibe's lineage. She was lamenting and soliloquizing. She asked" God is this how my destiny will be?" Hoping for an answer. Heavy tears rolled down her chin to the floor. She wail and wail but. Udoka was confuse on how to face the situation. He went to the village leaders and reported the melancholic story to them. They
listen as said they since Udoka and Oluchi don’t know the boys. They
will inform all the youth to bewared  that if something like that
should happened again   , the whole youth leaders will pay for it.
Time past, wind blows it now six months after that incident. Oluchi
stomach is as big an old woman carry two matures youth in her stomach.
A young girl of seventeen years with this suffering. Udoka didn't leave her alone. He was with her all through the experience. Their other
brothers and their families held the news and sympathize with Oluchi.
Oluchi became ill and her skin began to deteriorate like a person with
HIV/AIDS. She was taken to different native doctor, but all of them
said they couldn't cure her. That it is the same sickness that killed
her mum that if eating her up. The pregnancy is just seven month now and. Oluchi is about to give up her ghost. Udoka was in dilemma as he runs helter skater looking for solution to either save oluchi or her baby.
He took Oluchi to power Dibia in Ulordimiri ,a village two miles from
Nkpe. They embarked on the journey by night but oluchi seems to be
strong. She believe she will die soon .so she want to use her last
strength to get to the Dibia's place. Fortunately they got there. The dibia said she can deliver if she will be strong enough to push .because the baby his alive but
premature. Oluchi pushed and wail for 3 hours no positive results   .it was when she was loosing hope that the baby leaped in her womb. It was as if the baby was flogged   in her womb.
    She pushed for the next  thirty minutes and delivered a beautiful girls. She named her OLUCHI. She smiled at the baby and said to her. "Continue my life and achieve my dreams for my destiny is great" 3mins after this
touching words from mother to daughter .oluchi gave a long sigh and
died. The new born girl named oluchi was a talk of the down. That the demise oluchi could have the strength to still delivers. Many snap their feet that  the child will  end up like her mother because she is a bastard
while few came to Udoka's hut to visit the beautiful baby with lots of
    Six years later a widow with no child after been married for more
than thirty five years before her husband died two years ago, decided to visit Udoka to help train oluchi the baby of the dead oluchi. The widow is a very rich woman. She inherited her husband's wealth. Her husband's
family is also wealthy so she has no one to compete with her for the
wealth. She came all the way from Abuja to see Udoka in Npke, isi-uzo
Local Government Area in Enugu State. Udoka accepted to give her the little oluchi. After she had explain how she got to hear about the mother's misfortune and that of Ibe's family. She also promised to train oluchi in the best school and take Udoka to Abuja. Where she lives alone in a big mansion. It was as if Udoka Ibe the widower with no child and Mrs. Susan Danladi the widow with no child will become the parent of oluchi. They both decided on that plan. But not to re-marry each other. The matter was discussed with Udoka's brother and they all accepted and appreciated the kind gesture of Mrs. Susan Danladi. Years past, things changes. It as if God has opened the flood gate of
Udoka and oluchi. Oluchi grow big and more beautiful than her mum. She is the apple of Mrs. Susan Danladi and Udoka's eye. She loves writing. So that zeal made her won the best youngest international article
writer. She was in the TV stations of the entire nation. Britain,
England, Iraq, Korea, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, China, Nigeria
all Africa countries and countries in other continents watch her in TV. The journalist in Britain where all over her. To get more
information about her. It was like Udoka was dreaming when he saw
oluchi in TV.
    Time past. Oluchi became the centre of attraction in all the
continent. She was given the title of child activist of the whole
nation for winning the international short story article hosted by
Great Britain. She became a child hero at age twelve. When she clock fifteen she was given a scholarship to study in any
university abroad. She decided to study in Cambridge. She was the top
in the class and the only African in the class bought with light complexion more beautiful than the white lasses over there. She
graduated with a first class degree in Medicine. She loves treating
people and saving life. She practices her medicine in the British World
Hospital and was crowned the Leading doctor after she was able to
deliver a woman with five babies at a time via caesarian section
with both the five babies and their mother safe. She always called Mrs. Susan Danladi her mum and Mr. Udoka Ibe her dad.
Not knowing they her not her biological parent. They decided to tell her the story of her mum. When she clock twenty four years of age.
    On the night before her twenty fourth birthday, Udoka and Mrs Susan are thinking of who to tell her
while the other console her. Because they her certain she won't be
able to bear the shock of the sad story of her real mother. When the D
day came. Everyone was happy. She celebrated her twenty fourth birthday in one of the biggest stadium been the child activist of the world and leading doctor of the world, two great titles. They all came back home. She was tired. They decided to the her so after wailing she will dose off. Mr Udoka narrated the whole story of oluchi's mum bit by bit to her. From her mum's birth to her death. And how oluchi herself was born. How her mum fought for life during her race of leukemia been the cancer that runs in the blood of all the female children. Oluchi wept and wailed. Starting sobbing and wailing again. It was like a dream to her. Then she remembered the word Mr Udoka told her in the course of the story of her child birth. When her mum said. "I named you oluchi to
continue my life for me. For I know my destiny is great". At that
moment. She decided to be left alone. She wailed in her big room alone
until she slept off.
    The next morning. She decided she want to see her mother's grave. She was taken there by Udoka and Mrs Susan. She drop a flower on the grave and a note that read " mum you are a strong woman. I will never let you down. I have continue you life and I am a destiny child. Farewell
mum". They went home the subsequent day. After lodging in a hotel.
Oluchi decided to build a hospital of her and mansion in her
village and name it after her mother it read " Destiny Hospital - in
memory of Oluchi Ibe).
    Many people who were sick got treated in the hospital free of charge
, even pregnant women delivery were free. It was a charity hospital
and a renowned one that made the people on the nation who are poor to
migrate all the way from their place to Npke  just to receive the best
quality treatment from the best hospital free of charge.
     Oluchi began to have more followers and friends and she became an idol whose pictures were made a bill board in most of the She sponsored the
education of most of the children of Npke and develop the community to
better standards by constructing roads. Building more clinics. School
and bore hole water on every community in Npke. She was the talk of
the down. And most people that gave birth to female children give them
the name OLUCHI

I am Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher. A poet, published writer, spoken word artiste and an instrumentalist, studying computer science. My phone number is 08180861170, facebook username is Sunsampaul Egwu. My twitter is @sunsaint96. And my email is My blog is

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