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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Words they love to lambaste
So loud, like they're in fierce combat
They're of different gene
Behaving like they drank dry gin

Their hands they used to fall down the cloud
Calling strife while it cry out loud.
Bombarding blunders; their habits
Shooting anxiety like bandits

They were meant to be gentle
So they can both get the mantle
Here they are vomiting poisonous venom like viper
Their Spittles wipe away human's joy like wiper

Enough of the harsh word Timothy
Enough of the word wrestling Lilian
Live and relate as one
Leave to dine and wine
So you won't become swine but be fine

Anger won't do you good
Like you're in the hood
It will strangle you with sword
And fill your mind with negative words
So kill your anger
Before it kills you

Hug each other and ride
Murder your ego and pride
So you'll smile and be young
Before you get old from being angry

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
10minutes poetry

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