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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BE MY VALENTINE(a duet by Sunsampaul and Gomezga)

Gome it's close to valentine day
Will you be my val
So I cab have all the love
You've promised to give to me
I barely sleep at night
I keep watch like a knight
See I'm gazing at your sight
You love is in my mind
I feel I'm inside
Pls don't take me outside
Let me sit and give your back side
I'll also appreciate your front side
It's more sexy than the one I saw at water side

 Tell me Philosopher
I can't deny the feelings I have for you
My heart beats fast at the sight of you
But tell me first
Do you want me to be your Valentine only
Or there is love attached to this ?
Are you sure its me you see in your dreams?
Are you not insomniac that you barely sleep?
Convince me first
On what ground should I build my trust on

Gome you're the one I'll love to be with
Each time you stare at me, you're so sweet
I'll love to have a tasteful taste
Of that special dish you are endowed with
That dish that I won't toil with
Your kisses are in my midst
Your lips are very sweet
Just like a thread, I'll love my lip stick to your lip

Philo to be in Love is so sweet
When you are in it with the right person
Am glad you are that person
Bum am I right to you
Is this Love or lust?
I love every moment we spend together
Teasing you that's my hobby
Leaving red lipstick on your lips
Locking them with mine
As if its the end of the day
Wish valentine would come so fast
So that I be in your arms so tight

I've love to hold you tight
Fold your so right
Let your head rest on my thighs
Let my head rest on burst
As we always love to stay
I pray it will be today
So we both will rise and make hay
Having no time for delay
I'll plant a kiss on your face
Letting my lip move in pace
So you will be at Peace
Caressing your thighs with ease
As you always long for
I'll make you feel what u wish
Give you all your wish
Treat you like a golden fish
Wash your lip with kisses

In my mind that's your place to dwell
In my heart
That's your home forever
As long as I am your only BOO
I will give you freedom to RULE
Your kisses make me float on air
Send butterflies in my eyes
Fireworks in my head
Oh! How I long for them
How I wish you could give me some now

Let's not rush into them now honey
Else you'll start feeling horny
Besides today is sunny
I'll love us to do it when it's raining
So we can feel the love  in nice atmosphere
I'll surround you with plata of kisses
By then you can feel horny in this biosphere
Gome you gave me sleepless night
I'll love to squeeze you rich
Hold you firmly and tight
Let the current flow from my body to yours
Let our future kids feel the love
You're all I got
Last year you we're not not val
This year I'm happy to propose to you
Gome pls be my val
And you shall receive more of this love you long for

 I will gladly be your Val
Be there in your entire life
Feed you with genuine love
That you will even feel it at the back of your eye
Give me the gift you bought
As I wait patiently for them
I wish I could rush to the 14
So that I can be with you
Be in your warm embrace
As you cover cover my lips with warm kisses
PHILO I will be your VALENTINE.

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, instrumentalist, computer
science student and publish writer. He's a true breed of Africa from
Nigeria, the giant of Africa, he has written many duets with different
African poetess. He's the founder of citadel of life and pioneer of
ghetto city of poetry, he blogs at

Gomezga Lourencia Chirambo is a true breed of Africa from the warm
heart of Africa, Malawi. She is a student at The Polytechnic under the
University of Malawi( UNIMA) studying Transport and Logistics. She is
a writer that writes poems and short stories. She love singing and has
a charming accent.

®Reserved for Valentine day
#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
#Gomezga Lourenci

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