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Thursday, December 3, 2015

WE NEED PEACE(poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)


We need peace
For souls wasted over night,
Just because they were watch men
For those who slept but couldn't wake to see the bright morning sun
That such will not happen again

For those pregnant women after nine month of pregnancy,
lost their babies in cesarean section
For souls whose bodies
Have been used to test rifle and bullet at agbara, Festac ,Port
Harcourt and other robbery places
So we can sleep with rest of mind

We need peace
For graduates, after spending more than four years in higher institution
Still roam about searching for job
For jambites who sat for UTME more than six times with passed cut off marks
Yet find no room in the four corners of any tertiary institution

We need peace
For souls languishing in the slum
Whose neighbours are rats and mosquitoes
Poverty raping their minds to solemn sorrow
For soul used for rituals,
Yet their blood couldn't cry for vengeance

For our brothers and sisters
Whose blood are now tantamount to ocean
Spread in the surrounding of SOKA
whose heads are use for exchanging US dollar
Whose private parts are sliced like Suya
Whose  families are weeping in pains and they are been slaughtered
like a cow in the abattoir

We need peace
For souls perishing in jail
For crime they do not commit
For our brothers who have lost their lives in the struggles of life
For our sister who couldn't help but went into prostitution,
But died of HIV/AIDS

We need peace
 For Ebola victims who were taken at a strike of a match
For lads and lasses that are roaming the street like a rolling ball.
For the future will tell their story with less history of mystery

For our daughters, sisters, cousins, and nieces
Who were adopted in chibok in a wink of an eye
More than 544 days we haven't seen them
More than 274 taken
Yet I still see my eyes weeping

We need peace for
 I was told weeping may endure for a night
But joy comes in the morning
It's morning and am still mourning
We need peace
We all say good morning
But it's now good mourning

We will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace! Until we now commune
and live in peace, harmony and tranquility
when we shall live without fear of boko's alarm

We will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace!
Until job will be provided for our graduate in order for them not to
indulge in criminal affairs
when books and educational materials would be provided for effective
learning of our student

we will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace!
Until our security will be tight and we shall no longer sleep with one eye open
When food and shelter will be provided for those paupers living in the slum.
When our leaders will become true leaders and not rulers.

We will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace!
Until better hospitals will be erected for a better treatment of our
people and our pregnant women given the best antenatal to avoid lost
of their babies

we will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace!
Until desks and chairs are provided for schools so our children who
sit on the floor while studying all because there are no seat to sit

We will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace!
Until when their will be no religious crisis and religious intolerance
When our brothers and sisters won't hear the sound of a heart broken bomb

We will keeping chanting peace! Peace! Peace!
Until we all shall see our sisters, nieces, daughters, that were
adopted by boko haram In chibok more than 600 days ago.

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